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They Shall Have Music

They Shall Have Music(1939)

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  • I'd Love To See This Again!

    • Hiram
    • 10/12/17

    I recall watching this movie many years ago one evening on another channel. I found it to be such a sweet and sentimental movie and would love to see it again. The other channel has changed it's format so I know they won't be airing it any time soon. How about it TCM? Please add this little gem to your upcoming line-up!Thank you,Hiram

  • They Shall Have Music

    • Tyler Ainsworth
    • 11/2/16

    This movie is seldom played and truthfully I don't understand why. It truly is a delightful little movie with a tender message. The simplicity of the story line and the sincere delivery of it's young actor (Gene Reynolds) make t a must see for the die hard classic movie fan!Please TCM, pull this golden gem out of the archives and air it real soon!Thank you,Tyler

  • An Overlooked Gem

    • Joseph Cambridge
    • 6/30/16

    This movie seems to have been forgotten because it doesn't get the screen time it deserves. In the years I've been watching TCM I've only seen it once. With such a delightful cast, heartwarming story line and wonderful music performed by Heifetz, it's worth another showing and soon! Please add this movie to your lineup TCM... Thank you!

  • They Shall Have Music

    • Tyler Williamson
    • 6/30/16

    Such a great little movie, would love to see it again. Please add it to your lineup TCM.

  • They Shall Have Music

    • Joe
    • 10/1/15

    Such a delightful little movie. We'd love to see it again TCM, how about it? Thank you!

  • Please schedule this movie again soon!

    • Dan
    • 9/3/15

    Wonderful story, well acted and best of is Jascha Heifetz. The music is intoxicating. Every hopeful violin artist should attempt to see and listen to his mastery of the instrument in this movie. Please reschedule the showing of this movie. Soon!

  • A gem

    • Rachel
    • 4/6/13

    This movie is a gem! The children in it are so amazingly talented I was mesmorized. The story is heartwarming and the acting and directing are great. I think "They shall have music" should be required viewing for school children because it shows just what kids can really do when they try. Please offer this great film on DVD. Please show it again om TCM.

  • Movie Sings: Release Me

    • Not Enough Said
    • 5/17/12

    The children have spoken down through the ages in this film. This is 2012. How much longer before this is released on DVD/Home/School Video? Not another day should pass. Frankie said "please, help..." Please act now TCM. Put They Shall Have Music at the top of the list for release. We children at heart want our children, and grandchildren, to watch it with us, tonight. Imagine among our children and grandchildren, those who might be inspired as the fictional boy in the movie by hearing a master artist, and seeing, and with hope and joy in their eyes, turning to us exclaiming, "I want to try that!" Children are inspired in a variety of ways in our techonology-based world. Let this film be one of those ways.

  • Extraordinary children steal this film

    • Lynn
    • 2/19/12

    "They Shall Have Music" is graced with the brilliant performance of legendary violinist Jascha Heifetz. This film is a heart - warming, feel good story about poor but musically gifted children fighting to keep their music school open. Gene Reynolds shines as the runaway slum kid who's transformed by his passion for the violin at a school which becomes the first real family he's known. The performances by the musically outstanding children and Heifetz are breathtakingly beautiful. A great cast including Joel McCrea, Andea Leeds and Walter Brennan make this a gem of a film.

  • They Shall Have Music

    • Gerald Robbins
    • 1/5/11

    As a concert pianist and teacher in Manhattan and Westchester, NY, I strongly recommend this film to be shown to all prospective musicians, students and professional performers alike. It is such an inspiration and has been to me since my childhood. Having had the privilege, honor, and pleasure of assisting as pianist for the Master Classes of Jascha Heifetz, William Primrose, and Gregor Piatigorsky in Los Angeles at the University of Southern California in the 1960's I can only say that it was a gift from God to study with and learn from these three greatest of all string Masters. Jascha Heifetz taught us all the importance of discipline in our musical and technical preparations and he instilled in us a respect for seeking the highest standards in pursuing musical art. We were so very privileged to be with him twice a week for his Master Class. To hear and see him occasionally demonstrate for us his violinistic and artistic genius, when showing a student, possibilities of improving one's technique and interpretation, he would offer several choices to us but would caution us as to how to make the right interpretative choice or decision depending on the melodic or technical passage or phrase's relationship to the music's overall expression. We were always aware of the music's vivid force as a language expressing the deepest human feelings, thoughts, ideas, philosophy and meaning. I think the standards Heifetz set for himself and for us as his students, comes through so realistically in his performances of music by Saint-Saens, Hubay, and Mendelssohn that he performs in this great film. One can see the deep respect and admiration that he engenders to the wonderfully gifted musicians of the Meremblum Youth Orchestra in the film and its greatly talented cast of actors including, Joel McCrea, Andrea Leeds, and Walter Brennan, who is especially touching as the school's director and conductor in the movie. Please TCM show this film either during day or early evening

