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Thing Called Love, The

Thing Called Love, The(1993)

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Music by

John E OliverMusic Production Set Supervisor
Rick FlesichmanVocal & Guitar Coach
Billy SwanVocal & Guitar Coach
G Marq RoswellMusic Supervisor
Billy SwanSong ("Ol' John And Jimmy")
J Steven SolesSong Producer ("Standing On A Rock" "Until Now (Dance Version)" "Until Now (Studio Version)" "Stop Saying Goodbye" "Three Cords And The Truth" "I Can'T Understand" "What Kind Of Love" "Big Bad Love" "Lost Highway" "Ready And Waiting" "Love Is" "You Don'T Live For Love" "Streets Of Love" "Blame It On Your Heart"); Songs ("Three Cords And The Truth" "Heaven Knocking On My Door" "Big Bar Hair" Big Bad Love ")
Rodney CrowellSong/Song Performer ("What Kind Of Love"); Song/Song Producer & Performer ("Standing On A Rock" "Until Now" "Lost Highway")
River PhoenixSong ("Lone Star State Of Mine")
Don HenrySong ("You'D Be Home By Now")
Jimmie Dale GilmoreSong ("Stop Saying Goodbye")
Susan LongacreSong ("Three Cords And The Truth")
Michael SmothermanSong ("Three Cords And The Truth")
Tony ArataSongs ("Dreaming With My Eyes Open" "Love Is")
Clay WalkerSong ("Dreaming With My Eyes Open")
Gary RogersSong ("Jackson")
Bill Edd WheelerSong ("Jackson")
Johnny CashSong ("Hey Porter")
Henri BeloloSong ("Ymca")
Jacues MoraliSong ("Ymca")
Victor WillisSong ("Ymca")
Jon ImsSong ("She'S In Love With The Boy")
Alice RandallSongs ("Big Bar Hair" "Big Dream")
Hank DevitoSong ("I Can'T Understand")
Harlan HowardSong ("Blame It On Your Heart")
KostasSong ("Blame It On Your Heart")
Will JenningsSong (""What Kind Of Love")
Roy OrbisonSong ("Blame It On Your Heart")
Webb WilderSong ("Big Bad Love")
Clay BlakerSong ("Nothing But A Memory")
Earl Poole BallSong ("Plenty Of Too Little")
Brian BraffSong ("Plenty Of Too Little")
Jeff BlackSong ("Never Did Say Goodbye")
K T OslinSong ("I Don'T Remember Your Name (But I Remember You)")
Hayden NicholasSong ("The Hard Way")
Matraca BergSong ("Diamonds And Tears")
Gary HarrisonSong ("Diamonds And Tears")
Dennis RobbinsSong ("Looking For A Thing Called Love")
Troy SealsSong ("Looking For A Thing Called Love")
Dermot MulroneySong ("Someone Else'S Used Guitar")
Don SchlitzSong ("Ready And Waiting")
Allen ShamblinSong ("Spring Always Comes")
Jim WeatherlySong ("Love Never Broke Anyone'S Heart")
Pam TillisSong ("Blue Rose In")
Jan BuckinghamSong ("Blue Rose Is")
Bob DipieroSong ("Blue Rose Is")
Kevin WelchSong Producer ("Streets Of Love"); Songs ("Happy Ever After (Comes One Day At A Time)" "Streets Of Love")
George David WeissSong ("Can'T Help Falling In Love")
Hugo PerettiSong ("Can'T Help Falling In Love")
Luigi CreatoreSong ("Can'T Help Falling In Love")
Bill TraderSong ("A Fool Such As I")
Hank CochranSong ("Make The World Go Away")
Gary NicholsonSong ("Happy Ever After (Comes One Day At A Time)")
Jason KlassiSong ("Take My Love")
Peter BerwickSong ("Ain'T No Train Outta Nashville")
Robert GoldsteinSong; Song Producer
Steve TyrellSong; Song Producer
David PalmerSong ("Partners In Wine")
Karen TobinSong ("There Goes Love Again")
Mark FossonSong ("There Goes Love Again")
Willie NelsonSong ("Crazy")
Vince MelamedSong ("Walkaway Joe")
Greg BarnhillSong ("Walkaway Joe")
