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The Time Machine

The Time Machine(1960)

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  • Magnificent film

    • v etc
    • 1/15/18

    The 1960 Time Machine may possibly be the best science-fiction film ever. The cast is magnificent, and people have always wondered what the 3 books were which he took back with him.

  • props for the maker.

    • a.morris
    • 12/23/17

    the can actually touch effect.. that represents the time machine it self.. is reason enough to respect this movie. everything else is a fantastic bonus.

  • A classic

    • Harold
    • 10/12/17

    A wonderful movie showcasing a classic novel. Rod Taylor is great!

  • SciFi and not Horror

    • Habitat 67
    • 10/6/17

    This is a terrific science fiction film. Chainsaw and slasher movies are horror stories (along with any film with Zsa Zsa Gabor). But The Time Machine is a creative and even inspiring science fiction classic. That is how HG Wells wrote the original story and that's how the movie was made. And it is well worth watching and FAR better than its remake. Rod Taylor is amazing in this film and I am always happy to see it on TCM.

  • excellent film

    • Larry
    • 9/20/17

    Rod Taylor is at his best in this haunting film. He is well cast as the young inventor who creates a time machine in 1899 . That time machine has to be one of the most iconic movie props ever made and ranks with the ruby slippers and the Maltese falcon. It is so good that it almost seems plausible that one can time travel in that thing. The time travel scenes are very well made and, again, they almost seem believable. This film, based on the HG Wells novel triggers the imagination and has been doing so since 1960. It has a good supporting cast and this includes Alan Young as Filby. This was about the same time he was Mr. Ed's father on TV but he is good in this movie even without the talking horse.


    • Frank Davis
    • 8/16/17

    Sci Fi, not horror and with Yvette Mimieux, hardly with that eye candy

  • The machine wins the award......

    • Graham Thomas
    • 11/18/15

    Great job all hands, brilliant twist at the end... But the design and construction of the Machine is really superb... Completely believable. Yvette isn't bad either.... Eloi characterizations needed an upgrade, too reminiscent of the boogie men in Laurel and Hardy's March of the Wooden Soldiers....

  • TCM please categorize this film correctly!

    • Nick
    • 1/29/15

    Excellent film, especially for its time (1960) & kudos to Rod Taylor for later wanting to be in a sequel (by the same director) which, alas, was never realized. However, this is NOT a "Horror" film as TCM categorizes it. It's SCIENCE-FICTION! It's based on the famous book by H.G. Wells. There have been other instances of this wrongful classification I've seen, namely with "Forbidden Planet" (a classic Sci-Fi film from the '50s, which is also not Horror, as TCM usually describes it). Who sets these categories for TCM, the Morlocks?!...RIP Rod Taylor...

  • A great scifi/fantasy flick

    • Brian
    • 1/21/15

    Like many others, I first saw The Time Machine at a kiddie matinee and was amazed by the whole experience. Subsequent viewings over the years have not dimmed my enthusiasm. With the overabundance of CGI crammed down your throat today the special effects remain imaginative and effective. The whole time travel sequence, the beautiful Weena and the extremely creepy Morlocks are indelible memories. I would have loved a sequel, if only to find out what those three books were!

  • the time machine

    • errol stafford
    • 11/13/14

    my favorite film. Saw this in 1960 at a saturday matinee it has stayed with me since . Just a well done film an great book. Would love to own the time machine and place it in my living room. Rod Taylor was excellent in the role.

  • the time macine

    • will
    • 1/31/14

    Great old Saturday afternoon fun movie. If your gonna try to critic this film , well, as someone else said, about another film, you might as well just change the channel, and leave the fun for the rest us. The one and only glitch I personally found was Alan Youngs Scottish accent. and even that,at least was kept to a minimum. I find the teenagers(Not All)today ,disturbingly more and more like the young people in this film,with there who gives a damn attitude about life and death.

  • I think it just mite be my favorite movie now!

    • Natalie
    • 9/27/13

    I think its a fun movie overall and very amusing to watch! I love the graphics and how good it is for its age, I also think its amazingly entertaining because of the paise it go's I like how its not to slow but not to fast :) -but that's just coming from a 12 year olds view

  • Good Effort

    • Graham Thomas
    • 9/27/13

    Not quite up there with the great ones, Invasion of the Body Snatchers et al, but a solid entertaining film from George Pal (see also War of the Worlds). Vivid color, nice Victoriana, a proto SteamPunk Time Machine and a lovely Yvette. What kills this is the lame charicterization of the monsters. Weak at best. Worth a look and a bowl of popcorn.

  • The Time Machine (1960)

    • jjp009
    • 9/27/13

    I am already very much looking forward to this film when TCM airs it tonight. I try to catch it every time it shows. I remember reading the book as a child and being fascinated with the idea of time travel, and when I saw this film later, I loved it even more. So, I guess you could say this film provides warm, fuzzy memories for me and it will always mean something special in my heart.

  • Which three books would you take?

    • RedRain
    • 2/18/13

    I've never forgotten that penultimate query of this film! Three books with which to build a civilization! Think of it! Robert Osbourne relays that H. G. Wells felt that of all his books it was this one which he felt would lend itself best to film and he was right! The other Wells books-to-film pale in comparison to this great film. It took thirty more years before a sci-fi film - "2001: A Space Odyssey" - had the quality of "The Time Machine" and this is due in no small part to George Pal. I've given much thought to Wells' premise of time travel and, now that we are working on this in our scientific community, I've no doubt it will occur one day. The acting in this film is first-rate and Rod Taylor is terrific! I would only add that the new version of this film is not nearly as good as this one. If you like the story itself, please read the book! It's sensational!

