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Tokyo Rose

Tokyo Rose(1946)

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Tokyo Rose, an English-speaking Japanese woman radio broadcaster, regularly derides American soldiers during her broadcasts as part of Japanese propaganda efforts. Twelve American prisoners of war, including Pete Sherman, are taken from their cells by Colonel Suzuki and ordered to converse with Tokyo Rose, ostensibly so that she can brush up on her English skills and study their reactions to her program. However, Pete, who hates Tokyo Rose because her broadcasts drove a buddy to his death, breaks the recording devices after surmising that Suzuki hopes to record them saying that they are being treated well. A fight then breaks out between the POWs and the Japanese guards, after which Pete and fellow prisoner Mike Kovac are tortured. Pete agrees to cooperate with Suzuki only to spare Mike's life, but Suzuki kills Mike anyway. Suzuki then brings in foreign correspondents Eric Nordstrom, a Swede, and Irishman Timothy O'Brien to observe. When the broadcast is disrupted by a bombing raid, Pete escapes and is knocked unconscious by falling rubble. When he awakens, he finds Eric lying dead next to him, and takes his clothes and identification. Pete is then taken to see O'Brien, who is being questioned by Captain Okubo from the department of censorship. Both Eric's sister Greta and O'Brien accept Pete's impersonation without hesitation. After Okubo leaves, Pete tells Greta and O'Brien how Eric died. Pete is disgusted that the journalists appear to be neutral about the war despite Eric's death, and he reveals his desire to kill Tokyo Rose. The next morning, O'Brien arranges for Pete to meet with members of the underground movement. Pete is taken by truck to a bomb crater, underneath which is a secret cavern. There, Pete meets underground leader Chung Yu, and his compatriots Charlie Otani, Soon Hee and Wong. Pete earns their trust after helping Charlie fix their radio. Although Chung Yu arranges for Pete to escape by submarine, Pete insists on kidnapping Tokyo Rose, believing that he can gain access to the radio station by posing as Nordstrom. Greta becomes suspicious of O'Brien because he sees Suzuki immediately after meeting with Soon Hee, who is posing as their cleaning woman. Her suspicions appear to be well-founded, as O'Brien offers to turn over Pete and reveal the location of the underground to Suzuki in exchange for 10,000 pounds. Pete, Charlie and Chung Yu, meanwhile, follow a subterranean tunnel to Radio Tokyo, where Pete is admitted to interview Tokyo Rose. After he kidnaps the broadcaster, Greta warns them that Suzuki knows about their plan. Pete nevertheless convinces Charlie to return to the crater, but Suzuki and his soldiers are waiting for them. Pete destroys the troop with a grenade blast, and escapes to the submarine site with Tokyo Rose. Once there, Pete tells Chung Yu and Charlie that O'Brien's arrangement with Suzuki allowed them to grab Tokyo Rose easily, as Suzuki planned to defeat them at the crater. O'Brien then reports that the atomic bomb has just been detonated over Hiroshima, and that the war will soon be over. O'Brien, Greta and Pete, who is holding Tokyo Rose hostage, are then picked up by a submarine.