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To Each His Own

To Each His Own(1946)

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  • Where does Abortion come into this discussion.

    • denscul
    • 9/1/18

    I'm a guy, and would rate this a chick flic. Although the thought of having an abortion seemed to solve the problem faced in 1918 re unwed mothers, the main thrust of this film is that Jodie want the kid. And was willing to risk her life. So in 2018, with a minority of women, having a child, despite all the complications seems to trump all other negatives. It was against the law in 1918, legal today. The Court will never make Abortion legal. But who is to say that after another generation of two, having an abortion will be outlawed by society, and not a judge.

  • To Each His Own

    • tim burke
    • 7/30/18

    When will TCM be playing " To Each His Own " again ? We had recorded it but was lost when we moved. Tim and Trudy Burke

  • Why does a review make an issue of abortion.

    • denscul
    • 2/12/18

    Honestly, I turn to TCM to forget about politics. Its a refuge for many of us. Considering that films today have little sentimentality that to many younger viewers they will find little that match this film. In case the reviewer missed the fact that Jodie had the choice of having an abortion legally, we could have been spared the attempt to give this film the top rating it deserves. I'm not a chick, but I was a pilot, and did not see this as strictly a chick film. I had a similar situation, as did many pilots trying to fight, save their lives, and attempt to live a normal life. Including getting married. While classifying this as a melodrama is probably correct, but it is not a soap opera. Its a story of sacrifice, and redemption. What fascinated me was the acting talent of Olivia. She played two generations in one film perfectly, which is not always done with perfection in most other films. It takes more than good make up.

  • The Olivia I'd missed

    • TK
    • 2/28/17

    Gone With The Wind, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Captain Blood ... these films pretty much defined Olivia de Havilland for me. Not anymore. Her performance in this film floored me. Yes it's hard to keep a dry eye at the end, especially if you're a parent.

  • Always makes me cry

    • LisaD
    • 9/19/16

    A lovely story beautifully acted. I've watched it for years but it is rarely shown of late. I was so happy to see it on my beloved TCM. But why is it not on DVD? The ending is very emotional.

  • Touching

    • Roslyn Dorsey
    • 9/18/16

    It was my first time seeing the movie and it was touching. I really enjoyed watching it.

  • Worth a watch

    • Snowsim
    • 9/18/16

    I've never been much of a fan of Olivia deHavilland but her performance here impressed. She even got me a wee bit weepy a couple of times. But now I wish more films had made better use of John Lund, as he was quite intriguing in this. Will seek out more of him & Roland Culver.

  • Top Drawer Melodrama

    • Jim Smith
    • 9/18/16

    Me, an old man blaise about much, rarely enjoy a movie. Doesn't apply here. Soapy, soapy movie that is enchanting, spell binding presentation with superb acting and none better than Olivia Dehavilland. In black and white as it should be. Enjoy.

  • to each his own

    • kevin sellers
    • 7/23/16

    Just imagine. If abortion had been legal in 1946 we would have been spared this insufferably dull, gushy, female weepy. Give it a D.

  • Love this movie

    • Maria Ramos
    • 7/16/16

    Olivia Dehavilland is my next favorite actor next to Bette. Loved all the movies TCM showing on Fridays of July. This movie made me cry at the end. Perhaps because I grew up in foster homes. Great acting, and screen play and love Lord Descham.

  • To Each His Own

    • Helen
    • 7/6/16

    Oh my gosh! where do I start, one of my all time favorite movies. the end gets me every doggone time! lol wish it was available on dvd. Thank you for showing "Dime With A Halo" hope to see it again real soon, in a better time slot.

  • To Each His Own on Criterion Collection DVD

    • Jeffrey Kenison
    • 6/2/16

    Since Olivia de Havilland won her first deserved Oscar in this melodrama classic, it definitely ought to be on Criterion Collection DVD

  • to each his own

    • SUSAN
    • 3/12/16

    Great movie.... and should be shown more often.. I have only seen it once in a few years on TCM Olivia de Havilland will be 100 this july maybe they will show it then... Her performance is outstanding...

