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The Uninvited

The Uninvited(1944)

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  • disagree with writer of "Stella By Starlight"

    • Linda Joyce
    • 3/19/17

    I disagree with you, I believe Roderick fitzgerald wrote the actual song and was later adapted with words, etc by Victor---!?This is the best of the Ghost story Films ever written--and yes, I am thinking of the Haunting (1963). This film holds memories for me--I have a great grand niece named Stella---I challenge TCM--prove who actually wrote Stella By Starlight

  • Great ghost story!

    • Lynn
    • 10/31/16

    If you're looking for gore galore you won't appreciate this movie. It was filmed back in the 1940's when audiences were clever enough and intelligent enough to appreciate a good movie without relying on gross special effects, extreme violence, gratuitous sex scenes, or inane dialogue. It may seem simple but try not to judge it by today's tasteless standards. It's one of my go-to ghost movies. So is the early version of The Haunting (The Haunting of Hill House). You never see one single ghost but it is terrifying and wonderfully scary!

  • Film in context

    • ojc
    • 10/3/16

    I just wanted to respond to some of the viewers that this movie is not scary. First of all you have to remember that this film was made 70 years ago. It was also made during the years of the production codes. So the modern style of horrific flesh eating images, gore, and "Blair Witch" pov pulverizing were many decades away. A film maker in that era had to hint at horror as well as sex and violence. It is understandable that many contemporary viewers associate horror films primarily with gory special effects and constant suspense. Older films tended to be more about the supernatural not shock effects. Different styles, different eras and audiences. Horror films in the 20's to 40's could be unsettling and creepy, with a little mysticism tossed in (as in the films of Val Lewton); they simply had a very different style compared to many contemporary terror films.That said, this film is a stylish ghost story; it is good not great. Creepy but a little creaky with age. It may seem quaint by contemporary tastes but it actually was very innovative in its day. As for the script, it is witty and clever in parts, and has more than a few hints of lesbian attraction, infanticide, and psychological obsession. All of which were a little daring in the mid-1940's. Ruth Hussey, Ray Milland, and Gail Russell all do a good job in their roles. The dialogue is not written by Shaw or Shakespeare but it certainly is not wooden. However I agree, by our standards today it is not very challenging to our nerves. But try to enjoy the film just as an interesting ghost story.

  • the uninvited

    • kevin sellers
    • 5/2/16

    Put simply, it's just not scary. Or tense. Blame director Lewis Allen for that. I mean, there's a reason this guy never made it to the Lewton level, to say nothing of Hitchcock. If he had you can bet your haunted house that he would have brought out the disturbing, if not kinky, implications of a grown up, unmarried brother and sister living together, instead of portraying the pair as a British Nick and Nora. And he certainly wouldn't have waited thirty three minutes into the movie to provide the first glimpse of horror. Throw in some seriously dull, wide eyed ingenue stuff from Gail Russell and some, even by 1944 standards, cheesy special effects and you have a movie that's a C plus and would have been lower except for a good, overall mood of Brit unflappableness and good performances from Ruth Hussey, a most underrated actress, as well as an actress whose name I've heard bandied about for years, but never seen, named Cornelia Otis Skinner, playing the villain of the piece. P.S. I could have sworn that opening shot of what looked to be the Northern Calif. coast was recycled for "Ghost And Mrs. Muir." Am I right?


    • WILL
    • 5/1/16

    This has to be one of the Worst movies, I have ever seen. Starting with the sets, location. When the Real cliffs Are shown they are Fantastic, even in black and white. Why not in color? Who in there right mind, leaves an estate like this to decay. Grandad is the one who should have been shipped off to the asylum. The main characters are laughable, when they re not Boring. I cant remember ever seeing such Bad acting. The dialog is so corny. Real people don't talk to each other the way these cardboard cut outs do. Ray Milland , who scales the 200 foot cliffs with such ease in a Suit ? and Tie and comes out, Biltmore hat and all, looking like he just stepped out of a New York office cir. 1940s. Donald Crisp, again playing a stern, stuffed shirt, grumpy old grandpa type character. Did he ever play anything else? Every camera shot with the principal characters, with the sea and cliffs behind, was either a bad back projection or worse, a motionless painted backdrop. The brother sister relationship , yikes, creepy. Historically and realistically people did NOT wander around dark mansions or even log cabins with open flamed candles. They used candle, enclosed lamps. Ray, leaves his candle burning, casually throws his lit cigarette over his shoulder and tosses the blankets over his head. Goodnight Ray or should I say goodbye, idiot. Again, Ray for gods sakes, change your clothes once in a while P.U. It took the entire movie to finally get to the ghost / all to brief appearances. Yaaaawn. Shoddy special effects. Pretty bad stuff.

  • "The Uninvited"-5Star Rating

    • Steven Glenn Ochoa
    • 4/30/16

    Paramount Pictures 1944 film of the supernatural,"The Uninvited",was,and still is,one of the greatest ghost stories ever filmed. It had all the essentials off a classic film,a great cast that included Ray Milland,Ruth Hussey,Donald Crisp,Cornelia Otis Skinner,and introducing a young nineteen year old Gail Russell in her first starring role. There was also great direction by Lewis Allen,a great script by Dodie Smith and Frank Partos,cinematography by Charles Lang Jr.(Who received an Academy Award nomination for the film),and last, but not least,an unforgettable music score by Victor Young which introduced to cinema audiences his famous song,"Stella By Starlight". The film is also memorable for the fact that this is the movie that made Gail Russell a major star overnight. Her portrayal of Stella Meredith, with her dream-like,enchanting beauty is unforgettable. Host Robert Osborne is on record as saying Gail Russell is one of his favorite actresses. If you care to know more about Gail Russell,who was known as "The Hedy Lamarr of Santa Monica",JC Publications has just published my biography of Gail Russell,"Fallen Star". It is now available on,and Barnes and Noble Booksellers.

  • Best Ghost Movie Ever...

    • sheree
    • 11/3/14

    No matter how many times ive seen this movie i have to turn the lights on for the rest of the nite after its over..Great acting ..a bit of comedy to take the edge off..the ghost is actually scary..looks like a real ghost..i should house is in 3 books about hauntings...i give it a **** rateing..a cant miss

  • The Uninvited

    • Goetan
    • 10/24/14

    A serious treatment of the ghost story in the 40's. Milland and Hussey buy a house and befriend the granddaughter of the deceased owner. Atmospheric and elegant, the film slowly builds the tension with light humour; but the build up can be predictable and dull. Chilling and amusing. I give it a 4/5.

  • Uninvited

    • Diana
    • 10/24/14

    I'd watch this again & again surprising a good haunted none scary movie that has u keep watching without being bored! I would so buy this movie I want it!

  • The Uninvited

    • Catheryne
    • 10/24/14 no need of gore, guts or chainsaws to frighten the viewer. The dark story, one's imagination...the outstanding cast, gothic locales and haunting music are all extraordinarily capable of providing the chills and goosebumps induced by the supernatural! The film is a testament to classic storytelling; our minds see what is not present...or is it? I was somewhat startled to read that some reviewers were quick to view certain relationships as might be defined by today's audience. I saw only the extremely close relationships women of that time formed, and is present in most literature of that era; therefore, interpreted in more. Is there a hint of Mimosa?

  • Favorite ghost story of all time....

