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3 Is a Family

3 Is a Family(1944)

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When her husband, naval officer Gene Mitchell, is transferred to a base in Norfolk, Virginia, Kitty Mitchell takes her nine-month-old twin daughters home to her parent's tiny apartment in New York City. Kitty's parents, Sam and Frances Whitaker, live with her aunt Irma Dalrymple, and when Kitty asks to leave the twins so that she can visit Gene in Norfolk, Irma moves into the living room to make room for the babies. The Whitakers' son Archie, who has just enlisted in the service, and his pregnant wife Hazel also live in the same apartment building. The family's housing problems escalate when their landlord, Mr. Steele, discovers that Hazel is pregnant and refuses to renew their lease on the grounds that children are not allowed in the building. Upon arriving in Norfolk, Kitty phones New York to inquire about her children. As Irma answers the phone, the new maid accidentally blows up the gas stove. When Kitty hears Irma shriek and drop the phone, she leaves immediately for New York. Things have quieted down by the time that Kitty arrives, and when Frances comes home from work that night, she announces that she has solved their problems by making a down payment of $2,500 on a new house. Sam is agitated when he hears the news, because he has just withdrawn their entire savings to invest in a defense plant. Soon after, Kitty receives a telegram from Gene, notifying her that he is coming home for a twenty-four hour leave. While Sam, Kitty and Irma meet Gene at the airport, Frances has a talk with Mr. Steele. Left alone with the twins, the maid consumes a bottle of scotch. When Gene arrives home early, he finds the apartment deserted. Soon after, Sam, Kitty and Irma return and are horrified to find the twins missing. When Gene finds the empty scotch bottle, he surmises that the maid is drunk, and he and Kitty go to look for the babies. Just then, Hazel and Archie walk in the door, and Hazel goes into premature labor. When Archie phones the hospital, he is told that there are no empty beds and that Hazel must deliver her baby at home. To add to the confusion, the real estate agent phones Frances to inform her that her check has bounced, prompting Sam to finally admit that he withdrew the money to buy stock in the defense plant. Meanwhile, Gene and Kitty find their babies and the drunken maid, who had decided to take them for a walk in their stroller. As Dr. Bartell arrives to deliver Hazel's baby, Gene's friends, Lt. Joe Franklin and his pregnant wife Marian, come to visit. Upon learning of the family's housing problems, Joe tells Sam that Steele cannot evict Hazel because her husband is leaving for the Army, and as the dependent of a serviceman, she cannot be evicted. All ends happily as Hazel delivers her baby, the family realizes that Kitty and the twins can live with Hazel with impunity, and Sam discovers that his defense plant is merging with a large company, thus boosting the value of his stock.