  • Perfection

    • Jessie
    • 12/21/15

    This is a 5 star movie all the way, in all ways. Perfect and I wish it was on DVD or at least on TCM. WHY has it disappeared. Story, acting, cast, lighting, costumes, music, writing etc. a great, great movie and I can't believe anyone rated it less than 5 stars. Compare it with anything today and it's 10 stars, well for that matter anything in the 1940's is better than anything today.

  • Great Movie!!

    • Rich
    • 12/11/15

    A touching and caring movie about a mother's love and commitment. Well written, directed, and most of all acted. I recommend this movie to all my friends and family. Heartwarming and sensitive that can apply even to today's life experiences. Must watch!!

  • To each his own

    • Karen
    • 10/29/15

    5 star movie! One of the best. Can't believe they don't have it on DVD

  • to each his own

    • Cynthia Martinez
    • 8/1/15

    this is my favorite movie... Will it be played anytime soon on TCM??? I love to hear Mr. Osborne give his review of each movie!!! Hopefully this movie will be played soon!!! I also have tried looking on line to see if this movie is being sold anywhere... I can't seem to find it. Would anyone know how I would be able to purchase this movie??? Thank you for all the wonderful movies you have been showing!!! Blessings to all of you at TCM!!!

  • to each his own

    • kathy
    • 5/19/15

    One if the best movies I have ever seen To keep this great film unavailable to movie buffs like myself would be a crime. This is all about unconditional love for a child and the sacrifice a women has to make because of the shame it would bring to her child and herself. It would be a crime not to print this fantastic movie legend.

  • To Each His Own

    • Linda Byars
    • 9/28/14

    I think this movie is one of the best "Mother's Day" films but also a great one of the sacrifices at wartime like Mrs. Miniver.I must have missed your last showing of the film. I keep searching the schedule for Olivia's Birthday- July1. Please let me know when it will be shown again.

  • To Each his own

    • Edythe Provenzano
    • 4/8/14

    One of the best! I would love to buy it, but don't know how. can anyone tell me how?

  • A Personal life between two World Wars.

    • 1/16/14

    Olivia is absolutely great in her transfer from innocent small town girl, to mature, cynical and still thwarted to have the one thing she wants. Her son. My favorite part of this film is the gradual recognition by her son, played by John Lund, an actor who should have gone on to a great career, (see a foreign affair) but was caught by TV and lack of roles. The English Lord who manages to tie Lund's marriage and Lund's recognition is heart warming. One expects that the Lord and the Lady Magnate will tie the knot had the film continued.

  • To EAch His Own

    • Jessie
    • 11/19/13

    Fabulous movie, romantic, wonderful, great cast, great story, great acting, great cinematography. Why isn't this on TCM?

  • The absolute Top

    • Joe David Solis
    • 10/28/13

    I saw this film years ago and longed for a DVD copy, but found only one South Korean company had produced it. I purchased it and watch it ALL the time. It is perhaps the most 'feeling' film I've ever seen, even as there are others out there. Why? Because one feels for nearly ALL the characters, not just Jody Norris: Yes, she is the utmost one here for whom to feel, but think about it: Alex marries Corinne because Jody, whom he loves, turns him down. Mac - turned down as well. Daisy - She has her scene where she describes why she is alone and embittered. Mr. Norris - he loves his daughter and tells her, "We don't judge each other, you & I. We love each other." Corinne is second picks of Alexis, but her line to Jody when the latter tries to take Grigsy, "Grigsy is not for sale. - You are incredibly cruel!" Alex has to admit to his wife that he married her because he was in love with Jody, but she turned him down. Lord Desham lost his wife and child to a flu epidemic while he was away at war. Captain Cosgrove never got to know his son. Grigsy never got to know his father and grew up not with his birth mother, when he might have been spared that fate. What a film! What performances! John Lund in 2 roles, but Olivia de Havilland, also, really in 2 parts (a young innocent, and a older learned, long-suffering woman. Just the best!

