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The Wolf Man

The Wolf Man(1941)

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Lawrence Talbot returns to his family estate in the English countryside after an eighteen-year absence in America and is greeted by his father, Sir John Talbot. While Larry offers his regrets over the recent death of his older brother John in a hunting accident, his father apologizes for neglecting Larry for years, and the two resolve to start their relationship anew. Soon thereafter, Larry puts together his father's new telescope and spies upon the beautiful Gwen Conliffe. He then goes into town and meets Gwen at her father's store. There, Larry buys a cane decorated with a wolf's head and a pentagram, which Gwen explains is the sign of the werewolf. Later, she agrees to go with Larry to visit a nearby gypsy camp, but only with her friend, Jenny Williams, as chaperon. While reading her fortune, Bela the gypsy sees the sign of the werewolf on Jenny's palm. Jenny is soon attacked by a wolf, and despite Larry's efforts to rescue her, she is killed, along with the animal. Back at Talbot Castle, Larry is questioned by his old friend, Colonel Paul Montford, the local constable, who tells him that Bela has also been murdered and that Larry's cane was found nearby. In order to prove his innocence, Larry attempts to show Montford where he was bitten by the wolf, only to discover that his wound has disappeared. Later, Larry returns to the gypsy camp, accompanied by Gwen and her fiancé, Frank Andrews, the game keeper for the Talbot estate. There, Larry meets Maleva, Bela's mother, who tells him that her son was a werewolf, and that, having been bitten by him, he too is now a werewolf. Back at Talbot Castle, Larry watches in horror as he slowly transforms into a werewolf. That night, he attacks and kills Richardson, a grave digger. Montford and Dr. Lloyd arrive at the murder scene and find wolf tracks near the murdered body. That morning, Larry wakes to find wolf tracks leading to his bed. He asks his father about the legend of the werewolf, who tells him it is about the good and evil in a man's soul. Later, Montford and Frank set traps for the wolf and the transformed Larry steps into one. After watching him transform back into a man, Maleva releases the confused Larry. Back in town, Larry awakens Gwen and tells her that he is leaving. She offers to go with him, but after seeing the mark of the werewolf on her hand, he refuses. Larry then tries to tell all to his father, but Sir John simply thinks that his son is insane. As a precaution, however, Sir John agrees to tie Larry to a chair and lock him in his room. As his father leaves, Larry asks Sir John to take the silver cane with him. As the hunters take their places in the foggy countryside, Sir John sees Maleva, who tells him he is safe while possessing the cane. Gwen then arrives in search of Larry, and goes into the woods despite Maleva's warnings. As the werewolf attacks her, Sir John arrives and strikes it with the cane. Sir John kills the animal, then watches with Maleva as it transforms back into Larry. As the others arrive, Montford surmises that the wolf attacked Gwen, and Larry must have been killed saving her. Knowing the truth, however, Gwen collapses into Frank's arms.