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Under Nevada Skies

Under Nevada Skies(1946)

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Under Nevada Skies Rodeo star Roy Rogers (Roy... MORE > $6.95
Regularly $8.99
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Cowboy Roy Rogers is entertaining tourists and locals at the Bear Valley Indian Reservation when they are interrupted by the arrival of newcomer Helen Williams. At the same time Tom Craig, the owner of the Trading Post Hotel, shows up to talk to part-time sheriff Gabby Whittaker to about an attempted break-in of the hotel's safe. Helen goes directly to Tom, who was her father's best friend, to ask for a job. He offers her a singing spot at the hotel's nightclub and has manager Dan Adams make the arrangements. Later, Tom meets with Roy to confide that increasing fear for his own safety has compelled him to draw up a will and appoint Roy its executor. Roy presses Tom for an explanation, but he remains evasive. That night while Helen performs at the club, Tom is disturbed by the appearance of Arthur Courtney and by his henchmen, Marty Fields and Mr. Alberti. Courtney informs Tom that he wants the jewel-piece Tom had stolen some years before from Helen's father. Meanwhile, Adams comes upon a man attempting to break into the hotel safe and shoots him. Gabby questions Tom, but he claims not to recognize the man or know any reason for the break-in. Later that evening, Roy and Gabby agree they must question Tom further and ride out to his ranch. Before they arrive, Fields visits Tom to demand the return of the jewel-piece. Tom resists and is shot by Fields, who then flees as Roy and Gabby ride up. The two men find Tom dead, prompting Roy to read Tom's will, which requests that his personal belongings be burned. Unknown to them both, Helen and Fields are listening outside separate from each other. Field's departure alerts Roy and Gabby and frightens Helen, who tries to escape. Roy catches up with Helen, who admits she was spying on Tom to discover the whereabouts of a family heirloom crest that contains critically valuable information that must be turned over to the government. Roy, Gabby and Helen return to Tom's in a vain effort to locate the crest. The next day Roy and Helen go riding and are shot at from the hills. Upon returning to town, they discover from the coroner that Tom did not die from gunshot wounds, but from strangulation, suggesting that two separate individuals were involved in his death. Roy and Gabby then hatch a plan to find out if others know about the crest. Gabby, feigning drunkeness, goes to the Trading Post nightclub and loudly admits that he and Roy have discovered the missing jewelry piece and will be transporting it out of town the following day. The next day, Courtney sends one of his men, LeBlanc, after Roy, but Fields, who resents him, ambushes and shoots LeBlanc while Roy gets away. LeBlanc rides to Courtney's ranch before collapsing and dying, convincing Roy that Courtney is also searching for the jewel. As Roy and Gabby return to Tom's house to continue searching, Courtney orders Fields to get the crest from Roy at any cost. At Tom's ranch, Gabby and Roy discover the crest hidden on the back of an antique clock just as Courtney's men burst in and take them back to Courtney. Roy and Gabby admit that the crest is in the clock, and when two of the men leave to retrieve it, Roy and Gabby break away from the others. Back at Tom's, Roy discovers Courtney's man unconscious and the crest gone. When Roy telephones Helen at Gabby's shop to warn her, she is abruptly cut off. Roy hurries to the store and finds her bound and gagged and Adams ready to flee with the crest. After Fields bursts in, shoots Adams and takes the crest, Roy gets the local Indians to help attack Courtney's ranch and retrieve the crest. Courtney then reveals the jewel piece contains a map showing the locations of pitch blende, which is crucial in the manufacturing of uranium. After Courtney is arrested and the map is passed on to the proper authorities, Roy and Helen settle down to enjoy Bear Valley.