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Woman Chases Man

Woman Chases Man(1937)

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Overly-sensible millionaire Kenneth Nolan is returning home from a European vacation with his girl friend, Nina Tennyson, and her "uncle," Henri Saffron, when he receives a telephone call from his crackpot inventor father B. J. B. J. begs Kenneth for money to complete his latest work, a low-income housing project called Nolan Heights, but Kenneth believes that it is another silly scheme and refuses. While B. J. hides in his office from process servers, architect Virginia Travis barges in and asks B. J. for a job on Nolan Heights. During her spiel, Virginia faints, after which B. J. learns that she has not eaten in two days. He then takes her home and explains that he does not have enough money to finish the project. Virginia believes she can convince Kenneth to help, and so she and B. J. make a plan. She calls her former co-workers, movie ushers Judy and Hunk Williams, and asks them to pose as servants because the former ones left after B. J. spent their wages. When Kenneth, Nina and Henri arrive, Virginia pretends to be B. J.'s old business acquaintance, and states that he is in Chicago. Kenneth is suspicious at first but is pacified by a letter of introduction from B. J. Nina and Henri are worried that Virginia's presence will disrupt their plans, for they are actually lovers who intend to bilk Kenneth out of his fortune after he marries Nina. At dinner that night, Virginia and the scheming pair are intrigued when Kenneth reveals that he cannot drink because drinking makes him feel compelled to buy everything he sees. Virginia tries to discuss the housing project with Kenneth, but he shows her some of the gadgets on which his father has wasted his money, and confesses that he is afraid of becoming a screwball like B. J. Virginia then finds B. J. in the kitchen, and the two determine to release Kenneth from his straightjacket of sensibility. The next day, as Virginia is getting Kenneth to unknowingly sign a $100,00 check to B. J., he confides that he desires to do something useful with his life. Virginia promises to help him, then goes with B. J. to cash the check. They are foiled at the bank, however, when they are told that any check over $1,000 must be personally approved by Kenneth. They return to the house and are informed by Hunk that Nina and Henri are plotting to get Kenneth drunk that night so that he will propose. B. J. realizes that they must "fight firewater with firewater," and that night, Virginia induces Kenneth to drink champagne with her. While they are drinking, the couple discovers they have much in common, but their conversation is cut short when Virginia passes out. She is put to bed by B.J., and Kenneth is plied with brandy by Nina and Henri. B. J. wakes Virginia, and she hides in the tree outside Kenneth's bedroom while Nina tucks him in. Virginia gets stuck and calls to Kenneth, after which he joins her in the tree. They cuddle and talk happily, and Kenneth agrees to sign the contract. Nina and Henri attempt to stop him, and by doing so, they reveal their true natures. Virginia then insists that Kenneth not sign the contract while drunk and pours a bucket of water on him to sober him up. Even though he is now fully sober, Kenneth remembers what they had said in the tree and hugs Virginia to cement the deal and their relationship.