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Kim Novak: Live From the TCM Classic Film Festival

Kim Novak: Live From the TCM Classic Film Festival(2013)


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Crying Boy

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  • Kim Novak Robert Osborn

    • David Csiki
    • 9/27/13

    Thank you for this most unusual and stunning interview. I never expected to see and hear the candor of this veteran performer nor her unparalleled level of authenticity. If only more were like her. How anyone could watch this and not be deeply moved is beyond my comprehension. Please make this available for us to see again and purchase on DVD. Miss Novak, thank you!


    • DEBI
    • 9/20/13

    Caught the tail end of the Kim Novak inteview show. How wonderful and refreshing to see a star from Hollywoodwilling to share her completely human and beautiful side of her life. After years of enjoying her films, so niceto see a beautiful woman willing to share of her inner strengths and weaknesses. You truly feel what you see iswhat you get. To be willing to open up shows the depth of her true inner strength. Thank you for handling theinterview with such kindness and respect. It really was moving and mesmerizing to watch. Anyone who watchedthis can't help but be touched. Bless her heart and thank her for sharing....I'm sure she touched more people thanshe will ever know. You can't help but love her for that.

  • Kim Novak interview 9-19-13

    • Loreen Burton
    • 9/19/13

    What a treat to once again see Kim Novak. I loved every one of her movies. I was in my later teen years and early 20's while she was still in movies. She was so beautiful and still is to this day. I noticed tonight as she got further into the interview that she became so much more animated; which really made her even more beautiful and real. I loved her open quality as she spoke about herself and her family and relationships with those in Hollywood. Her characters were so real and now I know why because she WAS that person while she was in that movie. She actually became the character. I also thought that the paintings that were shown were beautifully done showing the emotion of the person being painted. I remember that some time ago it kind of sqeaked out that she had a good friend that lived here in Belvidere that she visited on occasion, one of our dentist's wives. I guess that they were good friends for quite some time. I certainly wish her well and do hope that she puts her art work on display for people to enjoy. May God bless her and her husband and continue to let her have a happy life. Very sincerely, Loreen Burton

  • pinup

    • Raymond Baumbach
    • 9/5/13

    I have had a pinup picture of Kim Novak hanging on my bedroom wall,looking at the beautiful lady before going to sleep

  • Kim Novak interview

    • Phillip Anthony
    • 8/4/13

    Standing in line for 2 hours was worth it. Ms.Novak was a joy to listen to and Mr.Osbourne was a class act as usual.

  • Great Star

    • Adventure
    • 3/10/13

    I thank TCM for showcasing this legendary star who looked beautiful.Noted Ms. Novak's appreciation of Otto Preminger, Rita Hayworth, James Stewart, Frank Sinatra, and Alfred Hitchcock, and Columbia execs such as Max Arnow and Benno Schneider along with Harry Cohn. Osborne who clearly was infaturated with Kim during the Interview threw a few softballs such as Kim's relationship with Sammy Davis Jr, and mentioned Richard Quine more than a few times; QUine to me was Novak's greatest director with Bell Book And Candle and the haunting Strangers When We Meet. On another Quine-Novak film Notorious LandladyKim to me is the ultimate movie star. Clearly Quine adored Kim Novak and his love for the great star shows on all the Novak-Quine films.Hope future interviewers might ask Kim Novak about her working experiences with Jack Lemmon, Elizabeth Taylor,Rock Hudson, Judy Holiday and Dean Martin, and Directors such as Billy Wilder re Kiss Me Stupid, and Robert Aldrich about the the weird Legend of Lylah Clare.


    • VILMA
    • 3/8/13

    I've been a fan of Kim Novak for as far as I can remember. My favorite movies "Jeanne Eagles" and "Bell, Book and Candle" and now after watching the interview I admire and respect her even more. What a superb interview.Her inner beauty sur passes her outer beauty., What a beautiful and intelligent free spiritual beauty.Would love to know more about Ms. Novak's up coming Art Exhibition.

