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The Wyoming Bandit

The Wyoming Bandit(1949)

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After Nugget Clark sees a man steal a horse near the town of Dry Wells, the sheriff calls in Deputy Allan "Rocky" Lane to find the thief. At the local relay station, Rocky unwittingly shows the thief a picture of a bandit known as "Wyoming Dan," whom Rocky suspects of the crime. The thief claims that he saw Dan and his gang hijack a covered wagon, adding that they then took the road into town. Rocky then stops the stolen wagon from racing out of control and tends to the driver, who has been shot. Rocky captures Dan and brings him into town where, coincidentally, the doctor is examining Dan's son, Tommy. Nugget arrives and tells Rocky that after Dan was framed and forced to leave, Nugget reared his sons Tommy and Jimmy. Dan and Rocky hide when the sheriff and a saddler named Ross Tyler arrive to question Nugget, who says he cannot identify the bandits as they wore masks. After the doctor pronounces Tommy dead, Dan grabs his gun, vowing to kill the murderer, who he feels sure is a man named Lonnegan of the Stevens gang. Rocky goes to the saddle shop where Lonnegan works, but Lonnegan hides in the back room until the deputy leaves. Then Lonnegan tells his boss, Tyler, who has ambitions to control the territory, that he has never met Rocky. Later, Rocky, posing as an outlaw, pulls his gun on Lonnegan, who agrees to split the $50,000 due to arrive on the afternoon stagecoach with him. The next afternoon, Rocky instructs Lonnegan to begin the robbery without him. Tyler, meanwhile, writes a note to the sheriff saying that Rocky and Dan are hiding at the Franklin ranch. The sheriff calls together a posse, which rides out to the ranch where Dan and Rocky are hiding in a barn. To warn them of the posse's approach, Nugget pretends to trip and fires his gun. Later, after Nugget reports that someone has tipped off the sheriff, Rocky and Dan mask themselves and rob the coach. Rocky jumps aboard and arrests the driver. He then orders Tommy's brother Jimmy, a passenger on the coach, to grab the money. After the three escape, the driver reports the robbery to the sheriff. Later, Jimmy declares the robber must have been Wyoming Dan since he held his gun in his left hand, and goes off to look for him. At the barn, Dan and Rocky wait for Lonnegan, who sneaks through the window. When Lonnegan pulls a gun on him, Rocky agrees to cut a deal, but refuses to negotiate with anyone except the boss. Rocky then tells Jimmy that Dan is his father, asks him to bring the sheriff to Willow Creek. The next morning, Rocky and Nugget tell Tyler that they want to join the gang and suggests they split the money hidden at Willow Creek. Rocky later admits the money is at Nugget's, but when his horse Black Jack suddenly arrives at the door, he escapes. He rushes to Nugget's, but Dan has already shot Tyler. After Rocky tells Jimmy that the governor has pardoned Dan, he hits the trail.