  • To Each His Own

    • wanda
    • 10/1/13

    My favorite movie. Very dramatic and touching. Of course, the acting and writing of the 1940's movies are the greatest. Should be on DVD.

  • To Each his own

    • Howard Wilshire
    • 8/20/13

    Great Movie!!!!!!!!!!! Should be on TCM I keep checking on it

  • To Each His Own

    • Latona
    • 4/23/13

    I love this movie. It is not for sale but should be. I wish TMC would show it. It is the only network we can hope to see this movie. Olivia deHavilland is simply at her best. The story is a tear jerker but a beautiful one.

  • please show this movie on tcm

    • ellie
    • 3/19/13

    I first saw this movie when it came out many years ago It is still one of my all time favorites. Olivia de Havilland gave a wonderful performance as a young and the older Jody Norris. It was amazing that John Lund was so different as Lt. Cosgrove and later, his son Gregory Pearson;. Please show this movie on TCV in prime hours so that more people could enjoy this all time great classic movie.

  • To Each His Own

    • Louise
    • 3/15/13

    This is the best movie I have seen, I have been looking everywhere to buy it. Olivia De Havilland gave a wonderful performance in this movie. I could watch it again and again. It is a beautiful story from WWI.

  • One of my favorite films

    • Linda
    • 7/10/12

    This film is one of my favorites and I would love to have it in my collection. I hope one day it will be available on dvd. This is a classic with a wonderful cast.

  • To Each His Own

    • Marty
    • 5/19/12

    This has been my favorite movie for 45 years! Really! Why isn't it on DVD?? Until it is, please show it often on TCM. It is the most wonderful movie. The absolute joy that I feel when he asks Olivia de Havilland to dance has never been duplicated by any other movie. I can't imagine why it hasn't been released. Whoever makes that call -- just do it!!!

  • To Each His Own

    • Marlene
    • 2/19/12

    Why is this movie not on DVD.... It is an incredible movie. It is a shame that it is not available to the many people who would love to have this in their collection.

  • Just Wow!!

    • Keith White
    • 12/1/11

    Well I can tell you one thing, if you like great performances, and great acting , and just a sense of feeling deepy. this film out of all of the classic movies, that i've seen do just that. All of the cast, especaily Oliva is the best actress of all.

  • To Each His Own

    • Marge
    • 10/8/11

    I agree with what others have said in prior reviews. I have seen this movie several times but only by chance. To everyone:Please look up in the righthand corner where you are asked to cast a vote for this movie to be released on DVD. As of today (10/08/2011) there is a total of one vote which is mine. WOULD EVERYONE PLEASE CAST A VOTE TO HAVE 'TO EACH HIS OWN' RELEASED ON DVD!!! Wishfully enough votes will be casted & a DVD will be made. Awhile back I checked, they had one DVD of this movie which is probably sold by now. This is such a wonderful, heartwarming, well-acted, classic movie, I don't understand why it is not readily available. Olivia de Havilland also starred in a movie titled 'Snakepit" which is about a woman wrongfully committed to an asylum. I saw it a long, long time ago & again I don't understand why this movie is not readily available either. I also tried a DVD club I belong to & no luck there as well. I'm glad to see that there are others who feel the same way about To Each His Own as I do. For those of you who like older classic movies & have not seen it this is definitely a must see movie. Wishfully enough people will vote & another DVD will be made for us all to add To Each His Own to our DVD collection.

  • To Each His own

    • Sandra
    • 8/18/11

    This is the ultimate "chick's movie"...WHY, WHY, WHY is this movie in which Ms. DeHavilland wonan Oscar for Best Actress NOT on DVD???

  • To Each His Own

    • emmie
    • 2/25/11

    This is on e of the best movies ever made ...touching and caring...hurt my heart in a good way.... this movie shows the respect and kindness that has been lost over generations!!!