    • Joeline Webber
    • 10/18/14

    Yes, this is my absolute favorite ghost story of all time. The setting is striking... the characters are great without being overdone right down to the dog. The cast is classic! I've seen it over and over on TCM and never tire of it. Oh, I do hope I can find it on DVD.

  • Great ghost story

    • Sandra
    • 10/16/14

    This is one of those movies where your imagination is an asset. Nothing jumps out at you and nothing is trying to eat your face off. There is no blood and gore. Just great acting and well done special effects for that time period to give you chills up and down your spine and make the hair on your arms stand up. I've got the dvd and told my 25 yr old niece and her boyfriend about it and we had an old fashion movie nite. Had to buy it for them at Xmas, they loved it. Got them going on some other oldies but goodies. They didn't know what they were missing

  • This excellent ghost story IS available on DVD

    • C. Hunter
    • 8/17/14

    The Uninvited was re-released in 2013, by Criterion, in DVD format, to incude Blu-Ray. It's available via Amazon and other outlets and is well worth the price.I suggest ignoring the TCM summary of this movie (". . . [it's] not a frightening film by contemporary standards.") and diving right in. The mood is marvelous, the ghosts convincing, and the writing and acting raise genuine chills as the story progresses.The only downside to this movie is the poor choice of Gail Russell--pretty, but no actress--to play the role of Stella. Even in the book (written by Dorothy Macardle), Stella is a challenge to embrace--she faints, then stiffens her upper lip, then faints again--and Russell didn't possess the skill to make Stella an admirable protagonist.Apart from that, however, this is one of the best ghost movies ever made by Hollywood. It easily bests most of its modern cousins, whose writers and directors too-often rely on cheap tricks and overworked tropes to achieve scares.

  • Uninvited

    • tb
    • 5/5/14

    I was immediately "hooked" by this movie when I saw the first 5 minutes. It has an isolated, empty, roomy house perched on a cliff above a rocky seacoast, complete with waves crashing, sprouting, and swirling among the rocks. The opening voiceover of Ray Milland clenched it for me. This is one of those movies which should never be colorized. I am a "sucker" for settings like the Uninvited; e.g., The Haunting (Julie Harris), And Then There Were None (Barry Fitzgerald), The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (Rex Harrison). Any of them would be "ruined" if colorized.

  • "The Uninvited"

    • Steven Ochoa
    • 3/26/14

    "BRAVO" for Criterion Collection to finally release "The Uninvited" on DVD. The DVD includes a souvenir booklet as well as the original movie trailer. "The Uninvited" is one of the best,if not the best,ghost stories ever filmed. It has a great cast-Ray Milland,Ruth Hussey,Donald Crisp,Cornelia Otis Skinner,and introduced beautiful Gail Russell in her first starring role. This film made her a Hollywood star overnight. Charles Lang Jr. received an Academy Award nomination for best black and white cinematography in 1944,and the film is worth seeing if only to hear movie composer Victor Young's hauntingly,lovely song,"Stella By Starlight". 2014 marks the 70th Anniversary of the release of "The Uninvited" on February 6,1944 in Washinton,D.C. I had the great privilege of seeing "The Uninvited" on the big screen at the Nuart Theater in West Los Angeles in 1973 during a cinema retrospective covering the history of the supernatural in Hollywood film. You get a much larger appreciation of Hollywood Classic Cinema when films are shown in their original movie format. During that climactic scene at the end of the film, when the living room doors suddenly burst open,nearly everyone in the audience jumped out of their seat. It is that great of a ghost story! Sincerely,Steve,AKA theuninvited1944

  • The Uninvited on DVD

    • Mary
    • 10/26/13

    The Criterion Collection Blu-Ray Edition of The Uninvited (1944) was released on DVD 10/22/13. I just received it! It has been digitally restored and comes with a booklet that has an interview with the director Lewis Allen. I'm surprised TCM did not have this updated on their website. I purchased it from Amazon.

  • The Uninvited

    • Sue
    • 10/21/13

    Absolutely one of the best!! TCM should play this film during its Holloween marathon and offer it for sale as video or DVD.

  • The Uninvited

    • Ed Riday
    • 10/11/13

    This is one of my favorite movies. I recommend it to everyone. I like the plot and I think all the actors are very good.


    • LISA
    • 10/8/13


  • The Uninvited

    • Pat
    • 9/28/13

    Great movie. Please help to get it released on DVD. Play it more than once year on TCM if you could.

  • Finally coming to DVD in the US?

    • Susan Liu
    • 7/29/13

    This wonderful movie, long wallowing in the public domain, was released in the EU on DVD last year. I just saw an ad for preorder of a Criterion Collection DVD edition of the movie for release in October. I can only hope it is true!


    • Diane
    • 3/18/13

    Hope! To see this movie soon on DVD !Very GHOSTLY movie in that big haunted house ! THANKS~A~MILLIONS

  • Why isn't this on DVD yet?

    • Joanne
    • 3/3/13

    This is, for me, the best ghost story ever filmed. I've probably watched it over 100 times over the years and still get chills. The script is smart, the characters are true to life and the use of shadows and light to set the ghostly mood is something only found in the old black & white films. No gross-out scenes of body parts and dripping blood; just good old Hitchcock-like cinematography. Let the viewers imagination fill in the blanks; it's much more frightening! I was on my 2nd tape when my VHS player gave out. So please please PLEASE put this movie on DVD or Blue-Ray. Who's holding it hostage?

  • The Uninvited

    • Lee Becker
    • 12/29/12

    It's the most satisfying ghost story on film. The cast portray normal, intelligent, and likable people, and the vilenesses thoroughly nasty. It's not overburdened with boffo special effects that usually become silly. I've seen it many times and never tire of it. I also love the setting in Cornwall. The Ghost is perfect. She's thoroughly spooky-as in something that might hang out in any home.....

  • The Ghost behind the movie "The Uninvited"

    • Mary Sheffield
    • 11/17/12

    According to the commentator who introduced this film, that the house they chose to film this movie in while on location, really had a ghost in it! Which added to the suspense of the film itself. Find it curious that they would choose a house that is already haunted to film a ghost story, but the house does have a perfect setting, and it probably helped with the special effects.The best part of this film is that their is still humor in the story, and the new owners do not seem to be frightened by the events. It is kind of like a mystery to be solved, which is the source of entertainment. I loved it!

  • Please release!!

    • Diana
    • 11/14/12

    As a collector of classic B&W movies, it needs to be said that "The Uninvited" is my all-time favorite! It has been off & on TCM since I first saw it back in the 1990's. This film MUST be released! It is on my "Bucket-List"!Airing this film once a month on TCM wouldn't hurt; there are many of us who can't wait to watch!

  • My Favorite Ghost Story

    • Christina
    • 10/30/12

    First let me say: PLEASE MAKE A DVD OF THIS FILM. My family would watch this all the time on a worn out VHS cassette recorded off the TV back in the 80's (I am in my mid 30's). That said I haven't seen it in years because it is impossible to find. It is not just my favorite ghost story, it is quite possibly my favorite Classic movie. There are many threads to the story, which are braided together delicately, only to be ingeniously twisted at the end. The mystery is a thrill, and you get to investigate it alongside the characters. Even the ghosts are fully formed, complex characters. I hope that someday this film will become available for fans like myself to own so that I might share it with my children, who love a good spooky tale!


    • Pat
    • 10/29/12

    This is the greatest ghost story I have ever watched. Never tire of it. Should always be shown during Halloween Season.

