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Sweetheart of Sigma Chi

Sweetheart of Sigma Chi(1946)

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At Rawley University's Sigma Chi house, two fraternity brothers admire a photograph of the current sweetheart, Betty Allan. Meanwhile, on her way to class, Betty pretends to suffer car trouble so that Ted Sloan, the only boy not enamored of her, will be forced to stop and talk to her. Her plan backfires, however, as Ted becomes angry that Betty has made him late to class. Later, Betty returns to the Delta Omega house, where she finds her roommate Sue and Sue's boyfriend, Bill Ryan. Hoping that Ted will accept her key to the sorority's arbor, where sweethearts go to cuddle, Betty writes him a love letter and encloses her key. She sends the envelope to Ted, but he refuses to open it. Later, Betty arrives at a dockside boathouse to watch the university's rowing crew, of which Ted is the captain. When Ted's car will not start, he is forced to accept a ride from Betty, but insists that he is not interested in her. That evening, Ted goes to the sorority house to return Betty's key, and her sorority sisters laugh at her humiliating rejection. Betty then bets them that Ted will not only accept her key, but also take her dancing at a roadhouse owned by Bill's brother Lucky. The next day, Betty returns to the boathouse, where an angry Ted, tired of being pursued by Betty, accidentally knocks her into the water. When Betty calls out for help, Ted dives in to rescue her, then has a change of heart and agrees to take her to the roadhouse. That evening, inside Lucky's office at the roadhouse, gangsters Artie and Frankie ask him who is favored to win Rawley's upcoming rowing match with a rival university. When Lucky says Rawley is favored, they tell him of their plan to bet $10,000 on Rawley's opponent, then fix the race so that Rawley will lose. To insure Lucky's silence, the thugs threaten to expose his checkered past. Back at the sorority house, Betty again gives her key to Ted, which he gladly accepts, having fallen in love with her. Later, however, Betty, who has also genuinely fallen in love, begins to feel guilty about collecting on her bets. When Frankie, who is passing by the sorority house, offers Ted a bribe to throw the race, Ted punches him in the mouth. That evening, Lucky asks Betty to stop by the roadhouse, and she breaks her date with Ted. Curious about Betty's plans, Ted follows her to the roadhouse and, when Frankie arrives, becomes convinced that Betty is in on the plot to fix the race. The next day, Ted returns Betty's key without explanation. That evening, at the Sigma Chi party to announce the new sweetheart, Betty learns that she has won again. Meanwhile, Artie and Frankie drill a hole into the bottom of the Rawley boat so that it will sink in the middle of the race. The next morning, during the competition, the Rawley team is leading until their boat starts taking on water. After a quick-thinking crew member plugs the hole with his lucky rabbit's foot, Rawley wins the race. Artie and Frankie protest the results, thus revealing themselves as the saboteurs, and the crew tosses them into the water. Later, Ted apologizes for doubting Betty, and they kiss.