    • elizabeth polimeni
    • 12/8/10


  • to each his own

    • susan
    • 7/24/10

    first found this movie on that other movie channel before they added commericals. fell in love with it then. was able to buy a vhs copy. it is now making the rounds with my friends. just thinking about this story makes me emotional. While You Were Gone (Claudette Colbert), Goodbye, Mr. Chips (Robert Donet), and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (Gene Tierney) has the same sort of quality. Please air again or better yet press(?) burn(?) make(?) a DVD soon.

  • To Each His Own

    • Asli Jat
    • 7/11/10

    Just managed to see this gem of a movie & was highly impressed with the acting of both Olivia de Havilland & John Lund. It's a real pity he never took off as a major star.I have also enjoyed reading the comments of others about the movie & I'd like to recommend they check out the Indian remake called 'Aradhana' made in 1969. This too had one actress playing the main character as both a young & old woman. Also, the same hero as the lover & later son.This should be available on Netflix since it is considered a classic of Indian cinema.If anyone else does manage to see 'Aradhana', I'd love to hear what they thought ...See :

  • To Each his own

    • Betty Shoemaker
    • 7/3/10

    I grew up in the late 40's and 50's in a very small town. We had a little theater on main street in the 50's. I think I went to every movie but don't remember this one. I watched it yesterday on TCM . My Granddaughter Sister and Neice came over for Coffee this morning and i was telling them about this wonderful Movie. I couldn't get through it without crying and had all of them crying by the time I got finished. It was a wonderful Movie. I love TCM

  • To Each His Own

    • Carol Aka
    • 7/2/10

    This is my favorite movie. I am so glad that they are showing it again. I love John Lund and Olivia deserved the Oscar. When is it coming out on DVD. It should be on DVD now. This is one of the all time greats.

  • To Each His Own

    • Everett Johnson
    • 7/2/10

    I saw "To Each His Own" for the first time yesterday afternoon and I thought it was very good. All of the cast, especially the lead performers, had me convinced that this wasn't a movie, it was real. I cried at the end.

  • To Each His Own

    • Marie
    • 7/1/10

    I got hooked into watching "To Each His Own" But I couldn't finish watching the movie. I had to pick up kids at summer school! OMG I missed the end! What happened? I got to the part where he found the scrapbook! WHY ISN'T THIS MOVIE ON DVD! PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME? Must I wait till the next showing on 8/27.

  • To Each His Own

    • Carrilyn106
    • 7/1/10

    An unforgettable movie. I just now finished watching it for the millionth time and it always brings tears to my eyes. Ms. Havilland's character was authentic although she should've had a better supporting cast.It is one of my favorite classics although I can't understand why it hasn't been put on dvd. Thank You TCM, you guys are the best.Happy 4th. of July!!

  • To each his own

    • Eleanor Rosenthal
    • 5/11/10

    In 1946, a young person could not see To Each His Own because Ms. De Havilland's character, Jody Norris, has a child out of wedlock. Finally, the neighborhood movie house, the Lawndale theater, allowed me to see this movie. I saw this movie on another movie channel and once on TCM. Please make this movie available on DVD. I would love to have it for my collection. The cast, including Olivia de Havilland, was wonderful.

  • To Each His Own

    • Judy
    • 2/16/10

    Unforgettable. Watch it and you will realize the pain and joy of motherhood and the sacrifices mothers make because of the human nature of deep unconditional love that they hold for their children. I saw this movie once years ago and can still remember the heartache and wonderment that this film exposes to your very soul.I feel like crying when I think of this movie but will stock up on tissues and wait for TCM to show this movie again. If I somehow miss it when it is on again, I will have to cry all the harder.The movie should be shown to everyone even now if not especially now. The bonds between a mother and child are broken in many seen and unseen ways in our present time. The feelings and life changing events that form all of our lives need to be revisited and those sacrifices honored. This film is love.I voted for it to be put on DVD. Will you?

