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The V.I.P.s

The V.I.P.s(1963)

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  • Entertaining!

    • marylee
    • 10/3/17

    I saw this is a young teenager, and didn't find it compelling at the time. But on re-visiting it, it was great fun to watch. I liked Orson Welles quip about his last movie, calling it "A Room Without a View." Haha! And Margaret Rutherford and Maggie Smith were sublime. I even thought Liz and Dick were good, and so attractive, if a little wooden. But weren't they playing characters for whom that would be characteristic?The sets and costumes were great, and of course, the film reminded us of how good airplane travel used to be. Now it's quite horrid, especially on the overseas flights.

  • Ah, the good old days of air travel

    • Movie Lady
    • 3/10/17

    The thing I love about this movie is not the plot or the actors (with the exception of Dame Margaret of course) or the dialogue. It's the depiction of how air travel and airlines used to be. It makes me long for the days when air travel was an event; when passengers dressed for the occasion as opposed to looking like they just rolled out of bed and/or are already on the beach; when airlines treated their paying passengers (even in coach) like human beings with respect and courtesy as opposed to just so much cattle. But alas, those days are gone never to return. So I guess even though the movie as a film is nothing but a boring soap opera, we should treasure it as an historical documentary of a gentler, kinder time, at least where flying is concerned.

  • The Berenstain V.I.P.S

    • Larry Welk
    • 3/10/17

    The look of this movie was like a Cohn Bros. perfected replication of 1963 period dress, props, & furnishings except that it was all actual! The characters were cariciturized to the preteen level of depth, making the movie unwatchable! It was logical that the problem each character faced was solved by each person's relational concern for another- as in a nonreligious but moral child's story!

  • The V.I.P.s on Criterion Collection DVD

    • Jeffrey Kenison
    • 1/12/17

    I should think this melodrama deserves to be on Criterion Collection DVD. It has an all-star cast: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Maggie Smith, Rod Taylor, Louis Jourdan, Orson Welles, and Dame Margaret Rutherford (whom won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress).

  • Elizabeth Taylor, Yuck!

    • Joella Lyndon
    • 5/5/14

    "We've been married for 13 years. He always says 11, lest the . . . ." (unintelligible slurring) " . . . there to remind him. And for most of those 13 years I've loved him. But I don't know him. That smokescreen of charm can be very dense", says Elizabeth Taylor to her lover, Louis Jourdan, at the beginning of V.I.P.'s. Evidently the 'accidental' cut to her arm before the movie's conclusion jogged her memory of her workaholic tycoon husband, Richard Burton: "You don't know Paul as well as I do." Yes the contradictory dialogue is not exactly Liz Taylor's responsibility, but perhaps she could have resuscitated herself from a comatose, Thorazine-like performance long enough to observe the inconsistent dialogue. Tsk,tsk Miss Taylor, not very professional. I don't think I saw her move her arms for the entire performance. The scene where she is lying in bed, after the bloody (proving she was not the suspected undead) wrist incident, is a perfect example of her corpse-like performance. She's just lying there, lifeless, as if awaiting a diamond studded Tiffany toe tag. Louis Jourdan gave her torpid performance the 'ol college try however. Quite a professional. I have such respect for the lovely Mr. Jourdan, carrying on as if playing her Therapist. Asking, prodding, wondering about her lifeless state of consciousness . . . for good reason. If I were looking into Louis Jourdan's eyes I would at least have blinked!Orson Welles is delightful, Rod Taylor so very strong, honest and convincing, and of course Maggie Smith is always brilliant and reaches a perfection Richard Burton should have envied. Margaret Rutherford was enchanting! I was mesmerized with her ability to steal the film. My fantasy climax to V.I.P.'s would include Margaret Rutherford and Louis Jordan exiting the airport together in mutual admiration of their ability to persevere through an unwarranted and humiliating media frenzy over 2 of the most overrated actors in film history, Liz & Dick.

  • Star-studded...and how!

    • RedRain
    • 2/12/14

    Few films have the cast of high-powered stars that this one has and it is the reason it was a box office bonanza in its day. I have been snowed in, rained in, fogged in and iced in at airports around the world and I never cease wondering about the stories the passengers must have, particularly in the First Class lounges. I have stories of my own that even enlisted the help of the airport manager at Heathrow! The Burton-Taylor pairing was taken from the real life story of Vivian Leigh trying to flee from her husband, Laurence Olivier, and into the arms of her lover, Peter Finch. (Would love to have been a fly on the wall for that one!) The great Maggie Smith is beautifully cast as the secretary in love with her oblivious boss, Rod Taylor. The tour de force performance by the grande dame, Margaret Rutherford, adds a comedic turn but it's her story you want to see play out and it does so in a tear-inducing ending. Rutherford is just genius here and you love her even more for it! The "Countess" reigns supreme!

