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Bedevilled A novice priest offers... MORE > $14.95
Regularly $17.99
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At the airport in New York, Gregory Fitzgerald and Tony Lugacetti prepare to leave for Paris, on their way to study for the priesthood in Montmarte. While Tony bids goodbye to his large family, Gregory admits to his priest, Father Cunningham, that he still struggles with doubts and is even more scared than he was as a prisoner of war in Korea. On the plane, Gregory meets the famous French designer Francesca, who flirts with him and, unaware of his plans for the priesthood, gives him her address. In Paris, Gregory and Tony call on Father du Rocher before settling into a hotel. Later, while Tony recovers from his airsickness, Gregory goes out to meet Father du Rocher for dinner. He shares a taxi with American Monica Johnson, who nervously leaves the cab in a hurry, dropping her St. Christopher medal on the ground. Gregory follows Monica into the nightclub where she works as a singer, and goes to her dressing room to return the medal. The police come to question Monica and, not letting on that he understands, Gregory listens as she tells them in French that she has spent the last few hours with him. After the police leave, Gregory confronts Monica about her lie as she hurriedly packs a suitcase, but she tells him nothing. While they are sneaking out through the alley, a man tries to grab Monica, but Gregory fends him off. Monica begs Gregory to go with her to the airport and stay with her until she is safely out of town. They stop at Monica's hotel, and she disappears just before the arrival of three men, who question Gregory about her whereabouts and knock him out. Early the following morning, Tony calls Francesca, concerned that Gregory has not returned. Father du Rocher suspects that Francesca is lying about not having seen him, and questions Gregory's moral fitness for the priesthood. Meanwhile, Gregory comes to and finds himself alone in Monica's hotel. The concierge's husband says that Monica has called and is at Napoleon's tomb. Gregory takes a taxi to the tomb, with his assailants from the night before in pursuit, and finds Monica. She tells him that she witnessed a murder the previous evening and is being chased by a man named Trevelle, who mistakenly believes she can identify the killer. Gregory urges her to go to the police, but Monica believes she stands no chance against the well-connected Trevelle. After trying in vain to get Monica a flight out of Paris, Gregory takes her to his hotel, and the clerk gives them the address of a hotel in the slums of Paris where, for a fee, she can hide out anonymously. That evening, Monica reveals her attraction for Gregory, and he resists her advances without telling her about his vocation. Tony comes by the hotel and urges Gregory to seek advice from Father du Rocher or Francesca, but the sorely conflicted Gregory replies that he must work the situation out alone. Back in the room, Monica clings to Gregory in fear, and he succumbs briefly to an embrace. The following day, Gregory goes to see Francesca and asks for her help in getting Monica over the border. Meanwhile, Tony returns to the hideout with Father du Rocher, and Tony informs Monica that he and Gregory are about to enter the seminary. Francesca takes Gregory to see Trevelle, who says that his brother Michael was murdered two nights earlier, while Monica was in his apartment. Trevelle assures Gregory that he will no longer be followed, but sends his men after Gregory as soon as he leaves, to Francesca's dismay. Gregory returns to the hideout and tells Monica about his meeting with Trevelle, and she admits that she was romantically involved with Trevelle's brother until she found out he was married, then coldly addresses Gregory as "Father Fitzgerald" and reproaches him for letting her fall in love with him. Gregory and Monica flee when they see Trevelle's men approaching the hotel, and take refuge in a church, where Father du Rocher is leading a mass. Trevelle's men follow them in, and at the end of the service, Gregory approaches the priest and asks for refuge for Monica. Father du Rocher places Monica in the care of his housekeeper, then counsels Gregory to look in his heart and find the truth. Gregory visits Monica, and she confesses that she killed Trevelle's brother, Michael. She explains that she became engaged to a new man after breaking up with Michael, but Michael told the new man about their affair, and he ended their relationship. Monica says that she confronted Michael, but he threatened her and she shot him with his own gun. In the middle of the night, while Gregory sleeps outside her chamber, Monica sneaks out of the church and is shot down in the street. Gregory races to her side and administers the last rites before she dies in his arms. Later, at the seminary, Gregory looks ahead to his new life.