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The Wolf Man

The Wolf Man(1941)

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  • The Wolf Man

    • malcolm alford
    • 7/18/17

    The Wolf Man 1941 is one of the best horror classic movies ever made. Love to watch these horror classic movies around Halloween time.

  • Scarey and sad!

    • RedRain
    • 4/1/17

    I'm not a fan of the horror genre but this film is one I've watched over and over because I find the performances so well done and the story compelling. Unlike a previous reviewer (and others on TCM), I view a film simply because I want to be entertained. We can nitpick every film ever made but we lose the joy in them for us when we do that. Some films lack good acting, some lack good writing and some just bore us to tears; however, it is rare for all of it to be found in one film. I'm just thankful I have TCM to turn to anytime I want to enjoy old films! This film has some of my favorite actors in it and a storyline that is quite frightening. It has a sad ending but the only one possible. As we get through the film, we wonder throughout how "the Wolfman" will be found out. We know who he is but the actors do not and their discovery is what we wait for. I give the film *** because of the suspense it holds throughout and because the actors are so good at holding our interest.

  • Scary as All Get Out

    • Jade
    • 3/23/17

    Larry Talbot is cursed to transform into the Wolf Man when the full moon hits. You just feel bad for the guy. He's a nice aristocrat with a walking stick and a lovely lady friend who gets an unfortunate reading from a Gypsy fortune teller. See. Gotta stay away from the palm-reading jazz. Anyway, it turns out Larry is the Wolf Man, kills people, can't remember killing people, and the whole nine yards of a bad life begins. Fine performances here by Lon Chaney, Jr., Claude Rains, and the actress who portrays the Gypsy seer. What is really frightening about this film is the score. The composer strikes up this really scary music during every transformation that is scary as all get out. Don't be fooled by the age of this film. The acting and the score still pack a scary punch.

  • wolf man

    • kevin sellers
    • 11/4/16

    Sorry to beat this puppy with a silver wolf stick but I found it extremely underwhelming. Except for the final confrontation between father and werewolf son the action scenes were not set up or executed very well and thus lacked impact. And I couldn't believe that screenwriter Curt Siodmak failed to tie in the dead twin brother with werewolf boy. Real story lapse there, Curt. And speaking of siblings, if Curt's older brother Robert had directed this film he would not have allowed such lazy writing. Alas, the more pedestrian George Waggner didn't care. This film is also a glaring showcase for Lon Chaney Jr.s limitations as an actor. He's supposed to be playing a tormented Englishman but is really just a big lug with an Oklahoma accent. The love scenes between him and Evelyn Ankers have the sexual chemistry of Ma and Pa Kettle. Raines is good as always, although not given much to do until the end. About the only member of the cast who stands out in any way is Maria Ouspenskaya as a mournful gypsy. Her elegy in the church for Bela Lugosi (also wasted) is the best scene in the film. Let's be generous and give it a C plus, if only for the wonderfully weird English cum German atmosphere and, as a previous reviewer noted, those glycerine trees.

  • The Wolfman

    • Christian Davidson
    • 10/14/16

    A fantastic film, and one of the greatest and most classic Universal monsters ever created. Definitely a must-see for everyone, but especially for fans of the monster/horror genre.

  • Glycerine Trees & Full Moons(1941)

    • nshepard
    • 10/31/12

    Glycerine Trees & Full Moons do not make for a romantic evening, but Lawrence Talbot(Lon Chaney,jr.) along with Gwen Conliffe(Evelyn Ankers) dodge Werewolves, Weird Gypsies and a gun toting mob in trying to sort out the mystery of "The Wolf Man." Chaney comes home, but out on a date is attacked by a "werewolf", and once bitten suffers the "curse when the Moon turns full. Great Stuff! Daddy Talbot(Claude Rains ) only deals with known reality and won't allow for superstitious nonsense. The gypsy Maleva(Maria Ouspenskya) a famous Russian Comedienne Actress is terrific as the conduit between Larry and his affliction.Bela the gypsy(Bela Lugosi) is the original werewolf in this film and meets his demise early. Director George WaGGner does a great job and keeps the suspense going. Also notable starsRalph Bellamy, Patric Knowles, and Warren Williams , who does not play a sleaze bag in this film. 5 stars out of 5 , love those glycerine trees...


    • 10/31/12


  • Love This Film

    • Claude
    • 10/9/12

    Best movie Lon Jr. did. Claude Rains is awesome, far excels remake.

  • Great Film

    • Wolfie
    • 8/17/12

    Very sensitive,moving film.Strange to have American Lon playing Englishman's son,but I suppose he could have lost most of his accent in 18 years.Claude is the biggest standout for me,but all actors are magnificent.

  • The Wolf Man

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 8/5/12

    Another great addition to Universal's collection of monsters. Chaney,Jr. is iconic as the title character & Ouspenskaya is unforgettable, however other performers like Bellamy & William are too brief to appreciate. Creepy atmosphere & Jack Pierce's makeup create a great horror film; along with hidden emphasis of repressed sexuality as the motivating factor behind Chaney, Jr.'s crimes. An excellent film that created one of the later, successful monsters. I give it a 4/5.

  • No comparison?