  • Tragedy of epic proportions

    • Jarrod McDonald
    • 2/13/10

    This (finally) aired on TCM a few weeks ago, and I just got around to watching it today. I waited, because based on the other comments I read, I knew I would need a Saturday with a few hours to devote to it (two hours for viewing and one hour for regaining my composure). I'm still emotional as I write this, and the tears are welling up. It sounds funny, but it's true. There are things I like and don't like about this film. What I like: it's a true ode to motherhood (it should be shown on Mother's Day each year); Olivia's performance is majestic; and it has a happy ending, despite the fact that it was made during the years of the production code, in which adultery could not be rewarded. As for what I don't like: I think it needed some other big name stars in it, especially playing the adoptive parents; also, I don't think the part where she wants to leave the baby on the other family's doorstep works (it's a bit hokey; and no mother I know would leave a baby out in the cold like that, especially if she could bring it into the warm drugstore with her father). I would love to see this story remade, as a period piece, and with some of the more implausible parts of the plot removed. I think the De Havilland character should be black, and her fly boy a white man, to up the stakes and the element of scandal. And I think the bootlegger role should be changed. He shouldn't be so sympathetic towards her; after all, she comes off as being rather selfish when she keeps the boy for a few months, and she doesn't know the first thing about how to give him the nurturing he needs. It's a tragedy of epic proportions. That's what is so sad about it.

  • Best Movie Ever

    • Rhonda
    • 1/26/10

    This is one of the best movies I have ever seen! It makes you feel sad all the way to the bone! The kind of move your mind keeps going back to over and over. It's just that good! My Aunt saw this movie when it first came out in 1946 at "The Majestic Theatre" in Dallas Texas. She loved it back then as I love it now! Wish it was on DVD!

  • Great movie

    • Norma
    • 1/25/10

    I'd never seen this one before, and really enjoyed it.

  • ridiculous

    • michael
    • 1/25/10

    what a stupid movie. so many unlikely situations. olivia was not oscar worthy, would not have won in another year. john lund was not leading man caliber. and title song- written later, was the only decent thing and not even heard in the movie. How about johnlund's dubbed singing on the dance floor?????????????

  • Beautiful!

    • Effie
    • 1/24/10

    What a beautiful, wonderful movie! It was my first time seeing it, and I am so glad I watched!! Thanks TCM!

  • Another great movie shown on TCM

    • midwrite
    • 1/24/10

    Thanks TCM for providing all of us with opportunities to see great classic movies. For me, "To Each His Own" has just been added to list of great classics to own. What a fabulous movie, I just can't fine the words to express how blown away I am by this wonderful film. Thanks for continuing to be there for all of us classic movie admirers.

  • Waiting for YEARS

    • rachelrph
    • 1/24/10

    I have been waiting for YEARS for TCM to rebroadcast this movie and I'm sick that I missed the first 18 minutes of it tonight. Every morning I check to see what is showing on TCM throughout the day but, of course, today I didn't!!I check every once in a while to see if it is available on DVD. Please vote for it to be released!!I've arranged for a reminder to be sent to me for the April 28th showing. This movie is well worth watching. A word of caution - watch with a box of tissues.


    • PetoAntoni
    • 1/24/10

    I wrote a rather long article on Olivia and this film, but it was not posted.Though not even born as the great Miss De Havilland was making her last films for television I came to know and love her well.My God! When I saw To Each His Own( only once ) I was in that proverbial Seventh Heaven. It's a fabulous movie, a GREAT Woman's Movie as they called them, but simply a treasure of a movie in the mold of the great Bette Davis films that preceeded this 1946 classic.I defy anyone, male or female, not to admit that this story of a mother's sacrifice gets you right in the gut. It's a weepy, but the sentimentalism does not run amok. That's what makes it so remarkable, so watchable.

  • more question than comment

    • mark
    • 1/24/10

    it's been quite a while since i've seen "To Each His Own," and i could just wait to check the credits tonight (TCM is broadcasting the film tonight, 24 January, 2010), the movie based on the same Edith Wharton novella, "The Old Maid," as the earlier Bette Davis movie titled "The Old Maid"?