  • The Uninvited

    • Anita
    • 10/19/12

    My Sister Marlene & I Love this Movie!!! I would like to purchase it for Christmas Present also, please show this Movie in the Month of October especially great fit for the Halloween fall season.

  • Please show this again SOON!

    • Joyce
    • 10/12/12

    This is the absolute coolest ghost movie ever - just the right amount of creepy! The twists and turns make this a classic!

  • Appreciate More With Each New Viewing

    • Uninvited
    • 10/9/12

    Love this movie!

  • Gail Russell is breathtaking as is the film

    • Ralph
    • 10/2/12

    Thanks for showing this wonderful movie. The best ghost story ever and a thrill to be reminded how beautiful Gail Russell was.

  • My Favorite Movie Of All Time

    • Connie
    • 5/1/12

    There's just something about this movie that captures my attention every time I watch it. I never tire of it and have turned my young daughters into fans, too!

  • Hope it arrives on this side of the Atlantic!

    • SusanL58
    • 3/28/12

    This beautiful classic movie is a a special mix of mystery & melodrama, though it is often also called a "horror" film. The eerie tale of a brother and sister who stumble into on family secret and more than a few ghosts when they by a abandoned home on the English Coast, has been a favorite for my daughter and I since she was a child. The VHS has worn out and the movie which is in public domain, is to come out in the UK in May 2012 from the company Exposure Cinema. Maybe we cam get the spirits to carry a Region 1 Version DVD across the pond!

  • Scariest movie ever!

    • Denise
    • 3/25/12

    The first time I saw this movie I was truly frightened. Each time it's on TCM or if I watch it on my VHS it still gives me the creeps. What makes it so fantastic, is the haunting soundtrack and the beautiful scenery. I never tire of watching this movie.

  • The Uninvited - Great Movie

    • Brenda Rhodes
    • 10/30/11

    I loved this movie. Ray Milland is one my favorites of all time. The movie was suspenseful, entertaining and interesting. I did not get to finish it so I do not know how it ends so it will have to be put on DVD so I can buy it. Five stars. Brenda Rhodes

  • The best scary movie ever

    • Carol Hughes
    • 10/30/11

    I was introduced to this film by my mother in the late 60's. She had seen it in the theater in about 1945. She tells of having heard the signature song, "Stella by Starlight", even had the 78 that many years later, and the reference to the Memosa perfume. The day she saw the film, she and her friends went shopping and my mother bought some perfume, had it in a bag in the theater, and during the anagram scene when the glass hit the fire place she dropped the bag and the thearter was filled with the scent of the purfume, just at the same time as the line in the movie. Fun Stuff. I, too, would love to have the DVD!

  • Censor busting movie...

    • Paul
    • 10/19/11

    I love this movie for many reasons, but one of them is the subtle attempt to get around the Hollywood censors at the time. Several famous movies at that time can be said to have subtexts that challenged conventional film values and this is one of them. Didn't the censors object to a brother and sister vacationing together, living in an apartment together, and buying a mansion together where they can continue living together in private? Of course, you can only push the censors so far, but this jumped right out at me when I first watched it. Doesn't the sister ask her brother, "doesn't the idea attract you at all...?" The idea being just the two of them living together alone in a big mansion. Of course, times were different then and women often didn't venture out until they found a man, but a brother and sister buying that mansion together doesn't suggest anyone would be moving out anytime soon. Anyway, as I said, Hollywood being what it was then, they had to have a young love interest for Ray Milland and find a love interest for Ruth Hussey. Couldn't have the movie end with the brother and sister living happily ever after together in that big mansion by themselves, could they?

  • The Univited

    • Sherrie
    • 10/15/11

    Please Please this needs to be put on DVD.

  • DVD

    • Angelia Pena
    • 10/12/11

    This is such a really good movie, it needs to be put on DVD. I always miss it because it comes on so late. I would really like to have it in dvd form.

  • The Uninvited

    • Patrick Westcott
    • 10/11/11

    Perhaps my love for this film rests in part on my childhood. From the age of 9 or 10, I fell in love with movies--black-and-white films from the 40's--and usually films from Warner Brothers. The Uninvited was introduced as an eight o'clock movie one summer night on Channel 11 (Minneapolis). Cornwall, the raging sea, a room filled with such an evil presence that freshly picked flowers wilt immediately, "Stella by Starlight," a lovely, haunted Gail Patrick, and that wonderful house that Ray Milland and sister Ruth Hussey purchase for such a ridiculous price. Atmosphere in abundance!

  • Pretty Good Chiller

    • Bruce Reber
    • 10/11/11

    "The Uninvited" (1944) is a good, suspensful chiller about a brother and sister who buy an old house by the English coast and discover that it's inhabited by a ghost, and also learn the house's dark history. It stars Ray Milland one year before his Oscar-winning performance in "The Lost Weekend", and Ruth Hussey three years after she starred with Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn and James Stewart in the great comedy "The Philadelphia Story". I give "The Uninvited" three stars.

  • The Uninvited (1944)

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 10/11/11

    Considering how many positive comments this movie has received, I guess I expected it to be much better than it was. Unfortunately, I didn't find it scary and it was slow-moving at times. Don't get me wrong, though, I thought it was an interesting story as far as ghost stories go, and Ray Milland was full of wonderful wit, as always. I think I enjoyed the non-horror moments the best. But the film was ahead of its time, I think, in its subtext that (**MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD, SO PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE!**) Miss Holloway and Mary Meredith had an intimate relationship since they were girls, which is why the former never married and the latter, though married, had an aversion to romance with her husband and a strong desire to never birth children. When her husband, therefore, had a baby with his lover, Carmel, Mary Meredith accepted the child into the family. When Carmel wanted to see the child and broke the agreement, Mary wouldn't let anyone take the child even if it meant killing it. And when she fell off the cliff instead, her lover, Miss Holloway, sought revenge on both Carmel and, later, Stella. Again, ahead of its time.

  • The Uninvited

    • Greg Reyes
    • 10/10/11

    Excellent horror movie, it has suspence along with horror. Please put out a dvd of this movie.I watch it ever time I catch it in the guide.

  • the uninvited 1944 version

    • debbie
    • 8/6/11

    i just loved this was really scary when i was young. now that i'm grown i still love it and have to search all over the globe to find it...need this on dvd ASAP>>>

  • The Uninvited

    • Patricia
    • 8/6/11

    Love this movie. Please get it put out on DVD. Another classic I so enjoy. Look forward to watching it soon. LOVE TCM!

  • Best Haunted movie of the 40's

    • Eddy Roman
    • 6/27/11

    One of the best spooky,haunted house movies of the 40's.Good cast,great chills,and a wonderful old cottage.Would like to see it more often,usually shown around Oct..Halloween time.

  • The Uninvited

    • Misty B.
    • 6/23/11

    I love this movie. Used to watch it when I was growing up and never get tired of it. IT NEEDS TO COME OUT ON DVD!!! Movies arent made like they used to be. Would love to add this to my movie collection!!

  • Best haunted house

    • Phyllis Wentz
    • 4/14/11

    I've loved this movie for years. I can't understand why this movie isn't on DVD by now.I would love to add this to my collection. This movie doesn't need computer images to frighten you its done with real acting.

  • Great Ghostly Tale

    • Darth Veda
    • 4/11/11

    A terrific Ghost tale, Excellently done with a Fine cast.A must see film. You will not be disappointed.

