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The World, the Flesh and the Devil

The World, the Flesh and the Devil(1959)


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  • The World, The Flesh And The Devil

    • Linda
    • 12/26/16

    I saw this movie when I was 9 years old when it first came out, for some reason I have never forgotten it. Looking forward to seeing it again.

  • The World, The Flesh and The Devil

    • Yolanda Clark
    • 2/3/14

    I saw a bit of the movie at the end, please show the movie again.I am a big fan of Inger Stevens and Harry Belafonte from the T.V series the Farmer's Daughter and the operetta Carmen respectively PLEASE!! Thank You in advance Yolanda a devoted fan

  • the world the flesh and the devil

    • al lindenberg
    • 12/16/10

    the wait is over. go to warner archive as of 12/16/10.

  • please give us this film!

    • dolores k wyman
    • 11/27/10

    this film needs to be seen again! there are many who want it! where is it?

  • The World, The Flesh, and the Devil

    • Lydia
    • 11/16/10

    I have been waiting for this movie to be aired for 50 years. Come on! Someone has to have a copy to air, or to copy onto DVD.I would love to see it again.

  • A never forget type of film

    • S.Texas David
    • 4/16/10

    I saw this film so many years ago. One of those films you will NEVER forget seeing. Everyone who likes movies should see this. Like Taxi Driver and Shindler's List, it will leave you a changed person. The fact it's not available on DVD is a crime!!

  • The World, the Flesh, and the Devil (1959)

    • Kelly
    • 8/21/09

    Released when I was only 1 year old. I saw this movie later in my early years and truly enjoyed watching it. This was an awesome movie for its time and well worth the watch today 50 years later. Please please schedule this movie for viewing.

  • Play IT SOON

    • Jaime Martinez
    • 8/15/09

    I saw this movie a long time ago, in my teens and I am 56 years old now. It was and is a great movie. It was way ahead of it's time and on par with the theme of today's disaster type movies. Please try to obtain this movie and show it on TMC so many people who have never see this movie can enjoy it. I, myself am trying to locate it so I can purchase it. Thank You. Jaime Martinez

  • The World, the Flesh and the Devil (1959)

    • Jay
    • 2/22/09

    Fine story, very original when made. It's well acted and directed, great and effective cinematography. The score is good. It's always interesting and has suspense throughout.

  • Highly Recommended for Fellow Fans of TV's "Lost"!

    • Sandy
    • 11/16/08

    Like the "Lost" series, this film creates a unique world where survivors have to depend on one another. This movie is a stunner - both visually and plot-wise. Sets a tone unlike any other film. Almost "film noir" in its bleak, yet gripping, camera shots. This movie offers a lot: romance, suspense, clever dialog, memorable setting, profound message, and characters you care about. (And Belefonte has an amazing presence.) TCM, thank you for introducing this movie to me!

  • The Purple Cloud

    • Ric
    • 7/18/08

    Great movie that I saw on CBS in 1970 when it premiered on network TV. I was entranced by the cinematography and the story line. It's based on a novel written in 1902 by Matthew Phipps Sheil titled "The Purple Cloud". The novel is out of print but can be accessed through Wickipedia through the authors name. I was in love with Inger Stevens dating back to her days on the TV series "the Farmers Daughter"

  • Please!!

    • vjr
    • 6/8/08

    I only caught a small part of this movie and have never seen it in its entirety. Please play it again!!

  • Please Release this on DVD!

    • jeff
    • 6/2/08

    Great tie-in potential with that of "I Am Legend"

  • Play it again please.

    • Matt
    • 5/30/08

    this is a great movie. Please play it again. I missed it the last time around.

  • Play it again

    • Mike McRae
    • 5/11/08

    I saw the movie in 1959 and loved it and have looked to purchase a copy since then for home video. When TMC played it the other evening I had set my recorder to record it and messed up on the settings and only got the first 15 minutes. Please schedule it again and let me know when it will be playing.Thank YouM. McRae

  • Plagerism??

    • Zoila
    • 2/11/08

    I watched this movie recently on TCM and really liked it. The other day I rented "The Quiet Earth" and after watching it, I thought it was a remake of this movie. It is exactly the same premise. End of the world one white man one woman and one black man and in the end she chooses the black man. But "The Quiet Earth" is based on a book published in the 80's. I haven't read the book, can't find a copy. My question is: Why are the movies so similar? And is the book like the later movie? If it is and the author of the book didn't write the original movie, then someone somewhere plagerized something. Does anyone know?

  • I am Legend

    • Alfred
    • 1/23/08

    I could not believe the multiple similarities between this film and "I am Legend" released in Dec 07 with Will Smith. The scenes in B/W of an empty New York were both eerie and beautiful.

  • Great Film!

    • Demi
    • 1/21/08

    Thank you TCM for continuing to present films such as these, that can't be found on video/DVD. It is great to see such actors like Harry Belafonte, Inga Svenson, and Mel Ferrer. This film is still timeless, and the message comes across well without being preachy. Its a shame that Mr. Belafonte was not nominated for an Oscar for his performance a great injustice to him and his performance. This film is why I am a fan of TCM!