  • Interview with Kim Kovak

    • Serena Ardigo
    • 3/8/13

    I set my tv for this intrerview with Kim Novak this week. I have missed this amazing star and have watched Vertigo and Bell Book and Candle and many other movies of her's. This interview was amazing, and have replayed it twice already. It was so great to see her and her truthfullness and candid answers were so touching. I wish I was sitting in the audience at that special moment. She had a hard childhood but I can see she was a strong person and knew who she was and still is. It's just a shame that there weren't more movies of her's today. I just wanted to know how she met her husband of 32 years. That's amazing and seems to be generally happy in her choice. I have always loved her quiet spoken voice and she had a mysterious nature. Never knowing what she was actually thinking. This interview was the most outstanding interview I've ever seen as Robert Osborne was quoted as saying. I wonder why it took her so long to have her name on the walk of fame with her fingerprints? This also happened to another great actor Robert Mitchum who was forgotten for many years when they also did his handprint in the cement. I really don't watch any other television, except a few channels here and there, but it's mostly on TCM all the time. I just love this program and when I want to escape from some problem or whatever I can always rely on TCM to bring me to another place. Loved this show, it was amazing!

  • My friend, Kim Novak

    • john livingstone
    • 3/8/13

    The interview was superb for its sincerety and frankness, and total lack of show biz hype. I met Kim in 1962 after she moved to Carmel, my home base for my photography. She was so very kind to my three daughters, and so generous with her time with me during our photo sessions. I wrote about her many qualities in my memoir, "The Importance of Being from Oshkosh". - John Livingstone

  • A Class Act

    • Sara Barker
    • 3/8/13

    I have always liked Kim Novak movies, but after seeing this program I have a new admiration & respect for her. She did things her way & managed to be happy & content with her life. Of course Robert Osborn is like a family member, always in my home. He is the best.

  • 'A' for Authenticity.

    • Penelope
    • 3/7/13

    What an interesting interview, certainly one of Mr. Osborne's best. Kim Novak comes across as sincere, no phony attitude, no 'posing'.What you see is what you get.I wish TCM would show this interview again, and make it available on DVD so that we can include it in our ownClassic Movie libraries.

  • Kim Novak

    • Dorothy
    • 3/7/13

    Thank you SO much TCM for this wonderful interview! Kim is a fragile, intelligent and honest soul who wasn't afraid to bare that soul to us. Never really knowing much about her, I always sensed that her "acting" was not acting, but the real "her". She was also a champion of equality for the races way before it became the "vogue" thing to be-even at the expense of her popularity. Bless you, Kim and may the Lord watch over you always.

  • Kim Novak Interview

    • robert
    • 3/7/13

    by far one of Osbornes best interviews and she comes across as a real person

  • The lovely Kim Novak

    • Maureen
    • 3/7/13

    Wonderful interview, like watching two old friends sitting down to chat.What really struck me was how Ms. Novak didn't have a bad thing to say about anyone. She always seemed to see the good in people. Thank you for this chance to get to know such a wonderful actress and person a little better.Can't wait to see her art.

  • Kim Novak Interview

    • Peter
    • 3/7/13

    Thank you TCM for this wonderful and candid interview with the lovely Kim Novak.I have always been drawn to Kim Novak since i was a child, perhaps a mysterious quality, but always her loveliness and realness in all her roles. I'm grateful to learn that art has always played a major role in her life and continues to this day. I look forward to seeing her paintings some day! Thank you TCM and Robert Osbourne for perhaps the finest interview, ever, period!My love and appreciation to Kim Novak.Peter R in San Francisco

  • Kim Novak TCM Interview

    • Carol Sioux
    • 3/6/13

    The BEST interview I've EVER seen of an actor...

  • Kim Novak Interview

    • Fred Smith
    • 3/5/13

    This should be a good interview, i thank Kim Novak was one of the best Movie Stars of our time and she should have worked another 20 years in the business. Just thank of the good movies we could have had with her.Thanks Fred Smith

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