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Chorus girl Daisy Lehay impulsively marries bank clerk David Brownbeck Frost, whom she has only known for a week, but with whom she is in love. They return to his Pennsylvania hometown of Cloughbarre, where she finds that his is the founding family and among the town's wealthiest residents. David's mother vehemently opposes his marriage, as does his uncle Judson, who is David's employer. After she is befriended by the black sheep of the family, Robert "Bob" Daniels, Mrs. Frost and Judson attempt to bribe Daisy to leave David, but David intervenes and, appalled by his mother's interference, leaves the family. Two years later, David and Daisy are raising Daisy's namesake in a poverty-stricken cottage while David works at a cement factory. One day, Daisy decides to seek employment and leaves her daughter in the care of neighbor girl, Ella. She is unsuccessful in finding work, however, and runs into Bob, who buys her lunch while they discuss her prospects of teaching singing lessons. Mrs. Frost sees Daisy with Bob and suspecting the worst, goes to the cottage where she finds the baby violently ill, because Ella fed her sour clam juice. Mrs. Frost takes the baby home and tells David of his wife's indiscretion. David then insists he and Daisy live with his mother. Suspicion against Daisy mounts when she accepts a ride with Bob after turning her ankle, and David and Mrs. Frost see them together. At a party, David dances with his former sweetheart, Mary Morton, and Daisy believes he no longer loves her. She and Bob get drunk, and when he suggests they run off together, she goes along with him. When David hears the news, he insists that Daisy must be drunk and goes in search of her. Daisy passes out and when she awakens in a motel with Bob, she is horrified by her drunken decision. She insists Bob drive her home, and they are on the road as David arrives at the motel and discovers they have left. Mrs. Frost throws Daisy out of the house and never tells David she returned. Five months later, Daisy, who is supporting herself by teaching singing lessons, goes to the Frosts to take her child. In the midst of a confrontation with Mrs. Frost, David learns of his mother's cruelty and deceitfulness, and reunites with his wife for good.