    • Graham Thomas
    • 8/5/12

    What, no comparisons to American Werewolf in London? Watch out, there's a bad moon rising!


    • Michael Steven
    • 8/1/12

    I would have to rate this film,as Lon Chaney,Jr's 2nd great role after Lewis Milestone's production of "OF MICE & MEN".Lon Chaney,NEVER wanted his son in the film business,EVER!He knew how the game was played,& he also knew that unless one was a MAJOR star,the work wasn't as frequent.The Wolfman,was released around the time Pearl Harbor was attacked,Dec.1941.Universal had another hit on it's hands.Make-up wizard Jack Pierce,had his hands full on this assignment.1.Jack & Lon,didn't get along well2.Jack pulled off another make-up wonder,with all that yak hair,& the time it took to apply it.Roughly about 4 hours.Claude Rains once again,gives another great performance.It's said that when Claude got the script & his agent told him what the story was about,he rolled his eyes up & lightly shook his head.At the end of the film,where Claude Rains strikes The Wolfman,he actually struck Lon,FULL FORCE with that cane.Needless to say,Lon was bruised up a bit,when the camera's stopped shooting.Bela Lugosi,Evelyn Ankers,Ralph Bellamy,Patrick Knowles,Maria Ouspenskaya......GREAT PERFORMANCES by everybody.I recently saw someone at one of our hotels here in Las Vegas,who actually had a silver wolf's head cane,from this film.IT LOOKED COOL!!! Another classic for Universal's Reign of Horror.

  • Internal logic of the film

    • Joyce Haywood
    • 11/1/11

    Good movie. Why didn't Bela Legosi's mother just kill Lon Chaney Jr. and end the curse of the warewolf since her son had suffered so much?

  • wolfman

    • freeman pascal
    • 10/10/11

    Have seen this movie 20 times at least and will watch it again tonight. Loved all the old classics.

  • I thought it woud be more intense.

    • Chris
    • 5/19/11

    Very short movie so the suspense is lacking. Good performances though. Loved Maria Ouspenskaya.

  • wolfman

    • beverly
    • 5/13/11

    thats a good movie too

  • A Modern Day Fairy Tale

    • Dan Grissom
    • 12/13/10

    Universal's 1941 version of 'The Wolf Man' is a modern day fairy tale. The location is supposed to be Wales, but the time period is very ambiguous. The sets are like a Disney Movie come to life, and the story has got to be one of the best screen plays ever written. So much of Curt Siodmak's story is now considered legend it's almost unbelievable that the story was created by Siodmak and is not based on legend. Lon Chaney Jr. turns in the best acting of his career and the supporting cast is top-notch. When you have Bela Lugosi in such a bit part, but a key part, you really are fortunate. Ralph Bellamy, Warren William, Patrick Knowles, Maria Ouspenskaya and of course the great Claude could this not be a great picture?

  • The Wolf Man - Lon Chaney

    • angela sanders
    • 10/16/10

    This is a true horror movie classic. The first time I saw this movie I know I was in my early teens. I loved it then, but I did not realize the classic feel that it possessed at that time. I saw it on a saturday matinee show called "Sir Graves Ghastly". Lon Chaney was so handsome and a sharp dresser in this true classic. I hope it can be scheduled to be seen on the TCM for a Halloween special. If not I guess I will be forced to purchase it and add it to my movie collection.Thank-You

  • The Wolf Man

    • Trevor Holtzworth
    • 10/10/10

    The Wolf Man.5 Stars All The Way. A very nice Erie Creepy film.What a Fabulous Cast.Great job by Lon jr.playing the pathetic Larry Talbot.Probably the best acting that he ever did.All the actors are just perfectly cast in their rolesWith the Wolf Man lurking in that Dark Foggy Forest it`s just plain scary.The striking musical scorecompliments the Wolf Man,especially when he goes on attack.This film has a Film Noir quality about itbecause there are very few happy scenes in it.Especially the Very Sad Ending of Father killing son.Most of All,The Make-Up Masterpiece of Jack Pierceputs this Universal Monster Movie on top.Then the

  • The Wolf Man (1941)

    • James Higgins
    • 4/1/10

    This is such an excellent classic horror film, Lon Chaney Jr. does a terrific job in the title role. Claude Rains, as always is outstanding. The special effects are quite remarkable. Exciting, well paced, eerie atmosphere and fine production values. Great cinematography, interesting art direction. Maria Ouspenskaya is memorable as the elderly gypsy woman.

  • My Favorite Monster Movie

    • Rickula
    • 3/23/09

    Lon Chaney Jr. really makes you feel bad for Larry Talbot... you want him to live.

  • I love this movie too.

    • Rosie
    • 10/9/08

    Although this version dated, I think it is still the best--one of those great Univeral monster movies. Yes, special effects in the new millenium are awesome, but there is still something terrifying about this story--the black and white footage, the forest and the fog, the morph from man to wolf and back. The actors are wonderful: Bela Lugosi, Maria Ouspenskaya, Claude Rains and Lon Chaney Jr.

  • Amazing!!!!!!!!!

    • Spencer Dunnings
    • 7/24/08

    The Wolf Man is my favorite horror movie of all time. I'm still in shock when he attack the grave digger.

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