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You Never Can Tell

You Never Can Tell(1951)

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  • Please Air This Gem Once More!

    • Fran Glass
    • 4/21/16

    As other reviewers have attested, this is one of those "most unforgettable films" that deserves to be re-aired on TCM. I first saw it as a network nightly movie in the mid-1960s, and I and all of my elementary schoolmates were completely enchanted and smitten. It was the hot topic of conversation around the playground....We loved to re-enact the scenes of Dick Powell eating kibble, and the lady/horse running alongside the bus! Please show this lovely little film once more, and delight the thousands of your devoted watchers for whom it holds a warm spot in the heart and fondness in memory.

  • childhood memory

    • jana graves
    • 7/4/14

    "You Never Can Tell" starring Dick Powell and Peggy Dowell is a wonderful fantasy about the reincarnation of a horse and dog into people. I saw the movie in 1951 when I was 8 years old and I was so impressed because my two favorite things in the world were horses and dogs.....I remembered this movie for over 60 years in bits and pieces but the one thing I never forgot was one character who was the reincarnated horse running along beside a bus and the bus driver being so shocked, that stuck with me. I recently tried to describe the movie to my sisters who had never seen it being much younger than I and I decided to try and find it to buy. I had no idea of the name or who was in it but all I did was type in the idea of a reincarnated horse and it popped right internet! Anyway I thank all who were responsible for this movie, I'm sure they have all passed at this point, but they gave me one of my favorite childhood memories and it is worth trying to see if you have the opportunity!

  • You Never Can Tell

    • Norma
    • 3/14/14

    I am 69 yrs. of age. I saw this movie when it came out in the early 50's and never forgot it. But as I was 7 or 8 yrs. old we rarely remembered the name of movies. I have tried many times to find it. Thank goodness I finally found the name of it. I can never forget the lady running along chasing the bus making horse sounds or the man (dog) barking. To us kids it was so funny. My mother & daddy must have thought it was funny because I am pretty sure we saw it more than one time, back then. Now, please someone help me find a copy to share with my great-grand children. I think these kind of movies need to be shared.

  • miss this flick

    • skeeter b
    • 11/14/13

    Rex made a space in my heart I filled with german sheppards. Scharnhorst is my friend now. I want to see this movie very much. I want to buy it. I saw it when I was a boy.62 now, born in '51 like the movie. Turner should play it. Thene play it again. Or AMC. I dont care who, just show the movie again. Please.

  • Should be retitled- You Never Will Forget!

    • Eric
    • 9/14/13

    It was sometime back in 1964, just as a little kid age six, this awesome strange movie was playing at home. I remebered the terrible sadness I felt as this very smart German Sheperd (Like Lassie) is cruely murdered. The later scene of a wonderous Animal Heaven was so very real to me. I really believed it existed! As the story continued to Rex having a second chance to find out who poisoned him, he returned as a human man who eats dog treats, accompanied by a women once a horse. Who thinks this stuff?I unfortunately was told I had to abrubtly leave and go out to dinner, so I never saw how the movie actually ended. I remember crying and my mom saying you will forget this movie was ever even on. Fortunately a college relative had told me all about the ending and title name when we had gotten home. He told my mom it was the greatest movie ever I recall. He was right- I have still remembered it fondly to this very day! TCM really needs to show it more frequently! hint hint

  • Best movie ever

    • Robin
    • 7/17/13

    I never remember the name of the movie, but found this as the most unique and entertaining of all time. I wish it would be shown on TNT or some other channel. The storyline was like no other that I remember and my ALL TIME FAVORITE. The hum-animals added not only originality but comic relief. Someone get the film and play it again!

  • You Never Can Tell

    • Laurie
    • 5/15/13

    I have been looking for this movie for years! I saw it as a child of 8 or 9 years old and have never forgotten it. It would be such a treat if you would run this movie on TCM channel. PLEASE!

  • You Never Can Tell

    • Ken Kaplan
    • 4/29/13

    Saw this movie on TCM back in 1987 while I was living in California. I searched through the TV Guide for about one year when i noticed it was going to be aired again. I was fortunate enough to record it on beta and still have the copy. I try to turn on as many f my friends to this wonderful movie. Thankfully my Beta machine still works. I have since transferred it to DVD. I hope someday this will be re-released fir all to see. Dick Powell & Peggy Dow are fantastic in it and the "animal purgatory" scene is great. Great story, very cute, very funny and witty. Highly recommended!

