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White Christmas

White Christmas(1954)

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  • Let's Put on a Show in the Snow!

    • Tawny
    • 11/16/16

    A successful performance duo (Crosby and Kaye) discover a successful sister duo (Rosemary and Vera). The plot doesn't matter because there isn't one. They all decide to save an old Army general's Vermont place by turning it into a dinner/dance theater starring--who else?--them. Sing along with holiday melodies, while Bing tries to convince Rosemary his love is genuine. It'll be a minute before you realize one of the song/dance segments is a minstrel show thrown in there with tambourine-slapping White dancers acting Black. Not sure what that had to do with anything, but whatever. Vera Ellen is really the star. She floats on air in all of her dance segments, with a waist the size of a wristwatch band. By the time Bing sings White Christmas, you know you've watched it for the upteenth time and for the upteenth time, they will all live happily ever after. Snow! Snow! Snow!

  • Fantastic

    • LouAnn
    • 12/23/15

    It's a family tradition! I watched it my parents when I was a child. Pasted it on to my kids. Every year, the day after Thanksgiving we have to watch it. I'll never get tired of watching this movie!

  • Great Movie

    • Duane
    • 11/28/15

    so the plot is kinda thin........great songs, dance numbers, scenery, etc. as the 1st movie, in" Vistavision", the color is great too. last year, was the 60 th anniversary, an it has the number one song of all time in it! i was very surprised, T C M, didn't fit it into its schedule, last year, for all those not this year too!

  • A Guilty Pleasure

    • Laguna Hiker
    • 12/19/12

    Sure, it's as corny as any film made in the fifties. The plot is so thin it should have "No Skating" signs. But who cares? It's Christmas, and this old chestnut will warm you by an open fire. Great music, and great stars. A slice of life, Hollywood-style, from the early '50s.

  • White Christmas

    • Leslie
    • 11/24/12

    This is my all time favorite Christmas movie.The Irving Berlin music is great.The plot is sweet and isn't it what Christmas is supposed to be about?

  • fun

    • Adam
    • 7/1/12

    Not on par with Holiday Inn but still fun and a classic holiday movie.

  • After all these years

    • dirck
    • 11/24/11

    I just finished looking at WHITE CHRISTMAS again after Thanksgiving dinner.I've been doing this for more years than I can count.It never fails to lift my spirits and put me in a holiday mood.The amazing thing is that with technology it keeps getting better. Paramount filmed the movie in a brand new format, vista vision, which used two frames of film for every projected frame. Because it was shot in technicolor, which is a combination of three black and white frames, the color has remained true and vivid all these years.Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye and Rosemary Clooney reveal what all the excitement was about when they were performing. And Vera Ellen, with her legs going all the way up (or down) is a wonder.I expect future generations will still be watching this movie at holiday season, and it will remind them of what the magic of movies meant.

  • Christmas Comfort Food!

    • Jack T.
    • 7/6/11

    There's no way anyone can review this movie as though it's CASABLANCA or CITIZEN KANE or SINGIN' IN THE RAIN. This is WHITE CHRISTMAS. It's in its own catagory. You either love it or leave it. Simple as that. I love it...I remember seeing it as a kid in NY and it's always held a lot of meaning for me. It's like licking a candy cane at Christmas or hanging the star on the can you criticize anyone who enjoys doing that? It's a harmless act and that's what this Technicolor/VistaVision treat is: a harmless diversion for a couple of hours in December (or actually any time of the year when you might want to feel just a little better). Sure it's primarily a bunch of Irving Berlin musical numbers strung together on a trivial plot but what a bunch of numbers they are: SISTERS, WHITE CHRISTMAS, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS, SNOW, etc. And, really, how can you resist Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye romping thought this trifle like they're having the time of their lives? Throw in iconic 50s singer Rosie Clooney and dancing dynamo Vera-Ellen and you've got a frothy holiday concoction that won't leave you with a hangover. To me and my wife, WHITE CHRISTMAS is a tradition we savor every Christmas. Doesn't matter how many times we've seen's WHITE CHRISTMAS! It's our version of cinematic comfort food.PS: Any movie where Mary Wickes plays a nosy, lovable housekeeper is always worth watching more than once!