  • The Uninvited

    • Rita J.
    • 4/8/11

    Superb ghost story filmed with a stellar cast. It's also very memorable for introducing moviegoers to the lovely Gail Russell who was perfectly cast as the sad eyed, melancholy Stella Meredith.Victor Young's hauntingly beautiful tune "Stella By Starlight" adds another dimension of atmosphere to this well told, mysterious tale.

  • The Uninvited with Ray Milland and Ruth Hussey

    • Dolores Springfield
    • 4/8/11

    This movie is terrific. Why isn't this movie on DVD yet. I love this movie.


    • Audrey
    • 4/7/11

    Thank you for showing "The Uninvited". I have waited, literally, for years to see this movie again. I fell in love with the handsome Ray Milland, Mary Meredith and Carmel, as the unseen characters and the mystery of it all, long, long ago.I've only seen this movie (3) times in fifty years. The first time, in 1962, watching The Saturday Morning Matinee, as a child. This was as close to the movies as I could get. Oh, how I enjoyed the suspense of this movie and the well written script has NOT lost it's charm. It stood out as a marvelous piece of work to me as child, which began my love of mystery movies. So much so, it is the one movie I have desired to see. I am well into my fifties and the magic of mystery is still there. It is a Masterpiece!This Classic Movie Truely Has It All !!! "The Uninvited", is Timeless !!!


    • holly
    • 3/7/11

    This has been one of my favorites for a long time.It has a little bit of everything; ghosts, seances, romance and beautiful scenery. A young and still handsome Ray Milland is an added bonus.

  • the invited

    • willie ray
    • 3/5/11

    awsome movie. truly love gail russell

  • The Uninvited ( 1944)

    • Marcia
    • 3/2/11

    I was so excited to find the title here on TCM until i found it is not available on dvd, what a bummer! : ( This black and white movie is one of the best out here and the best that I have personally seen as far as ghost stories. It will give todays movies a run for it's money and would surpass them if blood and gore wasn't the appetite of many movie lovers of today. This is writing, acting and directing at it's best! Love, love, love it. Please put it out on dvd soon and make our blk&wht classic movie memories and dreams come true! ; ) It's filled with charm and endearing like another favorite movie "The ghost and Mrs. Muir" but much better in the ghostly frights! A pleasant scare here and there without all the special effects of "demonizing it" Great movie that engages the imagination while not frightening the wits out of you, just makes you cuddle up a little closer to the one you're with. Along with others who lovethis movie, i hope it will be on dvd soon and very soon!


    • Janet
    • 3/1/11

    Loved this movie first time I saw - it's rarely on but even if it's 3 am I stay up to catch it. In fact that adds immeasurably to the thrill - a great English gothic, romantic, black and white ghost story. Agree with the first reviewer - will make you believe in ghosts! WOULD DEFINITELY PURCHASE IF MADE AVAILABLE ON DVD.

  • The Uninvited 1944

    • Jan Miller
    • 2/16/11

    This is a fantastic movie and will make you believe in ghosts. I first saw it as a little girl in the 1950's and always watch it when it's playing. I would love to have my own copy of it.

  • Wonderful movie

    • Lucille
    • 1/29/11

    This has been a favorite of my family for many years. We always watch it when it is shown. I hope I will be able to purchase it soon as a gift for my sister.

  • The Uninvited Is Still Inviting

    • Suzanne Bell
    • 1/26/11

    The first time I saw this movie I was cuddled up in a chair for two with my sister, Karen. The year was around 1959 and we both have vivid memories of the eerie English seaside; the enchanting English country home; the mist at the top of the staircase; the haunting 'Stella By Starlight'; the persuasive ability to make us smell the fragarent Memosa one was leaving that chair. There are 2010 miles between us now, and the chair is long gone but the memories that this movie generated has invited both of our imaginations to enjoy it again.

  • The Uninvited 1944 classic

    • Nadeen Kahananui
    • 1/25/11

    Wow! I never thought I'd ever see this movie again. I was 5 years old when I first watched this movie at home with my family. My mother and grandmother use to let us stay up to watch these classic movies and it sure brought back a lot of family memories. I hope it becomes available on DVD version.

  • Bad acting, like in today's scary movies

    • Jeff Boston
    • 1/23/11

    I liked the story in "The Uninvited," and the sound and visual effects are impressive, the latter making the movie special. However, the acting is unimpressive, especially when considering three of the players received special recognition for their craft within years of this production. Hussey was nominated for an Oscar ("The Philadelphia Story") and Crisp won one ("How Green Was My Valley") just a few years before, and Milland won a statue ("The Lost Weekend") a year after this ghost story, but all appeared as stiff as Milland's collars in this visual feast. Russell and Skinner were okay (all were "okay" when Milland, Hussey, and Crisp were expected to be great), but two scenes toward the end of the flick extremely disappoint: Skinner's reaction after disclosing she sent Russell "to the cliff" is ludicrous, even with her being mad for her former employer). Russell's immediate reaction to what the doctor says about her grandfather is sad, not only for the subpar performance but for it being so inhumane. I liked Alan Napier's performance the most. Kind of odd that his two biggest roles were as a doctor serving man and as a butler serving Batman (in the TV series).

  • The Uninvited

    • gloria kolker
    • 1/6/11

    This is a great movie. I could watch all THE TIME.

  • The Uninvited (1944)

    • Cindi
    • 12/6/10

    The Uninvited is a classic ghost story with a wonderful and talented cast and mesmerizing score that keeps the viewer interested from beginning to end. I loved this movie from the first time I watched it on TCM. I regularly go to the TCM website to find the next time the movie is to be aired and would love to see it released on DVD. Please release it soon!

  • The Univited (1944)

    • amanda
    • 12/1/10

    This is by far one of my most favorite movies of all time. I have almost worn out the poor VHS tape I used, taping it from AMC (back when the channel was commercial free!). When will this movie come to dvd?! Definately one of the best spooky, creepy, and haunting movies one will ever see!

  • The Uninvited

    • Debbie
    • 10/29/10

    My husband and I love this classic. It is sad that today's movies are not made as well. One of the best suspense films. Definitely has our vote to be released on DVD as soon as possible. Great movie.

  • dvd please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • marie
    • 10/27/10

    I agree with the other reviews.Why isn't this fabulous classic not available on dvd.This is by far one of the best ghost movies ever made.Please release it again on dvd.I highly recommend this film.Thanks

  • The Uninvited

    • Richard
    • 10/11/10

    One of the best silver screen ghost stories! Still packs a shivery wallop. A tightly filmed and neatly plotted ghost/mystery story. Atmospheric and mood setting black and white photography. And those wonderfully spooky special effects, long before c.g.i.! I wonder why this treat hasn't been released on D.V.D. in time for Halloween? The gorgeous musical theme used throughout, Stella By Starlight, haunts one melodiously. Ray Milland, Ruth Hussey, Donald Crisp, Cornelia Otis Skinner and a radiantly debuting Gail Russell give performances that recommend this 1944 gem to all classic cinema enthusiasts!I look forward to seeing this classic at least once annually on T.C.M. Mom & Dad remember seeing this at the Senator in 1945 and being almost too scared to walk home. Mom says "I had goose-flesh for a week afterwards!" Pop some corn, turn out all the lights and light votive candles!

  • The Uninvited

    • Laura
    • 10/7/10

    I grew up on this film taped on a BETA tape. We pulled it out every Halloween and several times throughout the year for good measure. A classic scary movie, great for everyone and part of an era when movies could be horror without the gore. From spontaneously moving to that dreamy seaside "castle" to meeting the girl next door to unveiling the skeletons in the closet this movie has it all! This film makes you believe in the unseen and supernatural. Taking a believable story and adding an unbelievable twist, the plot is something that everyone can relate to in some way. As part of my childhood its hard not to love this movie and beg that this appears in DVD SOON!