  • Movie Machine

    • James Morland
    • 11/29/12

    As I listen to Frank Zappa's masterfull Watermelon in Easter Hay, I'm vigoursly pumping out this review of George Pal's randition of The Time Machine. This movie is the adaption of the classic short novel by H.G. Wells regarding a late-19th century scientist who travels to the distant future and finds a race of child-like creatures. And, um, well, things happen. The structure of The Time Machine, as far as plot and what not go, is of a good, dare I say great, quality; yet, I'd say the characteriazation wasn't exactly deep. The performaces were decent enough. More miscellaneous aspects to The Time Machine are of an admirable quality, but I'd certainly have to day that the most superb aspect to this movie is that it's unusually entertaining. This really is a fine film to watch for fun, you know. Besides there's the undeniable fact that if George Pal set out to make a very decently pieced together work that audeinces would like, then he certainly suceeded. The only real foul-smelling part of The Time Machine is it hasn't exactly aged well and may seem cheesy and hoaxy to more 'modern' viewers; although, this is still something most people, espically movie buffs, should be able to apprieciate.

  • I always watch this...

    • Kathy
    • 11/28/12

    Even though I've seen this many times, I always end up watching it whenever TCM runs it. The special effects are probably what entice me-watching the mannequin change over time, watching the world being bombed & covered in lava...seeing that spooks me every time. It really hits home with the way war is shown to be nothing but destructive in the long run...even 80 thousand years into the future. BUT-if I could change anything by going back in time in the movie-it would be to pick any other than WEENA for that poor woman! And being an antiques collector -I'd love to get ahold of the time machine's gear shift. Gorgeous!

  • Favorite science fiction classic

    • Sylvia Elwyn
    • 11/26/12

    This is my favorite science fiction classic of all times. I love the special effects and the movie is well cast, in my opinion. It is great the TCM is still showing this wonderful movie!

  • The Time Machine (1960)

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 8/28/12

    A decent film (and by classic movie sci-fi standards, brilliant) and a must-see for fans of the genre. It's a garish cartoon compared to the subtle novel it is loosely adapted from, but it's not bad. Also, am I the only one who thinks Robin Williams should have been in a remake? He looks remarkably like Rod Taylor--not so much in physique, though (except for the rug on his chest).

  • IF YOU/VE NEVER SEEN THIS...............

    • Michael Steven
    • 2/4/12

    As you can tell............I have an interest in horror,as well as sci-fi films.THE GOOD ONES IN PARTICULAR.I GOT THAT FROM MY DAD.THIS PARTICULAR FILM IS NO EXCEPTION. I first saw The Time Machine,around 1969-1970.BLEW ME AWAY WITH IT'S VISUALS!I also viewed the 2002 version,& was impressed by it's visuals as well.The difference in the 2002 version was that the Time traveller went further into the future,as he did in the book.A VERY BLEAK VISION FOLLOWS THEREAFTER.But let's get back to the 1960 film.This film won the Oscar,for Best Visual Effects,in 1960.The Time Machine presently resides at Bob Burns home in California.I know,becuse I asked him in 2001.NICE FELLOW. The film BASICALLY covers the book.With a FINE cast,how can you go wrong.I recently heard that George Pal had intended for a sequel to be made.It made it only as far as a completed storyline,NOTHING MORE.If you want to know what the story was about,e-mail me,I'll fill you in.It's been said that THE TIME MACHINE was George Pal's favorite film.In my opinion,the passage of time sequence in BOTH films is AMAZING.Yet........there's something almost magical about this film.On the DVD Version,there's a Special Interest section entitled,"THE JOURNEY BACK".It's about the making of the film.ALSO.....the Time Traveler RETURNS!!!!In the book,the Time Traveler had no name. If you've never seen this film,WATCH IT!It's a VERY special film,indeed.

  • A Science-Fiction Masterpiece.

    • Frank Harris Horn
    • 1/3/10

    Filmmaker George Pal brings another one H.G. Wells' classic novels to life on the big screen with astonishing Oscar-winning special effects. Rod Taylor stars as a turn-of-the-century inventor, whose latest creation, a time machine propels him forward into a futuristic world, only H.G. Wells could have imagined. Also starring Alan Young, Yvette Mimieux, Sebastian Cabot, Whit Bissell, Tom Helmore & Doris Lloyd.

  • The Time Machine 1960

    • Joseph
    • 11/17/08

    My Favorite TCM Vintage movie of all . Rod Taylor and Yvette Mimeux had PERFECT Chemistry. H G Wells imagination had no boundaries.

  • A Timeless Movie

    • Paul Jackson
    • 10/6/08

    This movie just gets better with age. I had not seen it in decades, but now realize what I have been missing. Despite not having the special effects of today's science fiction movies, it holds its own. George Pal has shown time after time (!) he is the true master of science fiction movies. I'm now buying this gem on DVD to treasure it for always.

  • What three books?

    • Nick
    • 2/3/08

    At the very end of the Time Machine aninteresting question was made. Filbyaksed the house keeper what was missingand she said three books, but did notknow which books were missing. If you were in the same situation as the inventor, which three books would you take with you to a new society?

  • One of the best sci-fi films ever!

    • Tony
    • 12/24/07

    What a great movie! The musical score adds tremendously to the fear factor of the film. I think the morlocks are some of the best movie monsters of all time, especially the scene where they were underground and coming at the lead actors with their eyes all a glow and ready to eat them!

  • Beware the Moorlocks!

    • Bob Galvin-Oliphant
    • 2/12/06

    Rod Taylor and Yvette Mimieux are fun to watch in this H.G. Wells story brought to the big screen. The hideous Moorlocks scared me as a kid watching this movie.

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