  • ..and may all your Christmases be white.

    • mike
    • 12/22/10

    Longtime yuletide favorite. Big hit when first released, later became a staple of NBC-TV's holiday programming. Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye star as two nightclub entertainers who hit it big after their army service during WWII. They later meet an up-and-coming sister act (Rosemary Clooney, Vera-Ellen)who travel to a country inn adjacient to a Vermont ski area that happens to be owned by Bing and Danny's former Army CO. But there is no snow and the inn is in financial trouble. So Bing and Danny devise a way to help out the General without hurting his dignity. Recommended veiwing during the holidays.

  • White Christmas

    • Tessa
    • 12/17/10

    This movie is special to me in more ways than one. It's a wonderful tradition that I have with my family. More importantly it reminds me of my Papa. He was one of many brave men who served in WWII. He is gone now, but he told us one time that when he was overseas during Christmas he loved hearing Bing Crosby sing White Christmas because it reminded him of home. Wow...makes me want to cry. Classic Movies, Classic Music and a Classy Generation.

  • White Christmas

    • Gail
    • 12/13/10

    This is one of my best movies during this holiday season.

  • My Review of White Xmas

    • Jewell Ruhe
    • 11/30/10

    This movie is a xmas classic. my little sister fell in love w/ the song "Sisters" and we constantly sing it 4 our family. I love this movie just as much as my grandpa did.

  • Favorite Christmas movie

    • Debbie
    • 11/30/10

    This is my all time favorite Christmas movie, it is one of those feel good uplifitng movies that I wish would never end. It would have been fun to see a sequel done to see what Betty and Bob and Phil and Judy were doing say five years later. I know this sounds corny but movies like this are not made anymore. I don't consider Christmas properly celebrated unless I have watched this movie at least twice. Merry Christmas everyone......

  • Make this a Yearly Event

    • Nettie
    • 11/19/10

    Movies like "White Christmas, Holiday Inn and Miracle on 34th Street", are masterpieces. Please keep showing these movies so that generations to come can sit with their family and watch a movie together for the shear joy of being with young people without fear of embarassment. I continue to love these special movies and so do my kids and grandkids!

  • One of the Best Movies Ever Made

    • Lynda
    • 12/25/09

    This movie is one of the best for songs and dancing. Vera Ellen's and Danny Kaye's dancing is second to none. Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney's singing is fantastic. They don't make great movies like this one any more with classical musical scores. This is truly a classic.

  • Favorite Musical of All Time

    • Janet
    • 11/3/09

    I absolutely love this movie. The actors are all some of my all time favorites. The music is phenomenal and I never grow weary of watching this, be it Christmas time or any other time of year. I have sang "Count Your Blessings" while rocking all of my babies to sleep and when one of them got old enough to watch this movie they were awed by the fact that the song I long sang to them came from this movie.

  • My Favorite Musical

    • TrippyTrellis
    • 11/1/09

    This delightful movie is as irresistible as a bonbon. It stars four of the brightest and most charming musical comedy stars at their peak, in some of the best production numbers of all time. "The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing" and "Mandy", my favorite numbers, are simply spectacular, both showcasing the single best element in "White Christmas"- the phenomenal dancing of Vera-Ellen, the best dancer of all time. Not far behind is lovely Rosemary Clooney, with that voice of golden honey, looking oh-so-fetching in her standout number, "Love, You Didn't Do Right By Me". I don't consider "White Christmas" a seasonal movie- it's the perfect pick-me-up movie for any day of the year.

  • Master Pieces of Showmanship"

    • Sissy
    • 10/26/09

    What a musical for families at any time of the year. Movies like "White Christmas, Holiday Inn", they are master pieces. Entertaining, musical, and it's just nice to know we can still watch motion pictures like this in our homes.I like knowing that the entertainers that have gone on, I can still enjoy the talent they left behind for me to enjoy for years. I would recommend this film to anyone.

  • Yeah I mean It's Ok

    • Lizzy
    • 6/12/09

    I liked it before I figured out Donald O'Connor was supposed to play Phil Davis,but that dumb donkey gave him Q-fever.So now it's got me bummed.

