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Tomorrow Is Forever

Tomorrow Is Forever(1946)


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  • An actor's delight...oscar worthy performances

    • Joyce
    • 1/30/18

    Although the plot might be a little unbelievable, the acting in this film is fabulous. Natalie Wood, just a little one, speaks fluent German and tears at your heartstrings. Claudette Colbert is both beautiful and acts up a storm...she makes the story believable. Orson Welles has the most difficult part, as it is hard to believe a man would refuse to come home to Claudette after the war renders him disfigured...and here's the strange is never explained why he would have a German accent since he is supposed to be her American husband. Nevertheless Olson digs deep and gives us a heartbreaking performance. Although somewhat a flagwaver, This is a great little gem of a film to relax into with a hot cup of tea and a scone or two.


    • Emmit
    • 1/29/18

    This a very good "Sunday picture" because the story is compelling, rich & moves at a Sunday's pace, not to fast not to slow. Orson Wells & Claudette Colbier should've both gotten Oscar nods. It's some what of a tear jerker too, enjoy it.....Emmit.

  • Poetic Piece Six Stars

    • 11/6/16

    American made film where the acting in the four leads ranks with the best in British film. Welles's decision to use a "Richard The Third" like limp was an excellent choice to slow the pace and create drama and character. A poetic piece that needs to be seen as such, reality is not the core of this film, it is truth, I believe. Wonderful, remarkable, tremendous are all adjectives thatl apply.

  • The way movies used to be made

    • Robin hardaway
    • 11/4/16

    Having read the reviews of this film, it seems that the most common criticism of it is that the story is unbelievable. First, I did not find it so; and second I found it refreshing and uplifting to see such a film from the day when plot and and story took precedence over special effects, 2 second takes, and bone-jarring music. Is it is unbelievable that a man horribly deformed by ear would not want to afflict his young wife with a lifetime of caring for a deformed invalid? Selfish? (As one critic complained). Perhaps, but human and understandable. And so a young chemist happens to find work with a large company owned by his wife's second husband. I find most of today's films riddled with far more unlikely events. It was a wonderful film, acted by the amazing trio of talent--Natalie, Orson and Claudette in that order of talent in this film. Thank you Turner for saving this film for us.

  • Kudos to Cluadette

    • Bob
    • 6/1/15

    A stunning period piece of cinematography. The movie works well not so much because of Orson Wells, but by the outstanding acting of Claudette as the distraught wife. Watch the scenes between Orson and Claudette. She captures you and dominates those scenes. She is totally believable as Mrs. McDonald/Hamilton.And Natalie Wood is a hidden gem in this film. Her dialog, first with an Austrian accent, is so impressive. Watch for the number of lines of dialog she handles before the camera shifts. For a child of early age (10-11?) her talent is inescapable.What a treat !!

  • Tearful performance, beautiful

    • Maggie Snyder
    • 8/28/14

    I watch this movie several times a month and I think it is great. Orson Welles was a wonderful actor and was not given the credit he earned in his life time. Hollywood did him a great injustice.

  • Orson Welles!

    • RedRain
    • 8/18/14

    "If you insist on living in the past, you risk losing everything in the present." Sage advice from Orson Welles' character as Kessler in this tearjerker of a film. As improbable as much of the film is, it is still worth viewing because it contains one of Welles' most stellar performances. Gone is the joking and then morbidly morose Kane and enter a very serious Kessler. Superb acting here! Colbert, always at her best in a matriarchal role, is great here as well. I like this film mainly because of the many words of good advice but Welles' performance is reason enough to view this film.

  • half a loaf

    • jomo
    • 8/18/14

    this movie is very watchable thanks to orson the story plausible? it isn't and Wells himself didn't have much to say about this movie except that he got paid to make it.but the acting is sound enough and the adorable Natale Wood will make you smile.all is well that ends well...and if that is enough for you then you will enjoy watching it.

  • Excelente filme !

    • João
    • 9/1/12

    Recomendo a todos.Obvio que h alguns fatos improvaveis mas qual filme no os tem ?Claudette e Orson Fantasticos.Mas Orson d um banho em todos !!!

  • Tomorrow Is Forever (1946)

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 12/28/11

    Watchable, interesting film. Claudette Colbert does a great job with the slow-moving story. Orson Welles proves that he's a better actor when he isn't directing the films he's in, too.

  • tomorrow is forever

    • pat hill
    • 8/8/11

    I love this movie and am looking to purchase it. I have seen it many times, but till get teary eyed near the end. Good clean movie.

  • Great Movie, Superb Acting, Haunting Story

    • Leonard
    • 7/20/11

    This morning was the 1st time I have ever seen this movie, even though I have been an Orson Welles fan for a long time. I sat enthralled through the entire movie. Wonderful film!

  • Tomorrow is forever.. NOT!

    • Bob Schwalbaum
    • 7/20/11

    This moviee contains the most improbable twists I have ever seen.It makes no sanse whatsoever. In order to enjoy it one must suspend disbeliefI won't bother with a list.. but just watch and ask yourself. "How could that be?"