Bob McdillSong ("Beginning To See The Light")
Hal KetchamSong ("You Don'T Live For Love")
Dave MallettSong ("You Don'T Live For Love")
Ralph MurphySong ("Big Dream")
James StroudSong Producer ("You'D Be Home By Now" "Dreaming With My Eyes Open" "Blame It On Your Heart" "I Don'T Remember Your Name (But I Remember You)" "Diamonds And Tears" "Looking For A Thing Called Love")
Garth FundisSong Producer ("I Can'T Understand")
T-Bone BurnettSong Producer ("Lone Star State Of Mind" "Big Dream")
Kyle LehningSong Producer ("Partners In Wine")
Howie EpsteinSong Producer ("Streets Of Love")
J Steven SolesSong Performer ("Three Cords And The Truth" "Big Bad Love")
Rodney CrowellSong Performer ("Big Dream")
River PhoenixSong Performer ("Standing On A Rock" "Until Now" "Blame It On Your Heart" "Lone Star State Of Mine" "Ol' John And Jimmy" "Lost Highway" "Love Is")
Daron NorwoodSong Performer ("You'D Be Home By Now" "Big Dream")
Lisa HaleySong Performer ("Sweet Cherie Two-Step")
Jimmie Dale GilmoreSong Performer ("Stop Saying Goodbye" "What Kind Of Love" "Big Bad Love" "Big Dream")
Clay WalkerSong Performer ("Big Dream")
Johnny CashSong Performer ("Jackson" "A Thing Called Love")
June CarterSong Performer ("Jackson")
The Village PeopleSong Performer ("Ymca")
Trisha YearwoodSong Performer ("She'S In Love With The Boy" "I Can'T Understand" "Walkaway Joe" "Big Dream")
Sandra BullockSong Performer ("Heaven Knocking On My Door")
Samantha MathisSong Performer ("Big Bar Hair" "I Can'T Understand" "Blame It On Your Heart" "Ol' John And Jimmy" "Crazy" "Big Dream")
Deborah AllenSong Performer ("Blame It On Your Heart" "Ready And Waiting" "Big Dream")
Katy MoffattSong Performer ("Big Bad Love" "You Don'T Live For Love")
Tim HensleySong Performer ("Nothing But A Memory")
Jo-El SonnierSong Performer ("Plenty Of Too Little" "Never Did Say Goodbye")
K T OslinSong Performer ("I Don'T Remember Your Name (But I Remember You)" "Big Dream")
Clint BlackSong Performer ("The Hard Way")
Matraca BergSong Performer ("Diamonds And Tears" "Big Dream")
Dennis RobbinsSong Performer ("Looking For A Thing Called Love" "Big Dream")
Dermot MulroneySong Performer ("Someone Else'S Used Guitar" "Hey Porter" "Ain'T No Train Outta Nashville" "Streets Of Love")
Cathryn CraigSong Performer ("Spring Always Comes")
Vince GillSong Performer ("Love Never Broke Anyone'S Heart")
Pam TillisSong Performer ("Blue Rose Is" "Happy Ever After (Comes One Day At A Time)" "Big Dream")
Kevin WelchSong Performer ("Blue Rose Is") ("Happy Ever After (Comes One Day At A Time)") ("Streets Of Love") ("Big Dream")
Elvis PresleySong Performer ("Can'T Help Falling In Love" "Make The World Go Away")
Colleen CampSong Performer ("A Fool Such As I")
Anna Thea BogdonavichSong Performer ("Take My Love")
Paul OverstreetSong Performer ("Something About You")
Robert GoldsteinSong Performer ("Dreamed My Dreams")
Randy TravisSong Performer ("Partners In Wine" "Big Dream")
Suzi RagsdaleSong Performer ("Beginning To See The Light")
Alvin CheaSong Performer ("Big Dream")
Cedric DentSong Performer ("Big Dream")
Joel KibbleSong Performer ("Big Dream")
Mark KibbleSong Performer ("Big Dream")
Claude V McknightSong Performer ("Big Dream")
David Clayton ThomasSong Performer ("Big Dream")
James T MyersMusic Coordinator
Earl GhaffariMusic Editor