  • Finally found it!

    • dawn anderson
    • 3/5/13

    Saw this movie several times in early 60s, thanks to the reruns on tv... Never remembered the name, but thought Dick Powell played lead. I finally went to the internet today and typed in odd key words" Movie: horse and dog angels return as human detectives" and it popped up first on google! So delighted to find movie and know its title, and can't wait to shop for it!! Basically, the only plot I remembered was what I wrote above,, but, my favorite memories are of the sounds! Remember the galloping horse sounds chasing after the bus, but no one there? Passengers looking,,,, then suddenly the female form takes shape, as the bus stops, but still the passengers hear the gallops,,, As a kid, that was the first scene I ever saw of this movie, and the hilarity of it has stuck all these years! So very happy that others share my feelings and that I was finally able to lay to rest the haunting question of what was that movie? It sure was a fan in my family and whenever we found it on again, all time would stop as we, my younger sister, and my mother would gather with me around the old tiny black and white to laugh out loud at one of our favorite movies! Can't wait to see again!

  • Love this movie

    • Pat
    • 1/17/13

    I first saw this movie in the 1960's and loved it. They don't make good, clean, hilarious movies like this anymore. The cast are great. The best movie. Please air it on TCM. Would be good if it were restored and brought to DVD so we can watch it over and over again.

  • You Never Can Tell (One Never Knows)

    • Sharon Kettlewell
    • 1/15/13

    Saw this on TV when I was a child in the late 1960s or early 1970s while home sick one afternoon. Have not seen it since. I've been looking for a video/DVD of it or to see it on TV since but have had no luck. Loved it.Do not believe in reincarnation but I love fantasy as well as a good murder mystery. So this movie had always appealed to me. Took me ages to find the correct title of this movie. Hope it comes out soon on DVD.

  • You Never Can Tell...

    • David Magness
    • 1/5/13

    I remember this film as a kid and haven't seen it in better than 30 years.Ever since films were released on home video(VHS/BETA/DVD), I have been researching/looking for this one. At one time, I had heard that this film, and another of Powell's: "To The Ends of The Earth" -1948) were tied up in some legal mess, preventing their release. Never did find out what exactly the legal mess was, but I suspect that it had something to do with Dick Powell's estate. It is entirely possible, though not confirmed, that the original negative of the film was shot on nitrate (which I doubt, given the dates of production) and has deteriorated beyond a restorable condition. I hope that is not the case. Please, TCM, restore this film and play it in a Dick Powell festival!You will make many people very happy!

  • you never can tell

    • tommy west
    • 11/4/12

    i saw this movie in the 50s when i was a kid, would like to see it again, visit these site that tell me all about the movie but not one tells me where to see or where to buy it

  • never seen it

    • daktsk
    • 9/14/12

    I'm certainly old enough to have seen this movie, but don't ever remember even hearing about it. Ya'll have talked me into it! I love Dick Powell. That's why i'm so suprised I've never heard about this movie. Is it in the TCM vault? If so, maybe we can get them to show it. I'll be looking for it..........thanks to all.

  • I want to see it again.

    • Teresa
    • 9/9/12

    It's been years since I saw this movie, but I have remember it and have been waiting to see it again.

  • You never can tell

    • Mary
    • 9/1/12

    Wonderful movie, needs to be viewed more often and on DVD. Great for all age groups. Dick Powell is great and the rest of the humanimals are a very interesting bunch. This film is underutilized as a fun family film. Would love to see it again. Would really love to have it in my film library. Please bring it back soon!!!

  • Funniest Movie

    • Carol Flaherty
    • 8/11/12

    I love this movie. My husband and I laughed so hard we almost cried. They don't make em like this anymore regrettably. Great Movie, would love to see on TCM again!

  • You Never Can Tell

    • Sharon
    • 6/21/12

    Hilarious movie! I saw this on TV a few times when I was a kid. Would love to see it again!

  • Cute movie

    • Maur
    • 3/4/12

    Saw this movie years ago. Very cute. Woul like to see it again. hope it will be put in the schedule!

  • My Favorite Movie of All Time

    • Suzee
    • 2/11/12

    I used to watch this movie with my mom when I was a little kid, and it never failed to bring a tear to my eye when Goldie went back to animal heaven. Does anyone know if I can buy this movie on DVD? I checked Amazon, and they don't have it. I hope TCM broadcasts this movie some time soon so that I can tape it.

