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Tarzan and the Slave Girl

Tarzan and the Slave Girl(1950)


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Tarzan and the Slave Girl A dying tribe kidnaps the... MORE > $15.95 Regularly $17.99 Buy Now


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Tarzan and the Slave Girl A dying tribe kidnaps the... MORE > $15.95
Regularly $17.99
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As African wild man Tarzan and his girl friend Jane are passing by a group of Nagasi women picking berries by a jungle river, Moana, one of the women, suddenly disappears. Although the tribal medicine man proclaims that evil spirits took Moana, Tarzan and Jane suspect she was kidnapped and go to investigate. While Jane is inspecting the area where Moana was last seen, she, too, is ambushed. Tarzan and the Nagasi chief's son hear Jane screaming and race to her rescue, then pursue the kidnappers, Lionians, into the jungle. Tarzan catches one of the abductors, but is knocked out by the others, who flee in a boat. When the captured kidnapper later collapses from a paralyzing disease in the Nagasi village, Jane, fearing that the illness is contagious, sends Tarzan for a doctor in nearby Randini. After Tarzan describes the disease's symptoms, Dr. Campbell identifies it as deadly and highly contagious and prepares a serum. Accompanied by Lola, his flirtatious nurse, and Neil, her ne'er-do-well American beau, the serum-equipped doctor is guided by Tarzan and his chimpanzee Cheeta to the Nagasi village. There he administers the life-saving drug and prepares to follow Tarzan and a troupe of Nagasis to the disease's source--the kidnappers. Tarzan instructs Jane to room with Lola until his return, but when Lola, who is attracted to Tarzan, insinuates that he prefers her to Jane, the two women begin to fight. The defeated Lola rushes into the jungle, where she is immediately captured by the kidnappers. Hearing Lola's screams, Jane follows and is also taken prisoner, much to the delight of Sengo, the kidnappers' leader, whom Jane had badly scratched during her earlier abduction. In the jungle, meanwhile, Tarzan and the others encounter Wadis, a tribe of hostile, dart-blowing natives, and suffer many casualties before escaping over a deep ravine. Jane and Lola, who have joined up with Moana and seven other captured women, then leave the jungle and arrive in the Lionians' arid village. Sengo delivers the enslaved women to the Lionian prince, a capricious young man who has just lost his father to the disease. Although the High Priest warns him that the disease, which has also struck the prince's son, requires his serious attention, the Prince remains oblivious. Seeing an opportunity to advance himself, the ambitious Sengo incites the Prince to condemn the High Priest to death, then assumes his post. Later, the brash Lola, to whom the Prince has taken a fancy, is beaten by Sengo and, grabbing his knife, stabs him in retaliation. Lola and Jane then attempt to escape, but are chased into an enormous crypt, where the King is about to be buried, and hide inside the Queen's unsealed tomb. When Sengo deduces their whereabouts, he orders that the tomb be sealed, thereby assuring the women will suffocate. Tarzan and the group, meanwhile, are led into the village by armed guards, and as they pass the crypt, Jane spies them through a temporary opening in the roof and calls out to Tarzan. Unaware that his serum bottle fell out in the jungle, Dr. Campbell assures the Prince that he can cure his son and protect the village. As the doctor is led to the princeling, Tarzan sneaks away to rescue Jane, gaining access to the crypt by hiding in the King's coffin. When the doctor finally discovers that the serum is missing, he is condemned by the Prince, who then orders that his father's entombment proceed. Soon after, Neil, who suffered a leg injury during the journey and fell behind, arrives in the village with Cheeta, who picked up the dropped serum. Dr. Campbell cures the prince's son just as Tarzan frees Jane and Lola and opens the just-sealed crypt with help from the tribe's elephants. Sengo denounces Tarzan for desecrating the crypt, and a mêlée breaks out as the High Priest is about to be executed in a den of lions. After a fierce fight, all of the women are freed and Tarzan throws Sengo in the lions' den. Later, the grateful Prince pronounces Tarzan and the others his friends, and much to Neil's annoyance, professes his love to Lola.