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Wells Fargo Gunmaster

Wells Fargo Gunmaster(1951)

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En route to his assignment to investigate a series of robberies around Fairview, Arizona, Wells Fargo special agent Allan "Rocky" Lane encounters gunmen chasing a stagecoach. Rocky kills one of the outlaws, causing the others to flee, and introduces himself to the driver, Skeeter Davis. After Rocky notes that the man he shot was carrying a card with the code "4 12 9 15 Oasis 4:30 pm" written on it, Skeeter recognizes "Oasis" as the name of a saloon in Cedarville. Deciding to go undercover, Rocky pretends to hold up Skeeter's stagecoach, after which Skeeter reports to the Cedarville townspeople that $20,000 in bonds was stolen. Meanwhile, Rocky shows up at the Oasis at 4:30 and tries his luck at the roulette wheel, using the numbers printed on the card. This gets the attention of gambler Charlie Lannon, who introduces him to the manager of the Oasis, Ed Hines. After Rocky tells them he has $20,000 in bonds, Ed offers to take Rocky to "the boss" if Rocky will meet him out front shortly. Outside, when Rocky slips Skeeter the bonds for safekeeping, Skeeter is surprised to hear of Ed's involvement, having known the family for years. Back inside, Ed makes plans with his henchmen to take Rocky to a mine where Lannon will be waiting to steal the bonds and kill him. On the way, Ed's young brother Tommy rides up unexpectedly, and his horse throws him and drags him by the foot for several yards. After Rocky gets control of the horse, he and Ed take Tommy home, where the doctor checks him out and finds mostly bruises. However, Rocky learns that Tommy has been living with an injured leg that needs expensive treatment by a specialist. Skeeter sneaks into the house to talk to Rocky, but hides when Carol, Tommy and Ed's sister, enters the room. When the bumbling Skeeter slips out, he rips his pocket and loses the bonds. After the doctor leaves, Ed calls off the deal and Rocky leaves. Ed goes to the saloon and tells his boss, mine owner John Thornton, that he does not want Rocky killed, as he saved Tommy's life. Thornton kills Ed, and when Rocky learns of Ed's death, he decides to contact the outlaws again. Skeeter, however, realizes the bonds are missing and probably at the Hineses' house. The next morning Rocky and Skeeter attempt surreptitiously to retrieve the bonds, but when Carol and Tommy catch Skeeter in the house, Rocky decides to take the Hineses into his confidence, and even gives Tommy the job of guarding the bonds. Rocky takes only one bond when he returns to the saloon to set up a new meeting with Lannon. Realizing Lannon's comrades set a trap outside the saloon door, Rocky delays leaving. Thornton and others enter through the back, and during a fight, Lannon panics and runs out the front door, where he is shot by mistake. The outlaws escape, and Rocky is caught following them. Aware that he has only one bond, the outlaws allow Rocky to lead one of them, Brick Manson, to the Hines house for the rest. Finding the place empty, Rocky overtakes Manson and ties him up in the closet. Back in town, Thornton tells the townspeople that Rocky is the Wells Fargo thief and the murderer of Ed and Lannon. Tommy, intending to clear Rocky's name, tells Thornton about Rocky's true identity and that the bonds are safely hidden at home. Thornton takes Tommy to get the bonds, leaving behind Carol, who is still unaware of Thornton's duplicity. When Rocky and Skeeter arrive, she tells them what happened and they rush off in pursuit. By the time Thornton and Tommy get to the house, Manson has regained consciousness. They take Tommy and the bonds to the mine. Rocky and Skeeter track them there and are able to shoot most of the men, but Thornton escapes with Tommy in a wagon full of stolen goods. Rocky catches up, and during the ensuing struggle Thornton falls off the wagon to his death. With the outlaws dead and the case closed, Rocky prepares to return to the main office. He and Skeeter decide to leave Ed out of the report, and for his help in stopping the robberies, Rocky gives Tommy part of the reward money so that he can get his leg fixed.