  • White Christmas (1954)

    • Jay
    • 12/23/08

    The the best of musicals, but it is easy to like and it is indeed entertaining. Most of the songs are good, enjoyable performances. The art direction is below average, the costumes are good though. No where near as good as it's predecessor Holiday Inn.

  • White Christmas---splendid movie

    • debbie
    • 12/10/08

    White Christmas is the definitive Christmas movie for fans of good, decent movies. It is heartwarming and leaves you with a good feeling when it is over. It is a movie you can watch with children and not be embarassed. I don't consider Christmas adaquately celebrated unitl I have seen this movie at least twice. Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

  • #1 Holiday Classic

    • Shannon
    • 12/19/07

    This film was one of the very first live action films with music that I remember watching as a child. Not only did it introduce me to fabulous music and classic films in general but it also opened my eyes to how fun and romantic christmas can be. With it's beautiful sets, vibrant costumes, and brilliant actors, this is definately one film that will never go out of style for me. This movie will always be apart of my Christmas tradition.

  • Favorite Christmas Movie Ever

    • Kristi
    • 12/3/07

    I absolutely love this movie! It would not be the holidays without it. I also love Holiday Inn. They are 2 of the best Christmas movies for people who enjoy classics. I can't believe that they aren't scheduled this year! Luckily I purchased a dvd of both!

  • Okay but no Holiday Inn

    • ojc
    • 11/29/07

    This film has some nice performances and certainly qualifies as solid family fare. The singing and dancing are uniformly good but the plot. For the mid-1950's this story line is weak, dated, and unimaginative. Remember this movie is a contemporary of such innovative musicals as the Band Wagon and Singing In the Rain.Even two Oscar winners, Dean Jagger and Bingo himself cannot save the story. But on the whole it is a nice old Christmas chestnut and I still watch it with fondness and fun.

  • Great Musical!

    • Kathryn
    • 11/27/07

    I love this movie, and it is my all time favorite Christmas movie, along with Holiday Inn I can't believe either of these movies are not scheduled how can it be a wonderful holiday without either of these movies?

  • Annual Christmas Favorite

    • Marty
    • 11/27/07

    As with most of us, White Christmas is part of our annual holiday viewing. It,s one of the reasons that Bing Crosby is as part of the season as Santa. A great joy to watch every year.

  • A Christmas classic!

    • Elizabeth
    • 8/12/07

    I love Irving Berlin's song "White Christmas", as well as this movie. The songs are very catchy and the dancing's not bad too! I only wish that the producers used Rosemary Clooney's real singing voice instead of the dubbing. Other than that, this is a true christmas classic!

  • Wonderful movie

    • Stephen
    • 12/16/06

    White Christmas is truly a classic movie. But, there would have no White Christmas, without the movie Holiday Inn (1942). Both movies are classics in every sense of the word, but Holiday Inn was filmed in the middle of World War II, and had a undertone of the hard and desperate days of the war, while White Christmas was made in the '50's, it was set in 1942,but had a lighter, happier feel to it. If you love White Christmas you must see the original, Holiday Inn, if for no other reason but to see Fred Astaire dance.

  • White Christmas

    • Donna
    • 12/1/06

    What a great movie. I watch it every year. The music and singing is just the best. I'll never et tired of watching it.

  • Wonderful Holiday Movie!!

    • David Morse
    • 11/15/06

    I have enjoyed this movies for years, ever since it started playing on Network television in the late 60's and early 70's...when the VHS became available I bought that, and also have the Special Edition DVD with the Rosemary Clooney commentary and other special features...I know this is not a highly rated film in any of the Movie Guides, but for pure entertainment you can't beat is a real feel good movie and the songs never get old, and are so well done...It is such a nostalgic movie and for me it harks back to when I was young (which was around the time the movie was made) and our Christmas's together as a family....Wonderful entertainment..

  • It's not the holidays without "White Christmas."

    • Ann Brown
    • 8/23/06

    Bing Crosby delightfully croons his way through Irving Berlin's catalogue of standards in this fun holiday film. Danny Kaye is charming as Bing's pushy army buddy turned show biz partner, and Vera Ellen and Rosemary Clooney shine as the two sisters romantically entangled with them. The plot may be a little implausible, but by the time Bing sings the title song at the finale, you'll be ready to open your presents and head off to church.

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