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This Way Please

This Way Please(1937)

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The Occident Theater advertises bandleader Brad Morgan as the "Bachelor of Hearts," who is popular among the usherettes. Maxine Barry, the niece of the theater boss, S. J. Crawford, is trying to get Inky Wells, Director of Publicity, to propose marriage. Theater manager Stu Randall hires Jane Morrow as an usherette, unaware that she had hoped to be a performer. Fibber McGee and Molly drive their trailer from Wistful Vista up to the theater, where they are hired by Inky. When Jane wanders up to the theater roof, Stu catches her with Brad and is about to fire her for impropriety when Inky suggests using Jane in an advertisement photograph with Brad. Fibber joins Lee and the girls exercising on the roof until Molly catches him and he falls. When Brad hears Jane sing, he tries to convince Crawford to hire her for the show, but well aware of Brad's flirtatious history with his female proteges, Crawford fires them both. Meanwhile, the projectionist and his friends perform a dance number and are heard over the loudspeaker, thereby replacing the soundtrack of a movie about a Tartar chieftain torturing his hostages. When auditions are held for Brad's replacement, Fibber and Molly are given an act and Jane is re-hired. After Stu takes Jane home from the theater, Brad unexpectedly jumps out of the rumble seat, and he and Jane ride a street sweeper. When Jane protests being advertised as "the Girl Who Broke Brad Morgan's Heart," Inky suggests that she and Brad wed in the theater. Brad agrees, then plans with reporters to double-cross her. When Brad is late for the wedding, the follow-up show goes on first, and to stall for time, Crawford sends out the sound effects man to perform. Stu, arriving at the theater with a newspaper that announces that Brad has stood up Jane at the altar, offers to take Brad's place alongside Jane, and Crawford orders Inky and Maxine to join in and make it a double wedding. When Brad, hiding in the projection booth, sees Jane with Stu, he becomes jealous and fights the reporters to join her on stage. Brad and Jane leave on their honeymoon, followed by the McGees and Inky and Maxine in their trailer.