  • Delightful! Witty! Fast-paced! Brilliant!

    • Doug Schmitz
    • 2/27/10

    The first time I came across this gem was on TCM in 2007. As a lover of classic films -- especially from the 1930s and 1940s, I found They Shall Have Music to be delightful, witty, funny, fast-paced -- and brilliant. Filmed in the late '30s, They Shall Have Music ranks up there among the best films I've ever seen. It harkens to an era where it seemed that life -- although coming out of the throws of the Great Depression at that time -- was a lot simplier than it is today. You'll love this little-known, but charming masterpiece!

  • Blown Away!

    • MAN
    • 11/22/08

    Stayed up past my bedtime for this one. My father loved violin and was always playing violin concertos (on his reel to reel) when I was growing up. The music score on this feature was incredible and brought back fond memories. I hope you will be able to offer this one on home video. I would love for my children to see this one. However, I see it is 444 on the list, not too hopeful. Could you show it again so I could T Vo it?

  • Missed the beginning of a wonderful film!

    • GP
    • 10/17/07

    I admit I had neglected to keep track of the offerings on TMC. Flipping through the stations I came upon this movie and thoroughly enjoyed it! Yasha Heifetz did make a number of movie appearances, but this is the first one I have had the opportunity to see. As a board member of a music & arts conservatory, I wish I could show the whole movie to our students and therefore voted to have it released on DVD. The young musicians in the film are not actors, and their performances can be inspiring to today's talented youth or any other lover of music. The fun the children have in the film matches the experiences we have in our conservatory... the actors and actions ar only separated from us by time. Also, to see Heifetz in dialog as well on stage in performance helps to humanize this master violinist and give us at least some insight into the person himself. I had no prior knowledge of the film, but I am certain many others would enjoy viewing and/or purchasing a copy. It is evident that this is a well liked movie by the high prices posted and received for the rare video or laser disk copies on Ebay or other such forums. I hope TMC will release this movie on DVD and it they do, I recommend purchasing it and sharing with family and friends.

  • Surprise!

    • Ira Moss
    • 9/6/07

    Viewed this one on 09-05-07. The music performances were beyond phenomenal for a music lover like me. I've never seen anyone play an instrument like Heifetz. The acting and the story were good. Walter Brennan was great in his part. The chldrens orchestra played music like angels. Yes, the Angels must have made this movie.

  • wonderous kids make music

    • vm
    • 9/5/07

    Yasha Heifetz makes his violin sing and so do the children with theirs...for music lovers of all ages- it's truly wonderous!!!!

  • Gift from God

    • Ac
    • 9/5/07

    When I prayed today, God sent me this film!!! Thanks for saving me.

  • Attention all music players!

    • Dick Huser
    • 7/26/07

    From kids to teens to young adults, this movie will stir your passion for real music. The incredible talent of children, teens and mature artists can give hope to all aspiring musicians. Movies like this can encourage the strugglers of all ages to hang in there and go for their piece of the action. Tears filled my eyes as my heart absorbed the resonance of true musical performances by all ages. It's a most unusual treat, that should be put on DVD ASAP.Thanks.

  • Goodwill for Society

    • Mark Anderson
    • 7/25/07

    What a great movie! If you see this movie,with an open mind, you might see and feel the inspiration of music to your heart. A troubled boy breaks from his chains of doubt and fear, starting with accidentally attending a violinist's concert. This relic movie should be seen by the masses. Not just shown to the exclusive TCM audience. I thank TCM for their ability to support such gems. You have my vote, to release this film for home viewing. Make it a dvd,vhs, whatever it takes to get this film available to the the public.Thank you, sincerely Mark Anderson

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