  • The Uninvited

    • Cheryl
    • 10/6/10

    I love this movie, it was the first "scary" movie my mother let me stay up and watch and I wish they would show it more is so good and I cant wait for it to be released on DVD..I want to show my grandchildren what a true mysterious scary movie is! not this slash and gash they watch now!

  • Great Movie- why isn't it available!?

    • M
    • 10/4/10

    I love this film so much and I am shocked to discover that its not available for purchase on DVD and unavailable on Itunes & Netflix as well! Its rare to find such a deliciously atmospheric ghost story as this!I hope that The Uninvited is released on dvd and available online asap!

  • 'Uninvited' unavailable?!!

    • Jeffrey
    • 10/4/10

    It's absolutely inconceivable that this amazing film has NEVER been released on DVD! It's quite possibly the best film ever made about ghosts, and more than deserves to be fully restored with the utmost care and attention to detail and clarity and released on DVD and/or BluRay.

  • Oh come on TCM

    • louis barry jude
    • 9/21/10

    The best movie about ghosts and it's not on dvd. WHY? Soon I hope.........

  • A Must See Classic Ghost Story!

    • Sara
    • 8/18/10

    My grandmother luckily taped this movie off of TCM many years ago and I still have the tape! I was just a little girl when I saw it for the first time and I have loved it ever since. Even after seeing it many times it still scares me! My sister love this movie too. I have showed it to many of my friends (very resistant to watching a black and white 'scary movie') and every single one of them just loved it. I want to buy copies of this movie for my sisters but it's not available anywhere! Vote to get it on DVD!!!

  • the uninvited

    • Chris
    • 7/30/10

    This flick is one of my favorite films. Has been since I was a kid. it's the first film i remember to combine scares, romance, humour, drama - and all in grand stlye. That this movie is still not available in 2010 on DVD is quite unfathomable....What are they waiting for? Please, put this out on DVD - and soon!

  • The Uninvited

    • SondraP
    • 7/19/10

    I saw this movie when I was about 7 years old and immediately fell in love with it. I had searched for it so I could watch it again. It was another 10 years until I saw it again, and I still got scared. This movie is one of the few real scary movies.

  • The Uninvited

    • Marilyn I
    • 7/5/10

    This is a Universal Classic. Release it on DVD. It is one of the best ghost movies ever, and still gives me a creepy feeling every time I see it!

  • The Uninvited

    • Rosi Robbins
    • 6/26/10

    I agree with all the reviews I have read so far. The movie, "The Uninvited" is definitely a gem in the ghost story tradition. Today's 'scary' movies take all the fun out of the imagination and leaves me with a sour taste. I hope to be seeing "The Uninvited" on DVD very soon.

  • The Uninvited (1944)

    • Edmund Lachmann
    • 6/4/10

    Now that Universal is releasing special classic film DVDs through TCM, maybe someone in your court could put in a good word for "The Uninvited". I was so impressed with your "Remember the Night" DVD, it seems to me a natural choice to put out a similar stand alone DVD of this beloved masterpiece. Plus, it seems that many people really want it. For me, well, it is really an all time favorite and has been since I was a kid. Had to give the score five stars, too ("Stella by Starlight" after all).

  • Atmospheric Ghost Story

    • tony baksa
    • 3/6/10

    I hope they never remake The Uninvited. It would only sully a near perfect movie. It is an eerie ghost story filled with atmosphere. There's humor, there's visual delight and there is even the graceful hint of a love story - perhaps 2 - no make that 3 if you consider Miss Holloway's obsession with Mary Meredith. I shudder to think what modern film makers would do with these ingredients. As it is, The Uninvited is a completely satisfying thriller with gentle nudges of chills, twists and turns and a surprise ending that one can cozy up to like an Agatha Christie mystery. Direction, witty performances and that evocative score are top notch.

  • The Uninvited

    • txfilmbuff
    • 2/25/10

    This really is a perfect movie, it is certainly one of the most suspenseful I've ever seen. I cannot rave enough, even Mr. Martin Scorsese agrees; he picked it as one of his favorite scariest movies of all time. The performances, the twist ending it is most definitely the tops.This film is reminiscent of classics like Alfred Hitchcock's Rebbecca, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, and The Spiral Staircase. I highly recommend it.

  • The Uninvited

    • C.Christian
    • 2/23/10

    I've seen many horror movies, this one still sends chills. Well done! Please put it on DVD/Blue Ray, my old VHS tape is wearing out!

  • the uninvited

    • marlene monroe
    • 2/6/10

    please release this movie for home DVD, it is so entertaining.

  • The Uninvited with Ray Miland

    • G Bardin
    • 2/5/10

    Great family entertainment movie. Sweet, funny & mysterious all rolled into one! Hope it it released on DVD soon; can't wait to buy it.

  • The Uninvited with Ray Milland and Ruth Hussey

    • Kathy Bentley
    • 2/4/10

    The Uninvited, with Ray Milland and Ruth Hussey is the best. Please let me know as soon as you can make this movie available on DVD. What a great ghost story. I've been trying to locate a copy for so long.Please, please make this movie available for purchase.

  • A Crime That it isn't on DVD!!!!!

    • mark
    • 2/4/10

    Creating suspense with creative camera work and an engaging cast, The Uninvited is a classic ghost story full of mood and intriguing moments. It doesn't rely on todays computer graphics for effect but rather on dramatic lighting, good acting and plain old good story telling. The musical score provided the beautiful song "Stella by Starlight." It is an absolute crime that this movie isn't available on DVD or shown more on TCM.

  • Superb, stylish psychosexual thriller

    • Jarrod McDonald
    • 2/4/10

    This movie has it all: twisted Freudian psychology; the battle of a girl's soul and mind; and intense, subtle (and yet almost) campy performances from Ray Milland, Donald Crisp and the rest of the cast. It reminds me A LOT of 'Wuthering Heights' with its gypsy lineage and setting. Miss Holloway (Cornelia Skinner) is truly one of filmdom's most evil women, and her lesbianism practically jumps off the screen, especially in her scenes with young Gail Russell. It's just a very interesting film on so many levels. The one thing I didn't like was the inclusion of the ghost (which was added to the movie during post-production). I think it would've played better if we had not seen the phantoms and we would've really had to accept the fact that it was entirely psychological. Giving it a 10 in most categories.

  • My Favorite Ghost Story EVER!

    • Emily
    • 2/4/10

    Since I was SIX YEARS OLD this has been my favorite ghost story of all time. One of my favorite Christmas presents that my mom gave me was a first edition mass market of the book the movie is based on, promoting the film! I am to this day fascinated my ghosts. But THE UNINVITED will always be my favorite movie!

  • We're Still Waiting!

    • Randi Brewer
    • 2/4/10

    When will this marvelous supernatural ghost story be put on DVD? I've been waiting for years to add it to my DVD collection. Ray Milland, Ruth Hussey and Gail Russell make a fine trio in this haunting ghost story set to the beautiful music of "Stella by Starlight". The song became a best seller due to this movie and Gail Russell became a hot property also because of this movie. Of course who could be a location on the coast of England? So what's taking so long to get this out on DVD?