  • You Never Can Tell

    • Carol
    • 9/3/11

    One of the best and funniest movies ever! I wish they would show it on TCM it's been years since I saw it. It's funny and very entertaining!

  • You Never Can Tell, 1951

    • Delani Stephens
    • 9/9/10

    We want Humanimals!It was released by Universal Studios. Let's start a letter writing campaign to them in addition to TCM!You Never Can Tell (1951) a.k.a "One Never Knows"An ex-police/army dog (German Shepherd), named Rex inherits a fortune from an eccentric millionaire. But someone poisons him for his fortune, and he gets to go back to earth as a human detective to bring his killer to justice, and protect the girl who used to look after him.Black and White | 78 mins.


    • PAULA
    • 8/4/10


  • Rex Shepherd

    • Gretchen
    • 8/2/10

    I have only seen this movie once. Then I saw some bits at a later time. This was when I was a kid. I am 58 now. This little movie is one I always remember with such fondness. I have tried to buy it over the years and am so surprised that you can't get it. Movies today can't hold a candle to the heartwarming creative stories of this movie's time. I always remember Goldie catching up with the bus and Rex nibbling on kibble he kept in his pocket. When ever this movie becomes available I will be first in line. No collection would be complete without it.

  • Loved this film as a kid!

    • Rebecca
    • 7/18/10

    I last saw this film when I was 6 yrs old in 1985. It is such a lovely family film & my family actually named our German Shepherd puppy King after watching this movie & I first heard the name Rex in this film and always loved it, & have just called my son Rex which is how & why I have been trying to get this film on Dvd. This film is so touching & has had influence on naming two special boys in my life, the dog King in my childhood & now my son-please release it on DVD xxx

  • you can never tell 1952

    • stephanie s
    • 5/19/10

    This is such sweet movie...It was before it's time,when you look around at current animals movies.(I hate to say it...) I saw it on AMC.I have been waiting years for it to play on TCM...I choose not to watch AMC.Iwant to feel the whole movie.WITHOUT BREAKS. Anyhow,Dick Powell out does himself as Rex.You end up laughing remembering bits of the movie.

  • You never can tell '52 Dick Powell

    • Jim L.
    • 4/29/10

    This is a movie that will stay with you. It has Romance, Action, Comedy and just plain staying power.. I think that once you have seen it you'll will agree with me...thank you


    • Marty
    • 3/10/10

    GREAT MOVIE that has been over looked. The entire movie is fabulous. It has drama, suspense, action, ronace, comedy. Dick Powell and Peggy Dow were fantastic. Have been trying to locate this movie for over ten years. I'm sure for those who never had the opportunity to see it once they did they would get hooked on the movie because it is that entertaining to watch. It is the kind of movie you enjoy watching over and over again and one you definitely want to own. First of all a dog inherits a fortune left in a will by his owner, Peggy Dow is really a race horse that has passed on but comes back in human form to help Dick Powell find who is plotting to get rid of the dog so they can claim the fortune once the dog is out of the picture. Just a great story line with great acting and you find yourself involved with the characters and of course cheering for the dog to get through this mess with the help of a few friends. Hope this plays again one time soon.

  • you nevery can tell

    • sherry noblin
    • 2/21/10

    this movie is better than they make today . its a great movie. we love it. i wish they would more like this one. thanks

  • I have been searching everywhere for this movie!!

    • Heidy
    • 1/26/10

    Like a lot of the other reviewers, I saw this several years ago on cable and have been trying to find it listed again or a DVD to purchase. Such a unique movie and true escapism!! I hope you can air it again...Thank you!

  • Wonderful, funny movie.

    • Sondra
    • 11/2/09

    I first saw this movie about 20 years ago and could not get it out of my mind. I LOVED iT!! It finally came on late one night and it recorded it. I have watched it so much with my kids, the tape is worn out. I was very impressed with the "special effects" of that time. PLEASE PUT IT ON DVD!!!!!!!!!!

  • PLEASE re-air this WONDERFUL gem of a movie!!!

    • John E. Zimmer
    • 9/3/09

    I only saw this great movie on TV once when I was a little boy but I NEVER forgot it! I have been searching for it ever since, hoping to one day own it on DVD or VHS. PLEASE re-air it, several times even, and if you can, PLEASE find a way to release it on DVD. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :)

  • One of a kind!

