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Wild West

Wild West(1946)

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When Butler, the head of the Western Telegraph Company, is introduced to his new assistants, Eddie Dean, Stormy Day and Soapy Jones, he does not believe that the three cowboys will be much help in meeting his construction deadline. Butler's worries are heightened when local Indians, led by Chief Black Fox, go on the warpath after Drake Dawson's men illegally kill buffalo for their hides. Because Dawson believes that better communication will interfere with his profitable schemes, he adds to the tumult by convincing the Indians that the telegraph wires will bring evil spirits to the country. When Butler is informed that he will lose his contract if he does not reach Prescott by a certain time, Stormy suggests that they contact Carrie Bannister, who has great influence with Chief Black Fox. Carrie, a widow who lives with her three children, Skinny, Florabelle and Mollie, is respected by the Indians because her late husband Jim, a U.S. Ranger, negotiated a treaty between the Indians and the U.S. government. Black Fox tells Eddie that his people are angered by the slaughter of the buffalo, and Eddie agrees to stop it. Then, seeing her daughters' interest in Eddie and Stormy, Carrie suggests that the men use her ranch as headquarters for their operations. Eddie tells Butler that he, Stormy and Soapy served under Bannister in the Rangers. Ever since his murder, the three have searched for his killer. One day, while Eddie is in Prescott, some of Dawson's men try to destroy the telegraph company's headquarters. Stormy, Soapy and Butler overcome their attackers and bring them into town. Before the trial, Eddie sends Soapy to gather information about wanted criminals to use against the jailed men. Skinny begs to accompany Soapy, and against his better judgment, Eddie agrees. Meanwhile, with the help of the Indians, the men work all night to run the telegraph cable. Black Fox suggests that they hide the cable in the trees, and so they are able to reach Prescott without Dawson's knowledge. Returning from their mission, Soapy and Skinny are ambushed by Dawson's men, and Skinny is badly wounded. Near Skinny, Soapy finds an abandoned gun that was one of a pair belonging to Bannister and is convinced that one of Dawson's gang killed the ranger. Later, Eddie, Stormy and Soapy go into Prescott for the trial of the men who attacked their headquarters and learn that crooked Judge Templeton ordered their release. Eddie then asks Butler to telegraph for the Rangers, but Dawson's men hear the telegraph keys clicking and pull out the wires. Back at the Bannisters', however, a recovering Skinny hears Butler's message and relays it to the Rangers. When Eddie learns that Dawson is carrying Bannister's other gun, he arrests the outlaw and a gunfight ensues. The Rangers arrive in time to overcome Dawson's men. Skinny is made an honorary Ranger, and Eddie and Stormy vow to return soon to see Mollie and Florabelle.