  • Great Ghost Story

    • Debbie
    • 2/4/10

    Such a great movie, come on we need this on DVD!!

  • It's one of my favorites!

    • sandra mount
    • 2/4/10

    I can't wait to tape it and have it just is a good story.

  • The Best Ghost Story ever!

    • Steven
    • 2/3/10

    This a frightening, beautiful, suspenseful. What a story! Superb cast.

  • This is a favorite

    • Christina
    • 2/3/10

    One of the most suspenseful movies I know - it doesn't need special effects to make it scary. Good acting, great movie. Glad I have the video, wish it was on DVD.

  • Love this movie

    • Stevie
    • 2/2/10

    So low tech, so scary. Will have to watch it during the day. DirectV is upgrading some time this year, would love to have this on DVD before than because they cannot save what we have saved to our DVR. Next to Laura this is one of my favorite old movies.

  • Yeah, it's on the schedule

    • Alice
    • 2/2/10

    I'm so glad The Uninvited is on the schedule for this week. I can't wait to see it again as it's one of my favorite movies. I'll have my popcorn and cola in hand as I prepare enjoy being scared with Ray, Ruth and Gail. Thanks so much for showing it, hopefully I'll be able to tape it since it's not on DVD yet.

  • Ghost Story

    • Susan Hunt
    • 1/26/10

    This is one of the best made ghost stories/mystery's I have ever seen. Would love so much to have a copy avilable on DVDThank-youSusan E. Hunt

  • The Uninvited (1944)

    • James Higgins
    • 1/9/10

    Genuinely spooky and eerie, nice cast. Ruth Hussey is particularly good, as is Gail Russell. Nicely filmed in black and white. Great atmosphere. What a beautiful house! Good art direction, excellent cinematography.

  • Ghostly and beautiful

    • Pamela
    • 1/2/10

    Not only is The Uninvited one of the best ghost stories ever made, who can forget the fabulous score and the beautiful standard Stella by Starlight?!

  • "The Uninvited"

    • Pam Harless
    • 11/14/09

    In my opinion, the best 'ghost' story I have ever seen....I have watched it for years.....

  • Original ghost story

    • pamdob
    • 11/6/09

    I own this film on VHS but would love to have it on DVD. My son's high school recently performed this play for a week around Halloween and I wonder if they were ever able to see the original movie. The acting and especially the special effects are quite good for a film made in 1944. My kids have seen the VHS version and thoroughly enjoyed it. The other students were fairly surprised when they were already familiar with the story line. Unfotunately VHS movies don't last which is why I would love to own it on DVD. Vote for this one to come out soon.

  • The Worlds Beat Ghost Story

    • Gwinda Henson
    • 11/3/09

    I have been watching this movie for years and I have yet to see one any better.

  • the quintessentail ghost story.

    • ronnies schliemann
    • 10/18/09

    i have loved this movie since i first saw it as a kid on tv. i've probably watched it a million times. my granddaughter (age 4 and a half) now watches it with me. she "gets" it and loves it too.

  • Great old fashioned ghost story

    • Amy
    • 10/17/09

    I've been watching this with my mother since I was a child. One of those stories I would love to share with my grown children now and eventually the grandchildren... I do hope you choose to screen it, my mother is almost eighty and in poor health, I would love to be able to "catch it on TV" with her at least one more time with a hot cup of tea and a big bowl of popcorn...It's amazing how simple some memories are and they seem to be the ones that mean the most!

  • Why?

    • Joane Johnson
    • 10/16/09

    Aren't you showing this movie more often, especially for Holloween. I love it. I am a 60 yr old grandmother and whenever I see it on the schedule, even in the middle of the night, I highlight and set my programmer. You're not showing it for halloween, this year, either? For shame. Jason and Freddy have nothing on this film.

  • Abolutely love this movie

    • Alice
    • 10/6/09

    I have loved this scarey movie since childhood. Ray Milland and his priceless humor kept it from being too scarey to watch as a kid. I would love to be able to purchase it on DVD and show it to my grandchildren. I think they would love it. I hope TCM will schedule it for viewing this Halloween.

  • One of my favorites of all time

    • Annabelle
    • 8/16/09

    I got this book when I was about 12 from the book fair at school. I never saw the movie until I was around 20. I loved the book and adore the movie. I had recorded it on a VHS tape and it was my favorite movie to go to sleep by. I practically have the script memorized! Unfortunately the tape wore out and now I hardly ever get to see it. I'd be thrilled if it came out on DVD!

  • Scared me silly

    • Stevie
    • 8/4/09

    I have watched this movie many times (had it on VHS) and it gave me the willies every time. One night after my husband had gone to bed, I decided to watch it one more time. Got so spooked I had to stop watching it and I wasn't even home alone!!! I have voted to get this on DVD, can hardly wait until someone does.

  • fantastic

    • Vicki
    • 7/30/09

    I have been showing this movie on Halloween to my daughter and her friends for the last 5 years. They love it!

  • Ageless

    • Helen
    • 7/1/09

    This is one of those rare movies that you watch over and over again and it justgets better & better. To me it ranks up there with "The Clock". Suspenseful all the way through. It's what a classic is made of. It needs to be introduced to the new generation of mystery buffs.

  • Effective & Chilling Ghost Story!

    • Maria
    • 6/10/09

    Without the blood & guts, this ghost story is very scary and holds up well, even in today's technologies. Script is taut and engaging, the actors are excellent. The music will haunt you. "Stella in Starlight" is a classic. I wish Hollywood would make movies like this today!!!

  • Love the look

    • pjd
    • 2/25/09

    This seems to me a scary film noir movie. I really love the actors, especially Ray Millan. Watch it if you get the chance.

  • I love this movie

    • Pamela DeLauder
    • 1/1/09

    I remember watch this movie with my mom as a young teen in the 60's. I was a romance and a scary ghost story. I'd love to buy it on DVD. I miss the good old story's where blood and guts wasn't needed to scare you. Also the music was amassing and I could all most smell the flower in the story.It all was so real, and very interesting


    • Rich
    • 11/11/08

    No gore, no blood, no slashing. Just a ghost who's intent on keeping a secret, and the new owners of a cliffside house who try to solve the mystery. Moody, adventurous, unnerving, even a few laughs and a resolution. It also gave us the haunting song, "To Stella by Starlight". This definitely tops the list of restless spirit films, and I'm still waiting for it's release on DVD.

  • Haunting

    • Jenn
    • 10/15/08

    This is my favorite ghost movie of all time and has haunted me for the past 2 years, since the last time TCM played it for Halloween! This is a great movie and I only wish it had been scheduled for this year!

  • The best ghostly tale

    • Kerry
    • 10/14/08

    This movie is one of my favorites as well as my 91 yr. old father's. And his standards are very high. His other all time favorite is "The Third Man". I can't believe that it is not available on DVD. It is definitely one for the personal DVD library, and I would love to be able to buy it for my father.I think it should always be in the TCM October movie schedule!

  • Please schedule this movie, TCM!

    • Carrie
    • 10/13/08

    This movie is excellent! It should have been in the October line-up. It is a lovely "ghost" story with a great cast and a rich plot. I have not seen it in years and wich to show it to my family.

  • Best pookerific ghost story

    • Cynthia
    • 8/26/08

    This is truly the best "ghost story" movie. The cinematography is outstanding - it lends to the mood of the story & creates a "chilling" atmosphere for the viewer. I was only 11 years old when I first saw it on TV, have seen it more times than I can count & it still gives me goosebumps. The movie has humor in just the right places to throw you off the scare course & then toss you back on the spooky ride before you know it. Watch it on a night when it's raining with thunder & lightening. Turn off all the lights and before you know it, you'll be peeking through your fingers to see what's going to happen next!