  • A Harbinger of Hope

    • Rita Moran
    • 1/21/08

    This movie was a powerful statement of society's ills. Its message was extemely potent for its time and left many people uncomfortable by its ending. I remember my mother talking about it as a child. It was way ahead of its time and I loved what it imparted to us all. It is still timely today, something we could all embrace and live by.I only hope that we get it in DVD soon as I have been searching for it for a long time. Very few people have even heard of this movie.

  • YOU are both wrong!

    • MOVBIF
    • 1/21/08

    The World, the Flesh and the Devil movie has NOT been remade yet - The I AM LEGEND Will Smith edition is a remake of Charlton Heston's Omega Man. And is from the novel I Am Legend - Richard Matheson author. For the time period TWTFATD was made it was leading edge although the actors were a little stilted in their performance. Should have been allowed to unleash a little more - each was capable of SOOOOO much more with the subject. But a good movie overall.

  • I am Legend

    • Brenda
    • 1/21/08

    I believe Will Smith movie, "I am Legend" was base on this movie.

  • 60s black formula movie

    • Jana Williams
    • 1/21/08

    CASTBlack man, white woman (preferably blonde, maybe blind) and someone who doesn't like blacks. PLOTAdverse situation, internal conflict, must rely on and trust each other to survive. Black man is altruistic hero savig everybody. Racist comes to beleive all blacks are wonderful THE ENDSee "I Am Legend" for something of a remake.

  • Excellent Story

    • Elvin
    • 1/20/08

    Heeey! It is an excellent movie. Harry Belafonte exhibited his usually downplayed ability to be such an explosive character and the writers, producer and director took a risk for such a few in this particular period of time. Remeber around this time, Blacks were still being hung from telephone poles for less. I would love to see an updated version of this film, except that people might ignore the still current issue of racial prejudice against blacks. I hope that TCM will actually air it again. The showing is actually the early 1900 version of the Flesh and the Devil, a silent film. Hopefully we'll revisit it later.

  • A powerful story

    • Mike
    • 1/17/08

    This is by far the best end of world stories I have seen. I also read that some are comparing I am legend with this film when I am legend is a remake of the Omega Man not this film.

  • Better than "I Am Legend"

    • Lucille Harrison
    • 1/11/08

    The World,the Flesh and the Devil has always been a favorite of mine.I felt Will Smith was trying more to do this movie in I Am Legend.I think the influence was there.Perhaps that would have been a better choice.The World... is a movie that ages very well, should be shown more often.

  • saw as a child and still in my memory

    • steve
    • 1/5/08

    I saw this at my grandparents house when I was about 5 or 6. I had been trying to find it for the last 10 years <Im now 47> thinking that it was Sydney Poitier that played the lead role. Thanks to I AM LEGEND I finally stumbled on to this site and discovered the title and characters names of this movie that has kept my attention so many years. I would love to see it again and hope someone puts it in dvd form so many more can see it. I remember it as a really moving movie. It sure had some kind of impact on me to remember it from such a young age and all through these years.

  • Great movie as I recall

    • GW
    • 12/17/07

    For 1959 film, this was a remarkable movie. I've seen it only once and it was haunting then. To see New York City devoid of all people but two was really memorable. Belefonte's performance was up there with Poitier.

  • Should be compared with new "I Am Legend"

    • Ned Konz
    • 11/24/07

    Having seen "Last Man on Earth", "Omega Man", and wanting to see "I Am Legend", I ran across this film while trying to find out if the Matheson story "I Am Legend" had been made any more times. Sounds like this movie is related (but not from the Matheson book). I want to see it anyway!

  • Urgency for project

    • Diana
    • 11/18/07

    This is an outstanding movie! I need to review it for a university project concerning movies and urban alienation theme. It is a must before the end of November. Can anyone help me find it in digital some way? Should I pray TCM to reschedule? Bowes... ;)

  • The Original and Best!

    • Rob
    • 10/20/07

    This was the very first 'end-of-the-world' movie. Remade as 'The Last Man on Earth' with Vincent Price, and 'The Omega Man' with Charlton Heston, it still remains the most talented as well as most believable. Inspiring many other films, like '28 Days Later', it is the perfect original and the basis for judging all other such films. If FOX MGM have the master, they should use it and release this classic! If not FOX then any studio that can make that DVD, please don't delay!

  • Great Sociological Film

    • Lovie Pagsolingan
    • 4/25/07

    This film had, and continues to have, a great emotional impact upon me. Although this film was fantastically entertaining, the true impact comes from its ability to force the viewer to acknowledge their true feelings on racial attitudes and barriers. Truely a film before its time.


    • 2/22/07

    This film has a message that we all can learn from.

  • Good movie for it's time Science Fiction

    • Marcia Weeks
    • 12/3/06

    I saw this movie on TV as a young adult. A story of the last two and then three people left in the world after a biological desaster. The three survivors, two men and a woman began to rebuild society.

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