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Young and Dangerous

Young and Dangerous(1957)

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Rosemary Clinton, the well-scrubbed teenage daughter of Clara and John Clinton, worries her parents when she accepts a date with Tommy Price, the rebellious son of a prominent doctor. Tommy, who has nurtured his reputation as a juvenile delinquent, has bet his friends, Weasel Martin and Stretch Grass, that the prim Rosemary will succumb to his romantic advances. Tommy drives Rosemary to the beach, but when he becomes sexually aggressive, she jumps out of the car and runs under the pier. Tommy follows, intending to apologize, but before he can calm down the overwrought Rosemary, two police officers appear and take them to the police station. After summoning their parents to the station, the desk sergeant lectures the adults on teaching their children about responsibility and then releases Rosemary and Tommy into their custody. Although Rosemary protests her innocence, her parents refuse to let her see Tommy again. At the Price home, meanwhile, Dr. Price implores Tommy to go to college and forsake his aimless existence. That afternoon, Tommy meets Rosemary after school and they commiserate about being misunderstood by their parents. Seeing through Tommy's tough-guy facade, the level-headed Rosemary encourages him to become a doctor like his father. That night, the Clintons go out and leave Rosemary home alone as usual. When Tommy phones, Rosemary invites him over and they spend a pleasant evening at the amusement park. After Tommy drives Rosemary home, he admits that this was the first time he enjoyed a date without making out. Later, Stretch and Weasel invite Tommy to a party with some buxom blondes, but he rejects their invitation. Rosemary and Tommy continue to date behind their parents' back, and one day, after Tommy suggests that they elope, Rosemary counters that she will marry Tommy after he finishes college. Rosemary then decides that it is time to tell their parents about their romance, and Tommy reluctantly agrees. That night, Rosemary rehearses her speech, but before she can deliver it to her parents, they rush out of the house, on their way to yet another meeting. Tommy, meanwhile, confides to his father that Rosemary has given him faith in himself and with her encouragement, he has decided to attend college. Relieved, Dr. Price gives Tommy his blessing. Tommy then drives to the Clinton house, where a distressed Rosemary tells him that her parents were too busy to listen to her. Tommy takes Rosemary to the drive-in, the local teen hangout, where Rock, a bruiser who holds a grudge against Tommy, tries to pick a fight. Tommy attempts to placate Rock, who nevertheless follows him to Rosemary's house and then assaults him. After beating each other bloody, Tommy and Rock call a truce and Rosemary tends to Tommy's wounds. Soon after, the Clintons come home and find Tommy and Rosemary kissing on the staircase. Enraged, Mr. Clinton orders Tommy to leave, then slaps Rosemary and calls her a lying tramp. As Tommy defends Rosemary's integrity and professes his love for her, the distraught Rosemary runs out of the house and speeds off in her car. Tommy follows and finds her perched on some rocks above the sea. Rushing to Rosemary's side, Tommy reassures her that everything will be all right.