  • de Havilland

    • Kae Ferraro
    • 1/23/10

    I love all her films - especially when she appears with Errol Flynn. To Each His Own has always been one of my favorites. I wish I could purchase it from TCM.

  • Aradhana & To Each His Own

    • Asli_Jat
    • 10/17/09

    This film inspired an immortal Hindi movie called 'Aradhana' that launched the 1st superstar of Hindi Cinema - Rajesh Khanna.As a coincidence, the leading actress of 'Aradhana' also won the 'Indian Oscar' or 'Filmfare Award' for her role also.I would love to see the original & compare the two !

  • I Bought the VHS...

    • Steve S.
    • 7/3/09

    because Olivia de Havilland is my favorite actress and, once again, I was NOT disappointed.She shines brightly in "To Each His Own" playing her character, Jody Norris, both as a young woman and one of middle-age.Her brillance is subtle yet obvious and the supporting cast, save John Lund, are relatively unknown to the big screen but Mitchell Liesen get's the performance's required to let Ms. de Havilland take full advantage of her lead role.

  • Please, please please!

    • Cindy Rosarbo
    • 4/15/09

    Please show this movie!!

  • To Each His Own

    • Carol Aka
    • 1/8/09

    I too, have begged for this movie. They use to run this movie. They act like they have something against Olivia de Haviland, because they seldom run her movies. She carries this movie.

  • This Movie on DVD

    • Jeffrey Kenison
    • 12/30/08

    I wouldn't mind having this film on DVD. After all, I like Olivia de Havilland, and she did win an Academy Award for this movie.

  • My favorite movie

    • rene
    • 12/24/08

    I saw this movie years ago one time and it has been my favorite ever since. Just wish I could buy it and watch it again.

  • Don't think they have it

    • Will
    • 8/27/08

    Tina and Phyllis. I've been trying to get them to show this movie for quiet a while. I've suggested it several times. I've finally come to the conclusion that they don't have it or have access to it. I've asked them to email me to let me know whether or not they have it, but they never have. I'm not sure how we can see it. Perhaps it may be shown on another station, but since TCM plays many movies several times per year and has not shown To Each his own in a long time, the only conclusion I can draw is that they don't have it.


    • Tina Gutierrez
    • 7/23/08



    • Phyllis Riddell
    • 7/23/08


  • To Each His Own - Will it ever be shown on TCM?

    • Will
    • 6/2/08

    I've been waiting for a very long time to see this movie on TCM. It's such a great movie and I'm getting to the conclusion that you don't have the movie. It's been years since I've seen it and I don't know whether or not it was TCM that I saw it on, so perhaps you don't have it, but since I supplied my email address can you confirm this for me, then I won't keep asking you to air it.

  • Olivia's well deserved first Oscar-winning role...

    • Neil
    • 5/24/08

    The theme of mother love is given stellar treatment in this well-crafted sentimental romantic drama that spans two World Wars and tells the story of a mother finally reunited with her son. Olivia was just as believable as the young Jody Norris as she is as the middle-aged mother at the beginning of the film when the flashbacks start. Every member of the cast has their moment, beautifully directed by Mitchell Leisen.

  • one of best movies ever!!

    • michelle
    • 4/16/08

    this is a truly great movie and i challenge anyone to keep a dry eye at the end of thisfilm. anyone who's seen it knows what i mean!

  • Wonderful!!

    • pam
    • 3/10/08

    Just shows us how a Mother's love is unconditional and unselfish. She only wanted what was best for her baby and was willing to sacrifice whatever it took to make sure her child had the best-but forgetting that the child may only need the mother God gave it. Great- please put it on DVD!!

  • A must see oldie

    • Dolly
    • 3/7/08

    I'm waiting to be able to see this great movie again. Hope it will be available to buy soon.