  • Fabulous tear-jerker filled with nostalgia

    • Judi Welch
    • 7/20/11

    Along with "Since You Went Away", a beautiful tear-jerker of a story. Claudette Colbert at her best. I have always loved this movie since my own Dad was a WWII Pilot.Cry every time I see it.Natalie Wood showing her beauty and acting potential at age 7.Don't miss it !


    • Tara
    • 5/20/11

    Tomorrow Is Forever is such a wonderful movie but hardly ever on.

  • Tomorrow Is Forever

    • Teresa
    • 1/21/11

    I saw this movie on TCM many years ago and it instantly became my favorite movie of all time. A bittersweet tale of love and sacrifice. True love .... giving up what you want for what is best for someone else, even if it means you have to suffer.....sacrifice... they are one in the same. If you have not seen this movie, don't miss an opportunity to do so. I would love to see someone do a remake of this movie and keep the integrity of it.

  • Maravilhoso

    • Sonia
    • 12/19/10

    Este filme maravilhoso. Primeiro ele totalmente intrigante e Orson Welles est perfeito em sua interpretao. Claudette Colbert est maravilhosa neste drama. E ainda tem a participao da pequena Natalie Wood. Eu no consigo entender o motivo deste clssico no fazer parte do acervo de filmes do TCM. um filme muito conhecido e j deve ter sido lanado em DVD e se no foi exibam o filme em VHS. Isto no significa perda de qualidade. Quem gosta deste filme v de qualquer maneira, pois um clssico. Eu no gostaria de ficar frustrada por no ter tido ao menos a oportunidade de ver este filme.

  • Um grande filme

    • Sonia
    • 11/13/10

    Orson Welles est timo. Amo este filme genial. E George Brent est fantstico.

  • Tomorrow Is Forever

    • Lynda Carrion
    • 7/1/10

    Excellent! Orson Welles and Claudette Colbert are magnificent. Let's not forget about George Brent who I've loved in so many movies.The story is heartbreaking all the way to the end. My only gripe is how come TCM does not have this movie on dvd and I was finally able to find it on another classic site. Come on TCM.

  • Claudette C - adorable as ever

    • Mr D
    • 6/8/10

    The movie seemed "stagey" - like it was transcribed from a broadway play. It left us with some questions: at first I thought Orson Welles is absolutely determined that Cllaudette C & family never knew his true identity, but after a while I thought, well, maybe he's actually forgotten his own prior life. And how could it take Claudette C so long to recognize him?? Well, it doesn't matter - Claudette is adorable even when she's being stupid, which is frequently in this movie, and can she do no wrong in my book. Natalie Wood at age 6 or 7 plays Orson Wells's adopted daughter - you'll tell her right away from her Natalie Wood eyes!Recommended.

  • Tomorrow Is Forever

    • MAX
    • 6/7/10

    I just saw this for the first time. I'm a wreck and will be for days. My father was a pilot in WWII. My mother's life was so much like Claudette's character and therefore, my life was affected. War is hell and I hate every time politicians and beaurocrats send our young people int harm's way. Especially, when we shouldn't be Nam and the Middle East.I so wanted Orson Welles to finally admit to Claudette that he was John, her first husband, and her son Drew's father. I understand why he didn't, but I also understand the burdens people carry throughout life as a result of war.It's a must see film!

  • Tomorrow is Forever

    • Teresa
    • 5/5/10

    I first saw this movie on TCM many months ago & have looked for it ever since. It was excellent. I can't believe that a movie with Claudette Colbert & Orson Wells is not available for purchasing!!!

  • Tomorrow Is Forever

    • Cher
    • 4/23/10

    Watched this movie last night. First-rate acting. Orson Welles, Claudette Colbert, Gearge Brent. They never disappoint. Natalie Wood with her accent was just adorable. My only criticism with the film was that the Orson Welles who returned from the war looked too much like the Orson Welles who left for the war.

  • Tomorrow Is Forever

    • Marianne Sanazaro
    • 3/27/10

    This movie is one of my all time greats. I hope it will be scheduled to view on TCM soon. Spectacular acting along with a beautiful love story. Orson Welles and Claudette Colbert are my favorites!!!.Hopefully it will be soon released on DVD.

  • Tomorrow Is Forever (1946)

    • James Higgins
    • 2/28/10

    The plot is certainly a little far fetched and melodramatic but it is an engrossing and well made films as well. With Claudette Colbert and Orson Welles heading the cast, it's hard to go wrong. Nice art direction. It's quite interesting seeing a very young Natalie Wood.

  • Great War-Time Movie!

    • Karen
    • 12/9/09

    Love this movie! Can't believe it wasn't included in Claudette Colbert's new collection...maybe because it is a drama instead of a comedy. A great acting match...Orson Welles and Claudette Colbert. Both gave excellent and superb performances in this movie!

  • They don't make them like this anymore.

    • George
    • 6/11/08

    Every time a see Orson Welles in a movie from his early days, I realize how good an actor he really was. Along with the beautiful Claudette Colbert and great sceenplay, the music of Max Steiner makes this a top-notch film. Tear-jerker? Sure....but, a great one.

