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Devastated that his fiancée, radio singer Amanda Cooper, has broken their engagement for the third time, lawyer Stephen Arden shows up drunk at the office of psychiatrist Dr. Tony Flagg, his best friend, and begs him to psychoanalyze Amanda. Reluctantly Tony agrees to see Amanda, but while the singer is waiting for him in his office, she accidentally overhears one of his dictaphone recordings in which he flippantly describes her as a dizzy, mindless female. Thus insulted, Amanda rebuffs Tony when they finally meet and leaves his office before the session has started. Later, Tony runs into Amanda, Stephen, Amanda's aunt Cora and Judge Joe Travers at the Medwick Country Club but is again snubbed by the singer. During an exhausting bicycle chase through the club park, Tony forces Amanda to reveal the reason for her anger and, after apologizing, tries to discuss her marriage phobia with her. Amanda, however, is unable to reveal the cause for her apprehension, and that night at dinner, Tony orders her a meal of "dreaming" food--outrageous combinations of rich dishes--to open up her subconscious. When Amanda still has difficulty falling asleep, Tony tells his assistant, Connors, to give her a sedative, which Cora then takes by mistake. Eventually Amanda falls asleep and dreams of an intensely romantic interlude between herself and Tony. The next day, however, Amanda shows up in Tony's office with Stephen and announces that their engagement is on again. Amanda then tries to tell Tony about her dream, but is so embarrassed by it that she makes up a convoluted, symbol-laden dream in which she is Little Red Riding Hood. Convinced that Amanda is a once-in-a-lifetime patient, Tony rushes to tell his colleague, Dr. Powers, about his discovery and prepares an injection of truth serum. After Amanda is injected, Stephen bursts into the examination room and informs her that she is late for a radio singing engagement. On the way to the studio, the drugged Amanda breaks a pane of glass and then insults the sponsor of the show on the air. When she then hits a policeman, she is arrested and brought before Judge Travers, who criticizes Tony's methodology but releases his patient. Later, Amanda admits to Cora that she loves Tony, but when she tries to break the news to Stephen, he assumes that he is the cherished man in question and immediately announces his engagement to a crowded restaurant. Amanda then tells Tony her true feelings, but out of loyalty for his friend, he submerges his emotions. Through hypnosis, he convinces Amanda that she loves Stephen and feels that the rest of manhood should be "shot down like dogs." Now desperate to be with Stephen, Amanda rushes to the country club where he and Judge Travers are practicing their skeet shooting. Seeing the judge, Amanda grabs a skeet rifle and starts shooting blindly at him, while shouting to Stephen that she adores him. When Tony finally confesses to Stephen that Amanda is in love with him, Stephen accuses his friend of trying to steal his fiancée and bars him from seeing her. On the eve of Stephen and Amanda's wedding, Tony connives with Connors to see Amanda alone, but his attempts to re-hypnotize her fail. At the wedding, however, Tony finds Amanda and, after first knocking out Stephen, knocks out Amanda and informs her subconscious that she really loves Tony. Cured at last of her marriage phobia, Amanda, black eye and all, walks down the aisle with Tony.