  • I've found the DVD

    • Laura Jones
    • 8/19/08

    I have just received the DVD "The Uninvited". I bought it online and the quality is very good. If you want the information, email me @

  • Gave me the chills!!

    • Laura Jones
    • 8/12/08

    Not many movies give me the chills and I would have to say the original Nosferatu does it best, but this movie really scared me. Seeing the ghost of Mary Meredith float down the stairs gets me every time. I would LOVE to have this on DVD. It would be a wonderful addition to my Halloween marathon collection.

  • The best Ghost Movie ever made

    • Carl
    • 7/14/08

    This movie is the Citizen Kane of Ghost Movies. The more you see it, the better it becomes. At some point the AFI is going to "discover" this movie and get it in the Top 100 ever made.

  • Do not give up hope

    • Karl Berquist
    • 7/4/08

    My wife and I saw this movie on TCM and fell in love with it. This movie is very well done, excellent acting and direction that keeps you glued to your seats. I was able to purchase a near mint condition laser disk and enjoy watching it over and over. It is a great Halloween movie. I have a feeling that this will be released soon on DVD because Amazon has put this on a "will notify when available" list. Whenever they do that to a movie it seems to appear on DVD shortly thereafter.

  • Why Ain't; 'The Uninvited' available?

    • Bodine
    • 6/11/08

    I bought a VHS tape of this totally brilliantly made film, over the web. I recieved it today and was more than happy with it. This is one of those really watchable yet Creepy as all get out movies that makes you realise why you like All movies, to begin with. It's a huge and awful thing that this Great Movie has not been repackaged into a DVD form. But who truly knows what will happen in the near future? Do not miss this one, if you get the happy chance to see it. Great hairy Bags of gripping, slippery Fun !

  • Great movie!!!!!

    • Barbara Henderson
    • 3/30/08

    As a schoolteacher, I'm always doing school work on the weekend. Flipped onthe tube one Sunday afternoon and startedwatching this gem. What a wonderful break from grading papers. This is a fantastic ghost story.

  • Love this movie!

    • Carol
    • 3/28/08

    The was my mom's favorite movie! She was always a ghost/monster movie lover. When other kids were going to the movies to see the latest Disney flick, my mom would pack us up to see The Mummy, Frankenstein, and Dracula. So it takes a lot to give me a good scare and this movie delivers every time I watch it. Even my adult kids were impressed when they watched it a few years back. I know it's out on VHS but who has a VCR hooked up anymore??? We need it on DVD! Every year I host a gal's weekend when we eat, do our nails and watch movies. This is one movia I would love to show them!

  • The way ghost stories SHOULD be told.

    • Imdette
    • 3/16/08

    I've watched this movie over and over on VHS over the years and it still gets to me. Now my VHS copy is wearing out and I'll have to replace it and would prefer DVD. Why the delay?? This movie is what the word "classic" embodies. Too many great movies have disappeared--don't let this be one of them!

  • We are dying to share this movie!!

    • Patricia Ruf
    • 3/10/08

    My brother and I always loved this movie!We would love to share it with our children...Please, Please make it available on DVD ASAP!!

  • I miss this movie!!

    • Jaclyn
    • 2/12/08

    My mom and I used to watch 'The Uninvited' and 'The Haunting' practically every weekend together. It was just something that we both enjoyed. We used to have the movie on VHS, which you can still buy, but of course, not many people have VHS players anymore. I wanted to get it for my mom, as a surprise...but for whatever reason they sell it on VHS and only on VHS...weird.

  • A treasure to own

    • debbie
    • 2/5/08

    I have searched site for months to find this movie and finally found it. I remember it from my youth and it had everything that you would want in a drama including ghosts and great plot twists. I will await patiently for its release because it is well worth the wait.

  • A grand movie.

    • laura
    • 2/4/08

    I hunted forever to find it on VHS which I've almost worn out. I want this released so badly on DVD. When it does release on DVD I'll buy 2 just so that I'll always have a copy for me and one to pass along to my son. It is a truely wonderful haunted movie. This is when the actors had to act which they really did.The special effects were great for the time this was made. This is surely a classic and should be seen by all.

  • Incredible for it's time. A must see!

    • Gloria
    • 11/13/07

    This was the first suspenseful and imaginative ghost story I ever saw as a young person. I absolutely would recommend it to any person who loves classic movies. This movie keeps you on the edge of your seat. The characters arewonderful, and the cast is superb. I hopesome day it comes out on DVD for othersto share in the experience. At the veryleast to be shown on Turner Classic movies!

  • One of the best ever!

    • wolfie
    • 7/21/07

    I have searched for this movie on DVD for simply years! I taped this movie off the T.V. many years ago and the tape has been watched so many times, it's almost gone! PLEASE RELEASE THIS MOVIE ON DVD! My tape wont last much longer!


    • lee
    • 7/16/07


  • great scary movie for the entire family!

    • lola
    • 7/8/07

    Ray Milland is one of the greatest actor of all time. This is one of his early films and one of my favorite movies of this era. my fifteen your old daughter saw it before i did and was totally frightend by it and she will watch it any chance she can. I really hope they do put it out on dvd. I will be the first in line.

  • would love to have this on dvd

    • waverlygirl
    • 6/24/07

    I've always love this movie...a great ghost it's my daughter fav, too.

  • Odd how this film keeps jumping up the chart.

    • Helen Petrone
    • 6/20/07

    What is criminal is the same person voting constantly. The reviews are all written by the same person and the votes which average 40 to 50 per day are by the same person. Better stop now or this film will loose its place due to fraudulent votes. Thank you.

  • A relatively unknown treasure

    • Barbara
    • 6/19/07

    I was introduced to "The Uninvited" by TCM and have since watched it many times. Ray Milland and Ruth Hussey get a rare chance to shine in leading roles, along with ill-fated actress Gail Russell. A picturesque supporting cast is headed by the always dependable Donald Crisp and a very creepy Cornelia Otis Skinner. An early ghost story with gorgeous scenery and an unforgettable score. It's criminal that this gem of a film is not available on DVD.

  • Great old fashion ghost story

    • connie
    • 6/19/07

    I just love the uninvited. But what I don't understand is why they won't release it on DVD. My mother told me about the movie years ago and i recently had the chance to watch it with my daughter. She loved it. It was a great old ghost movie.sincerly,Connie Gill

  • A few chills and a talented cast!

    • Mary
    • 6/19/07

    I watched this film for the first time last night, at the recommendation of my 78 year-old mother. I thought it was a terrific film with not a nuance of lesbianism!! Can't quite figure out why its shown with other "gay" films. Just because Miss Holloway was devoted to her friend doesn't make her gay! It is a sweet movie from a bygone era of "clean" filmmaking! A few chills and a talented cast! I would love to buy this on DVD.

  • Give Me A Break!

    • L Jones
    • 6/19/07

    Why, why, why did you insist on turning this into something it is not. It is just a fun ghost story. I saw that it was coming up on the schedule. My young niece had seen it with me a while back and loved it. I sent her an email letting her know it was coming on. I did not know they were twisting all of the movies of the evening into homosexual movies. I am sorry I let her know.