  • Greatest movie

    • Teresa
    • 2/9/08

    This is absolutely the best of the best movies. I was adopted but always knew my birth mom and I can identify with this movie. It really shows the true love of a mother. I taped the movie years ago but would love to have it on DVD.

  • Let's not forget this classic

    • Kristine
    • 2/2/08

    I love this movie! I haven't seen it in awhile and would love to have it on dvd. Please vote for it!!! Would love to watch it with my daughter. This generation needs to see these movies.

  • A Real Tearjerker

    • Angie
    • 1/16/08

    This is such a wonderful film. I have not been able to find it on DVD. Please, Please, Please, play it again soon. I have not seen it in years. Why has it not been shown? There are movies that are repeated again and again and yet this gem has not been seen in years.Olivia deHaviland is wonderful and what an ending. I cry just thinking about it. I would love to own this film. Please make it available for sale.

  • Forgotten Treasure

    • Avania
    • 1/12/08

    This original film is a heart wretching must see for all generations. The film breaks my heart, and yet, gives me hope for the sacrifice I've made. I would love to see it again, and if, it were available on DVD, that would be a true treasure.

  • To Each His Own

    • cynetha
    • 12/30/07

    I recorded this movie on VHS a long time ago when it aired on TV and have since lost the Video. Please make it available again. It is a wonderful film and I would love to have it in my library again.

  • Wonderful movie

    • Hazel Murray
    • 12/30/07

    I haven't seen this movie in years, but I will never forget how wonderful it is.

  • To Each His Own

    • Alice
    • 12/25/07

    This is such a wonderful movie. I can't believe you are not listening to the great comments being made and put this movie in your lineup. Please play this incredible movie.

  • wow....

    • Em
    • 7/19/07

    What an incredible movie! I cannot say it enough, Olivia de Havilland is amazing and breathtaking in this film!

  • To Each His Own

    • Nurse Gail
    • 7/4/07

    Please, please schedule this movie. It is one of my favorites!

  • A Must-See!

    • Emily
    • 5/22/07

    Why is this film not on DVD?!? Or even VHS for crying out loud???? It has been years since I've seen this wonderful movie and I desperately want to own it!This film is incredible and Olivia de Havilland is astonising and won a well-deserved Oascar for this role. TCM, please, please, please play this movie again!

  • Should Be On DVD For Everyone To See

    • debbie crawford
    • 3/27/07

    It's beyond me why this movie is not on DVD, should have been a long time ago, if you can put movies like the Exorcist, Chainsaw Massecar, Monster etc, you can surely put this one on DVD. There are those of us who would buy it in heart beat, I dont know why you all don't go down your vault list and just put every movie on DVD.You never ever show it on TCM, why is that?This is one of the lost greats.

  • A Great Film

    • Movie Fan
    • 10/28/06

    I cannot believe that this film is not on DVD or shown of TCM. It is a wonderful film with exceptional performance by Olivia de Havilland as well as the supporting cast. Please release it on DVD!!!

  • a winner

    • michael york
    • 10/16/06

    what could have beem complete mush and syrup is made not only palatable but very moving as well a superb cast good production and incisive direction smooth over the manipulation of the plot

  • Just thinking about this movie, I cry.

    • Nancy
    • 8/8/06

    Just the on-line synopsis of this movie makes me cry, gives me chills. It's my favorite (and first-ever) Olivia Dehaviland movie. I do wish TCM would play it soon.

  • Irresistable

    • Alan Zachary
    • 7/2/06

    If you don't completely lose it when John Lund asks Olivia de Havilland to dance with him at the end of this movie, you need to find out how you manage to be breathing despite the absence of a heart.

  • Wonderful Tear Jerker

    • Mary Conrad
    • 6/4/06

    Each time I see this movie, it makes me so emotional. I can't believe that this movie is not more popular. Oliva De Havilland is outstanding and it has a wonderful cast. It shows the scarifice of a mother and especially what things were like back then. Please play it again soon.

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