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,Twice Told Tales

Twice Told Tales

After completing Tales of Terror (1962), Vincent Price took a break from Roger Cormen's low-budget but atmospheric adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe stories and tried something different with another studio. The result was the United Artists production, Twice-Told Tales, which featured three macabre tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne: "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment" about a formula that retards aging, "Rappaccini's Daughter" in which the title character has a poisonous touch, and "The House of Seven Gables" featuring a haunted house that bears a family curse.

By a strange coincidence, Price was also in the 1940 version of The House of Seven Gables where he played the young hero who was framed by his brother (George Sanders) for the murder of their father. The abbreviated version that appears in Twice-Told Tales plays up the supernatural angle and also co-stars fifties scream queen Beverly Garland as his wife. Garland was a familiar face in Roger Corman drive-in fare such as It Conquered the World (1956) and Not of This Earth (1957) but eventually escaped the B-movie factory to find a permanent role in the TV sitcom, My Three Sons (1969-1972).

Director: Sidney Salkow
Producer: Robert E. Kent
Screenplay: Robert E. Kent
Cinematography: Ellis W. Carter
Art Direction: Franz Bachelin
Music: Richard LaSalle
Special Effects: Milt Olsen, Pete Faga
Cast: Vincent Price (Alex Medbourne/Rappaccini/Gerald Pyncheon), Beverly Garland (Alice Pyncheon), Brett Halsey (Giovanni Guastconti), Sebastian Cabot (Dr. Carl Heidegger), Richard Denning (Jonathan Maulle), Mari Blanchard (Sylvia Ward), Joyce Taylor (Beatrice Rappaccini).

by Jeff Stafford



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