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Those Redheads from Seattle

Those Redheads from Seattle(1953)


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In 1898, in Dawson, Yukon Territory, Johnny Kisco's proposed Klondike Club comes under attack by Vance Edmonds, the publisher of The Daily Breeze newspaper. To silence Vance, Mike Yurkil, Kisco's partner, sets his warehouse on fire, but Vance manages to get the paper out despite the setback. Yurkil then shoots Vance as he is going to mail a letter to his family in Seattle. Later, in Seattle, Mrs. Edmonds and her daughters┬┐redheads Kathie, Pat and Connie, and young blonde Nell┬┐read the letter, unaware that Vance has been shot. After Mrs. Edmonds reads that because of financial setbacks, Vance cannot send for them, she decides to pack up her family and go to Dawson anyway. By the time they reach Skagway, Alaska, the women have run out of money but are befriended by song-and-dance man Joe Keenan. Unknown to the Edmonds family, Joe is a friend of Johnny and is headed for Dawson to work in his club. When Johnny arrives to pick up Joe, having driven his dog sleds from Dawson, Joe pleads with him to give the Edmonds women a lift. Although attracted to the pretty sisters, Johnny is reluctant to become involved until Joe privately reminds him that, as Kisco's partner, he is somewhat responsible for their fate. Johnny decides to wait to tell them about Vance, who was still alive when he left Dawson, and loads them and their pregnant cat onto his two sleds. Pat, an aspiring singer, flirts with Johnny, but Johnny prefers the more sedate Kathie, and the two grow close during the trip. Johnny cannot bring himself to say anything about Vance, and when the family arrives in Dawson, they check into the hotel where Vance was staying, expecting to surprise him. After learning that Vance is dead and Yurkil, whom Vance discovered is an ex-convict, has fled, Johnny asks Rev. Petrie to give the women the bad news, then goes to celebrate the opening of his club with saloon girl Liz. Johnny does send the lobster he had shipped from Seattle to the Edmonds women, and a grief-stricken Kathie cries on his shoulder. Later, at the Breeze office, the women learn that a buyer for the paper will take several weeks to find. To make ends meet during their stay, Mrs. Edmonds advertises herself as a dressmaker and Kathie a typist, while Connie, a nurse, takes a job in the local infirmary and Pat sings in the church. Anxious to help, Johnny pays Liz to order dresses from the incompetent Mrs. Edmonds and buys the cat's kittens for $100. Joe, who is in love with Connie, then suggests to Pat that she sing at the Klondike Club, and even though she knows her mother, a lover of classical music, would disapprove, Pat agrees. Soon after, Mack Donahue approaches Mrs. Edmonds about buying the paper, and when Dan Taylor, the printer, informs her that Donahue is Johnny's faro dealer and that Johnny's partner shot her husband, she assumes that Johnny is trying to get rid of her. Disbelieving, Kathie goes to question Johnny at the club and arrives just as he is being kissed by a grateful Pat. Now convinced that Johnny was involved in her father's murder and is corrupting Pat, Kathie slaps him and storms out. After Pat tells her family that she is singing at the Klondike, no matter what, Kathie proposes that she and Mrs. Edmonds start up the paper again and move into the office to save money. While the Breeze prints editorials condemning Johnny, Kathie begins a romance with Rev. Petrie, and Pat becomes the Klondike's star attraction, along with Joe. Joe's affliation with Johnny, however, jeopardizes his relationship with Connie, and he finally tells Johnny he is quitting. Pat then overhears Johnny say that he loves Kathie but knows she will not stop attacking him until he leaves town. After Kathie's imminent marriage to Rev. Petrie is announced, Johnny sells the club and, as Kathie as is being fitted in her wedding dress, drunkenly informs her that he is going to Fairbanks, where, he knows, Yurkil is running a saloon. Kathie cries at the news, and later, Pat tells her that Johnny loves her and if she does not go after him, Pat will. Still wearing her wedding dress, Kathie runs to the docks to catch Johnny but arrives too late. In Fairbanks, Johnny finds Yurkil's saloon, but Yurkil slips out the back to avoid seeing him. After Johnny learns from Yurkil's partner that Yurkil has gone to the snowbound Frazer's Diggings, he tracks him there and confronts him at gunpoint. The two men exchange gunfire in the snowy wilderness until Yurkil finally is buried in an avalanche. Johnny rescues him and, back in Fairbanks, Yurkil confesses his crimes, then dies. Kathie, who has followed Johnny to Fairbanks, arrives in time to overhear the confession and gives Johnny a loving hug.