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Though brimming with good intentions, the meddling Dulcy Ward causes a calamity whenever she puts her mind to something. One such disaster arises when Dulcy is meant to meet her brother Bill's fiancée, Angela Forbes, and her parents at the pier. Instead of greeting them, Dulcy is distracted by arriving ship passenger Gordon Daly and his adorable and newly adopted Chinese son, Kuh-too-Chu. Dulcy immediately falls in love with the child, whom she nicknames "Sneezy" because his Chinese name sounds like a sneeze, and insists on helping Gordon with the infant's feeding. Gordon, an inventor of a new airplane motor, is looking for a buyer, and when Dulcy accompanies him home, he demonstrates the Daly Internal Condenser for her. Interested in helping Gordon, Dulcy suggests that he take his invention to Roger Forbes, Angela's father. Certain that she will be able to manipulate Forbes into striking a business deal with Gordon through the use of psychology and careful planning, Dulcy invites Gordon to spend a weekend with the Forbeses and the Wards at a mountain resort. Upon their arrival at the resort, Dulcy stalls for time until she can put Forbes in the right frame of mind to be shown the motor. When Dulcy witnesses the crash landing of a plane on the lake, she rescues its pilot, who claims that he is millionaire Schuyler Van Dyke. Later, Forbes is given a demonstration of Gordon's motor, but because Dulcy accidentally removes the condenser during the unveiling, the device spurts oil in Forbes' face. Infuriated, Forbes insists that there is a "streak of insanity in the family," and decides to reconsider giving Angela his consent to marry Bill. Tormented by the accident-prone Dulcy and her disasters, Forbes decides to leave the resort. The next day, Bill convinces Angela to elope with him, and after they write a letter explaining their elopement, they give it to Dulcy to deliver to Forbes after they leave. The elopement is spoiled, however, when Forbes intercepts the letter before Bill and Angela leave. Desperate to regain the confidence of Gordon and her family, Dulcy explains her predicament to Van Dyke, who soon offers the inventor $10,000 plus royalties for his motor. After Van Dyke boasts that his acquisition of the motor will put Forbes out of business within a year, a man named Homer Patterson arrives and reveals that Van Dyke is really his brother Horace, who is an imposter suffering from delusions of grandeur. Forbes, however, does not believe Dulcy when she informs him of the ruse, and instead insists on making Gordon a better offer for his invention. As a result, Dulcy is redeemed in the eyes of her guests.