  • The V.I.P.s

    • Goetan
    • 8/22/13

    A British-based drama with multiple storylines. Burton, Jourdan and Taylor are people caught in an affair, Smith was nominated for a Golden Globe as a loyal secretary and Rutherford won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar as a Duchess who could lose her home. The story shows the emotionally-charged, but too-occasionally, melodramatic lives of people who are just interesting-enough for viewers attention. A good ensemble piece overall. I give it a 3/5.

  • A really great movie

    • Yolande Agble
    • 9/4/12

    My husband and I rate this as one of our very favourite movies. The action takes place almost entirely at an airport, involving a variety of characters and emotions very well portrayed-romance, pathos, drama, excitement and best of all NO VIOLENCE or tawdry sex scenes. A great movie for family members to sit and enjoy.

  • So much better than I expected!

    • Richard Burton Fan
    • 5/23/12

    While I started watching this movie because I was too lazy to change the channel from the previous movie, I quickly became engrossed in it. I truly did not expect each of the individual stories to be so compelling, but they truly were.First of all, as my posting name suggests I am a Richard Burton fan. He was swoon-worthy playing an irresistibly handsome and velvet-voiced but personally tortured rich man whose inability to express his very deep love and need for his spoiled, beautiful wife (Elizabeth Taylor of course) has led to her imminent departure from their marriage in London to an affair in the Caribbean with an ALMOST equally irresistible playboy who also truly seems to love her. I enjoyed what was to me the very real suspense of her making her choice, and even more what I felt was the satisfying (if not all that realistic, LOL) conclusion.The story featuring Rod Taylor and Maggie Smith also held my attention from beginning to end. I more or less worship Maggie Smith and it was a treat to see her in this movie, in a more subdued role than I'm used to seeing her in. I ordinarily am not a fan of Rod Taylor, but I enjoyed him as well. Another satisfying conclusion to a story fraught with anxiety and hidden emotions.I knew Orson Welles was in this movie but he was so well-disguised I didn't recognize him at first. I'm a huge fan of him as well, and he was very entertaining in this, as was his leading lady -- the end of their story, where she says "Marty Stewart" (I won't say why if you haven't seen it) is priceless.And Margaret Rutherford -- sheer and utter perfection. That's all I can say about her and her story, which I think was the most emotionally resonant of all. Its sweet conclusion really teared me up.I also enjoyed the early '60's airport setting and fashions and the British accents! Just a great movie all around. Highly recommended.

  • Plane of Fools

    • Michele
    • 5/23/12

    Actually, Ship of Fools wasn't a bad movie, but not even the considerable talents of this film's stars can help this ho-hum turkey achieve takeoff velocity. Mostly it just made me nostalgic for the days when you could get on a plane without taking your shoes off and being strip-searched. Watch it if you have nothing better to do.

  • Great movie

    • Devora
    • 8/9/11

    Based on Vivian Leigh @ Sir. Larry @ Peter Finch I liked it. But most I loved Maggie Smith @ Dame Margaret she stole the picture. Louis Jordan was good and smarmy. Costumes for La Liz nice.

  • A Treat That Melts In Your Mouth!

    • M. Pickford
    • 8/3/11

    More talent in one movie then all of Hollywood now AND a great film!

  • Muito bom

    • Sonia
    • 11/4/10

    O filme e todos os personagens so excelentes. O filme tem um timo elenco e eu gostei do Traillerque vi.

  • A waste of talent

    • Connie
    • 2/26/10

    This is a preposterous plot but the cast of actors is extraordinary.The film is unworthy of the caliber of the actors...but for a snowy was great!

  • the V.I.P.s

    • anne
    • 2/26/10

    don't forget a very young maggie smith

  • Everything Margaret Rutherford did was fabulous

    • Paula
    • 9/20/06

    She had perfect comedic timing. Wonderful facial expressions, and so witty and droll. One of the funniest ladies ever.

  • One reason to view

    • C Parker
    • 7/25/06

    Margaret Rutherford's performance is definately worth a watch. The rest? SO-SO.

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