  • Screened Out Pussyfooting

    • Philip Weisman
    • 6/19/07

    Shame on Robert Osborne and guest host/commntator in their opening remarks concerning THE UNINVITED. Although based on a novel by Dorothy Macardle, I find it difficult to understand how they could have overlooked it's plot and character indebtedness to Daphne DuMaurier's REBECCA. The kindred relationship of Miss Holloway to Mary Meredith clearly echoes Mrs. Danvers for the departed Rebecca. And does REBECCA one better as the obsessed Miss Holloway will encourage and/or abett the death of the Meredith child while preserving the memory of her friend Mary. Also, uncommented upon are the relationships portrayed in the film: the "artist" Meredith living with wife Mary, her "best friend" Miss Holloway as Nurse, and Carmel the artist model; 30-ish Milland in love with neurotic 20 year old Gail Russell, and Ruth Hussey taken with older seeming Doctor, Alan Napier. It is in the lesbian parallel storylines of Mary Meredith/Miss Holloway from THE UNINVITED, and the Rebecca/Mrs.Danvers from REBECCA that the Screened Out themes occur. You missed it on this one!!

  • Great Ghost Story

    • Dan
    • 6/19/07

    This is a very good film and always liked Ray Milland's acting that needs to be burned on DVD. The Special visual effects are quite good for it's time. As far as this gay images on film theme for this month for this film in which a few people don't want to see on TCM, I see no implications or suggestion of it being in that context. It's just one man's view on these movies that Robert Osbourn's guest whom he wants on for this certain theme. My wife and I agree and we just see a good old fashion ghost story that the British are famous for.

  • The Uninvited

    • Susie Enoch
    • 6/18/07

    I loved this movie and have requested it time and time again. Unfortunately, I missed it tonight on TCM, and noticed it was on only for one night this month. I pray it will come on again soon and not only that on DVD. It is the greatest ghost stories ever. I love it and highly recommend it for the family.

  • Another Vote for DVD

    • Nancy K
    • 6/18/07

    I have now seen this film numerous times, and I agree with everyone it is just a sweet slightly scary movie. It is a lovely ghost story and the relationships between the characters are rather interesting to think about. I would like to enter my vote to get this on DVD - I need it for raining or snowing days and nights in front of the fire.


    • 6/12/07


  • The Uninvited

    • Morgan
    • 6/5/07

    A movie that invokes innocent horror A beautiful ghost story. The Uninvited can be watched over and over again and continue to elicit the same haunting emotions. This film has easily stayed with me throughout my childhood and continued through adulthoodFantastic film!

  • The Uninvited

    • Ellen
    • 5/16/07

    This is one of those great movies you can never tire of seeing. Stellar cast! Who can ever forget the haunting "Stella by Starlight." They don't make movies like this anymore! I finally found this movie in dvd on the internet and have added it to my all time favorite classics collection. I recommend this movie to classic movie buffs or thriller/horror buffs of all ages. It is timeless!

  • Best ghost story ever!

    • LANoir
    • 4/16/07

    Beautifully done, "The Uninvited" is the best ghost story ever put on film. Even now, this movie stands above all others, even "The Haunting of Hill House" which is excellent.

  • Worth watching over and over again

    • Marsha Allan
    • 3/18/07

    Love this movie since I first saw it as a kid. Great story, good for a dreary raining afternoon. Also read the book. This is one movie you'll never tire of. "Stella By Starlight" is fantasic.

  • Greatest movie

    • Sally Uhlir
    • 3/9/07

    The is one of the Greatest ghost movies in existence! Well acted. Very spooky. Please vote for this movie, The Uninvited - 1940+ version - to be recorded on DVD.

  • Movie for a dark and stormy night

    • Marilyn Valencia
    • 3/7/07

    This movie was spooky when I was a kid and it still is! I love it and I agree with Debbie. Why is it not available on DVD.

  • The Uninvited

    • Debbie
    • 2/12/07

    One of my all time favorite movies. I just love this film. Why isn't it available on DVD?

  • Great ghost story

    • pat
    • 1/18/07

    Since there are no computer graphics,the film relies on it's story and mood.It is beautifully set,and well cast.I just love the spooky storyline,and it is quite believable.You can sense the ghostly presences without being hit over the head with them as you would with all the new speical effects they use now.It also permits your imagination a good deal of freedom,and the actors are excellent.Overall,a film I watch each chance I get,because it's so well made and enjoyable.How do I vote to get it on TCM?

  • Superior Ghost Story!

    • Dave Hutchinson
    • 10/16/06

    I've always had a fondness for this film since watching it many, many times in my childhood- it's still spooky, and its scares are not cheap thrills. The acting is superb by the entire cast(I still think Ray Milland's performance in this is one of his best!). I savor the VHS tape I have of this film, and hope that it will receive a DVD release with extras!

  • The best ghost story ever

    • 10/15/06

    This movie isn't blood and gore like todays ghost stories. It's a true ghost story set in England with a wonderful script and an evil villaness. It is shrouded in mystery and intrique. A mustsee for all ghost story fans.Wonderfulmusic also.

  • My very first ghost story

    • Lois Dominguez
    • 10/13/06

    This is the first "scary" movie I ever watched. It came on TV and my Mom who had seen it when it came out chuckled. I begged her to watch it and loved every minute of it. When it was over and I was sent to bed I was so afraid that my Mom told me to sleep with the Bible and nothing would get me. WE laughed later for years and I still love this movie. It's truly a classic and still pretty scary.

  • Incredibly suspenceful

    • Frank S Keller
    • 10/12/06

    In the age of blood and gore ghost stories this has to be one of the greats. The suspenceful build-up to the "ghost" is an excellent use of "what is not there scares you". I have seen this film perhaps 15 times, yet it never fails to bring goose-bumps. There is an artful use of the unknown that freightens me every time. The acting is surpurb. The counter-points in the plot are woven into ths fabric of the film so skillfully. Even my teenagers enjopy this film. If you like to be freightened, this film will do it every time.


    • BG
    • 9/24/06


  • If you love ghost stories, this is a MUST SEE!!!

    • Crystal Anderson
    • 9/10/06

    I am a HUGE fan of ghost stories and movies. All I have to say is this is the very best one I have seen to date!! I love watching this movie over and over again. Anytime I see this movie on TCM or see it at our local library, I watch it, of course. Anyway, the point is see it and love it. You won't regret it!!

  • One of the very best ghost stories!!

    • D.Beebe
    • 9/7/06

    My daughters and I have loved this wonderful movie for years...we always call each other when TCM runs a showing of it! Its visually very beautiful; and just scary enough to send my daughters under the covers when they were young without the blood and gore of todays ghost stories! I do hope it gets released on DVD soon...! (The score is wonderful too...very romantic version of "Stella by Starlight"...)

  • spooky!

    • d.h.
    • 8/29/06

    this was one of my mom's faves. she made it one of mine too!

  • A Great Scary Story

    • Carol Pierce
    • 6/24/06

    A movie with wonderful atmosphere and a very mysterious story. Very scary but with comic relief. It grabs the attention of even those who say they don't like "old movies." A perfect ghost story!

  • A "Real" Ghost Story

    • 1Rockstar
    • 2/6/06

    Crashing waves, ghostly mists, seances. It's a perfect movie for a rainy afternoon. Brother and sister, Ray Milland and Ruth Hussey, purchase an abandonded house with a history...and not one but two ghosts! No trickery here, just an honest to goodness ghost story. Also contains and Oscar nominated song, Stella By Starlight.

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