  • Classy Claudette Colbert...

    • Ann Brown
    • 5/25/08

    ...can make any movie first rate! Here she acts her way through an implausible story presented mostly between the two great wars. Assisted nobly by leading man George Brent and uber-talented Orson Welles, even the juvenile roles are well acted, especially by tiny Natalie Wood who uses a surprisingly convincing German accent! All mothers should have Kleenex at the ready, the whole family will enjoy this film.

  • Make it available

    • Robert D. Taylor, Sr
    • 4/18/08

    This is a great movie..........everytime it's shown on TCM, I try to view it. Please release it on DVD.

  • Excellent Movie

    • Jan
    • 4/13/08

    We had never seen this movie before, but were so impressed by it that we would like to purchase it on dvd. Excellent movie, wonderful actors, and the story was very vital especially for the time in which it was made. Was a strong reason for why America was to get involved in the war, and not to be apathetic. Thank you for showing great movies like this.

  • Love this film!!!!

    • Julia
    • 4/13/08

    Just watched this movie again. I just love it. It is a personal favorite. Please release it on home video soon. Thanks, TCM.

  • Simply the Best

    • Max
    • 4/7/08

    This has been my favorite movie, since the first time I saw it in the 50's as a child. It is Mas Steiner's finest and most haunting composition. I have no idea why it gets zero attention. Claudett's performance has stuck with me my whole life.

  • tomorrow is forever

    • Donna Julien
    • 3/23/08

    Have been searching for this movie everywhere. It is one of favorites. Hopefully this will be released soon.

  • Orson Welles shines

    • Dennis
    • 3/20/08

    This film is one of those that they don't seem to make anymore.An incredibly powerful deeply moving film It was just superb.Well acted and directed, the story is totally unpredictable and the message is that of self sacrifice.It is highly recommended and Orson Welles was never better. A true gem.(You'll need some tissues but you didn't hear that from me.)Anyway my heart is still pounding.(note-Unfortunately, this film is not yet on DVD.)

  • Opportunity to see a young Natalie Wood

    • Pamela
    • 10/25/07

    Lovely film, nicely acted, flows well. Also a terrific opportunity to see the very very young Natalie Wood. She is enormously appealing as the blond stepdaughter of the Orson Welles character - herself already damaged by war at such a young age.

  • WOW!!

    • Brent Thomas
    • 10/25/07

    What a terrific film. Absolutly an inspiring character study. I will watch it every time I have the opportunity and would love to own it. The question must be asked however is why can't or won't the industry produce this type product more today. I fear that the answer lies in what seems to appeal to the masses today. This movie would probably have little success in the theater today. It's a great screenplay, superbly directed and acted and uplifting to the audience.


    • DEBRA
    • 8/6/07


  • Wonderful Movie

    • TommyE
    • 6/15/07

    this is Claudette Colbert at her best; everyone else in the picture is great

  • Tomorrow is Forever

    • joe bynes
    • 5/10/07


  • "Tomorrow is Forever" - Fantastic! Movie!!

    • rosie C
    • 5/6/07

    This is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. I saw this movie yearsago, and have been looking for it for years. This movie should not be lost.I would love to see this movie restored, and maybe turned in to color (so the kids would watch it too)on DVD. I would buy this movie in a heartbeat.I rate this movie a 10.Thank you, Rosie C

  • One Of The Greatest Tearjerkers Of All Time!!!!

    • Cooper
    • 5/6/07

    One man's sacrifice of everything he loves for the wellfare of the woman he loves; and the woman's devotion to his memory to never give up the love she has for him.

  • One problem I have...

    • FrankieCee
    • 10/16/06

    This is a terrific storyline, the acting is superb, the directing impeccable. I have only one problem with the production. I find it incredible that Elizabeth doesn't recognize him "right off the bat". Especially since they were so in love, for the little time they did have together. The makeup should have been much more radical, that would have lent more credibility to the whole scenario. Although this factor detracts from the movie somewhat, the great acting is its salvation in the final analysis. They should have distorted his facial features more. Still worthy of watching though.

  • A Classic

    • Carmen
    • 10/16/06

    I have watched this over and over. The actors are terrific and I get hooked each time its on. Its one that should be on DVD!

  • Terrific

    • Ken Reeder
    • 9/16/06

    One of the best movies I have ever seen , clean no foul language or bad scenes , what a breath of fresh air. The message is one of sacrifice which is not seen much in this day and age , what a tear jerker.The story is one that has qualities that touch the heart. Thanks for putting this on TV.

  • I wish this movie was on DVD

    • Cecilia
    • 9/13/06

    this film is timeless - lots of depth in the script - wonderful acting, writing, directing, et al. I have tried to vote - to encourage DVD availablity but that function doesn't seem to be operative on the website right now.

  • A wonderful movie

    • Joy
    • 5/11/06

    So great in every way; the story, acting, timing, costumes. It was wondeful.I wish it was on DVD

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