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Young As You Feel

Young As You Feel(1940)

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At the Jones Pharmacy in Maryville, Mr. John Jones is filling a prescription when a representative from the Norcross Drug Company enters and offers to buy the store. At home that evening, John receives a visit from the company's president, Frederick Q. Norcross, who offers him $30,000 for his store: $5,000 in cash and $25,00 in Norcross shares. John agrees to the sale, and some time later, the Joneses' son Jack phones from New York where he has been sent to cover the World's Fair for the Sentinel . When Jack asks for money, the family worries that he has gotten himself into debt, and decides to go visit him. At the Sherry Plaza Hotel in New York, Jack's society friends order champagne and caviar for everyone, but leave the check for John. Then, Jack's friends take the family to a dressmaker and order many expensive clothes for them. John, whose only desire while in New York is to visit the Fair, is forced to learn the rhumba instead. Later, he must bail Jack and his girlfriend, Sandra, out of jail for driving an ostrich down the street, a publicity stunt of Jack's invention. Back at the hotel, the family dresses to attend the Pelican Club as the guests of Jack's society friends. Hoping to meet his son Roger at the fair, Jones stays at the hotel, while the others go to the club. However, Roger phones, saying that he has met some girls and is leaving the fair. Johns becomes depressed and walks the streets, until he comes across a pharmacy and talks the owner, Mr. Gillespie, out of selling his store. The pharmacist's assistant, Ann Benton, joins them for a drink of intoxicating elixir and John dances the rhumba. The three decide to go out drinking, while back at the hotel, the family worries about John. The next morning, Roger enters with the news that John is in jail. At the police station, Granny asks John if he thinks he is too old for this kind of thing and he replies "a man is always as young as he feels." Then John shows them his jitterbug trophy from the Palais de Dance. The socialites arrive and want to celebrate, but Louise says it is time to go home. Sandra then tells them that she is planning to sue Jack for $25,000 for defamation of character for harm the publicity stunt did to her career. Suddenly, John notices an article in the newspaper reporting that Norcross has failed, rendering their stock worthless and any civil suit moot, as they are now ruined. Back at the old drug store, they find the Joneses' son-in-law Herbert Thompson, who explains that John had wired him to buy back the store as soon as Norcross failed. John announces that they are not ruined after all because he had sold the Norcross stock after an initial jump in value. Dr. Ainsley comes in with a prescription and it is business as usual at the Jones Pharmacy.