    • Lori
    • 8/25/09

    My husband and I saw this movie on a late late show over ten years ago, we could never remember the name but over the years it's come up in conversation many times. He finally found the title last night on your website and I thought I'd buy it for him, but I'm so sad to see that it's not available! Please release this so others can see what a unique, clever, and funny movie it is!Thanks


    • Diane
    • 8/14/09

    What a fun, sweet, entertaining family movie. It's a shame this movie isn't available for home viewing. I hope you will release it soon, the world can use good, wholesome movies more than ever.

  • You Never Can Tell

    • Diana Toy
    • 8/9/09

    Please, Please release this film on DVD. It is so clever and creative, I just can't imagine that it is kept under wraps. I so desire to have this wonderfully crafted film in my posession.If unavailable for DVD then please show it on your channel. Thank you, Diana

  • Please show You Never Can Tell!

    • jan
    • 7/12/09

    This movie is such a joy, I cannot understand why it has not been released as a DVD. It's a truly funny comedy and one movie that is totally G-rated. PLEASE! But short of that -- show it again on TCM!!! and since you show it so rarely, announce it well in advance please!

  • You Never Can Tell

    • Joan
    • 6/22/09

    This movie deserves to be on DVD right now. It is so enjoyable, well acted, and a pure delight to watch. Come on Mr. Turner, please release this movie ASAP.

  • Show it again!

    • Lori
    • 6/15/09

    I saw this movie a few years ago on TCM and would love to see it again. Please show it.

  • Found it at last!

    • Eileen
    • 1/31/09

    I saw this movie on TV about twenty years ago and have never seen it since. When I found it today on your database i was elated, but now sad to see it isn't available anymore. Please put it on your schedule again soon.

  • See Again

    • Carol
    • 11/4/08

    It's been a long time since I've seen this delightful movie and would love to see it again. Also, would love to see more Dick Powell movies on TCM

  • You Never Can Tell

    • JP
    • 10/24/08

    I haven't seen this movie in years and years. Almost feels like I dreamed it. Please play it. It is a great movie.

  • A wonderful Fantasy

    • Diane
    • 9/19/08

    I absolutly love this film I long ago wore out my VHS copy - please play it again I now have grandchildren who I'd love to share it with.


    • connie murray
    • 4/30/08

    Please play this movie, i check your web page daily to see if this is on your schedule. PLEASE - PLEASE

  • What a wonderful film!!

    • Richard
    • 4/24/07

    Take all of the parts of this movie and you have nothing special, but put it alltogether and you have magic. I agree withvero; it is also one of my first movies I remember as a child. It is one that you remember and hope you can find later in life and then one day wow, there it is.Thanks for the opportunity to express my feelings.

  • Viva La "Sexy-Rexy"

    • vero l
    • 3/30/07

    This is the very first movie I remember as a child shown on television. (I guess cause I'm such an animal lover.) I would so love to see TCM play this again and wish it could have aired this April on "No Animals Were Harmed" Mondays.

  • You Never Can Tell

    • Ali
    • 12/13/06

    This was the first classic movie that I thoroughly enjoyed. It's whimsical, it's funny, it has great actors. It should be played as often as possible. An excellent movie.

  • "You never can tell" deserves a hollywood remake!!

    • Crystal Wolff
    • 8/26/06

    This is a great classic!! This movie left an impression on me as a child and I always wanted to see it again but didn't know the name or how to find out about it. When a few years ago I happened upon it I was delighted!! The quirky animal characteristics like Peggy Dow (the horse)running down a bus and Dick Powell (the German shepard) checking out fire hydrants is hillarious!! Peggy carries a handbag that is a horses feedbag. This movie doesn't get replayed as often as it should. They don't make movies like this anymore!!I'd love to see this movie remade.....hollywood??

  • You Never Can Tell

    • G Smith
    • 8/10/06

    I saw this movie years ago and loved it. I would love to see it again. We need more variety, so please play this one again. Thanks

  • Please play it again--"You Never Can Tell"

    • Mary Hedge
    • 7/31/06

    Several years ago my grandson and I watched this together and enjoyed it so much. Every week I check the listings to see if it is going to be playing. Never Found!! Please--add it to your progamming. It is such a delightful movie. thank you.

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