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Come Live with Me

Come Live with Me(1941)

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  • Zany Plot/Funny Flic

    • denscul
    • 10/12/12

    Young viewers may not get most of this flic. But when this was made, there were NO co-ed dorms, and people usually thought living without someone outside the bonds of matrimony was outside the accepted norms. Not that such things were not done. Its just they were perhaps more hypocritical. They called it society's accepted behavior.So the idea that Jimmy Stewart, impoverished writer, would enter into a contract of marriage to enable Hedi Lamar to stay in US before she is deported. {Imagine deporting someone as beautiful as she was). Ian Smith plays a publisher, who is married and having a fling, more or less serious, with Lamar. Meanwhile, their is a suspicious wife who reads Stewarts manuscript, and by golly, she recognizes the characters in the script. The script become published, Stewart becomes famous, and at least can afford to move out of his draconian circumstances, and make a romantic plea for Lamar's hand. Stewart and Hunter become locked in a lovers duel. and without revealing the end, its predictable. Shot in old style B & W, with a bunch of character actors famous at the time, the acting is playful not Shakespearian, and its fun to get a glimpse of NYC in an age that seems American Victorian. English Victorian among the upper classes could resemble our society as it exists today. Wnston Churhill's American mother was said to have had 100 lovers, and her spouse died of syphaliss, contracted in the English Brothels.

  • Love the Toothbrush Scene

    • Hal
    • 4/8/10

    The scene where Stewart comes to provide a toothbrush, open the window, and talk about the lightning bugs is a great example of how good movies can be made without special effects. If you like any movies from this era, you will surely like this one.

  • Conclusion

    • Maddie
    • 4/20/08

    I watched this last night and loved it. Its definitely near the top in terms of my favourite Jimmy Stewart films. Exceedingly charming and only Jimmy Stewart could look so dapper in a night robe. Can someone please tell me what Robert Osbourne said at the end of the film about Jimmy's reaction to the man who said the poem "come live wth me" meant a lot to him? I had taped the movie and my PRV cut that part off. I would really like to know.

  • White Cargo, Tortilla Flat and More

    • Bill
    • 4/18/08

    This is a very enjoyable film with excellent performances by James Stewart and Hedy Lamar. But my focus is on Hedy Lamar. I have been watching her films this month, most of which I have never seen before, and I have become a big Hedy Lamar fan. She is beautiful, exotic and a very good actress. Hedy made alot of terrific movies. I strongly recommend Torilla Flat and White Cargo. I find it amazing that so few Hedy Lamar films are on DVD. I would like to see a box set released.


    • Lori Gibson
    • 4/14/08


  • Re-air "Come Live with Me"

    • Denise
    • 4/12/08

    This is a small gem of a film and the "firefly" sequences are very moving. I missed the first part of the film. Please I hope TCM re-airs "Come Live with Me" starring Jimmy Stewart & Hedy Lamarr. A rare and under-appreciated film!

  • Can't take your eyes off Jimmy!

    • Ann Brown
    • 4/11/08

    This is an ordinary, somewhat farfetched story made watchable by Jimmy Stewart's charm. One of his pre-WWII films which relies heavily on Stewart's sex appeal, which he tones down and makes non- threatening with his self-effacing good humor. After all, no real gentleman would explode on the screen with unbridled sexuality. Hedy Lamarr is gorgeous as usual, but that is the only reason Stewart wants her in this film. She is no match for his multilevel performance in which he looks wryly at his own nature.

  • Hedy Lamarr and Jimmy Stewart

    • Bob
    • 4/11/08

    This was a queer pairing of the incredibly beautiful and sophisticated Hedy Lamarr and the goofball all-american boy Stewart.Stewart plays...well Stewart.. and does alright...but the beauty of this film is really Hedy Lamarr.In my book, she is the most beautiful movie actress of all time. It is really hard to take your eyes off her. She plays the role if it were written for her. Stewart really hacks the role (and I love him in so many roles) and over does it making it very difficult to believe that Hedy's character could ever possibly fall in love with him. But somehow in the end, with the help of a lovely Robert Marlowe poem...and a flashlight...the audience gets what it wants and leaves you with a warm feeling.Imagine 1941 when this picture came out and seeing all of those luscious close-ups of Hedy on the oh man, that must've been something.

  • Heddy Lamarr

    • Nick
    • 4/10/08

    A true beauty, Very lovable in theis movie, Would make any man want to keep her like J. Stewart . Reall enjoyable movie, love story. cant go wrong watching it or wanting it out on DVD

  • What a Darling Picture

    • Kelle
    • 8/9/07

    I happened to catch this movie the other morning and I couldn't get over it. The sotry is an unusual one in the sense that its a little madcap and considering the work that Stewart had done previous to this film, its is structurally a little on the weak side. But yet their is something about the film that keeps you wanting more, which is why its a shame that its not on dvd yet. It has the quality to it that seperates it from Stewart films such as "Mr. Smith..." and "The Philadelphia Story". The story is a strange one pinning two people together in a marraige of convienence (More convienient for Lamarr that Stewart who ends up falling for her). Lamarr doesn't realize what she is missing until Jimmy takes her to the country and she really gets to know what's inside his madcap exterior. This film was a delight and a interesting pick for Stewart at that stage in his career.


    • Jessica
    • 8/28/06

    This movie is so touching and an original twist on falling in love. Stewart is more than amazing, and Lamarr is breathtaking in her role as well. I would recommend this movie to anyone in any type of mood: happy, sad, in love, or heartbroken. It's a movie that regains your confidence that, even in the strangest of circumstances, you can love.

  • Come Live With Me Is Wonderful!

    • Judy
    • 8/25/06

    This film is cute,charming,and funny all in one. Stewart,as usual,gave an award-winning performance,and Lamar never looked better. The ending is especially sweet and Stewart's farm house is everyone's dream house. Watch it. I'm sure you'll love it like me!

  • Best unknown film!!

    • Joy Rudolph
    • 3/29/06

    I loved this movie so much. I makes you feel good. I'm so sorry that this film hasn't been given more notice.Jimmy was very touching, you could not help but fall for him.The grandmother is the type you miss seeing today. Home spun wisdom, that stands the test of time.Ofcourse Hedi was lovely.

  • A Bijou

    • Steve Edlefsen
    • 3/29/06

    I'm a big fan of Hedy Lamarr, so this film would automatically have my endorsement. I'm not sure why Ms. Lamarr never attained superstardom, but her performance here is, as usual, admirable and alluring. Jimmy Stewart was a superstar, on and off the silver screen, having won the Oscar the previous year. But what makes it really work is a group of lesser-knowns who put in fine performances, the most memorable of which is Adeline De Walt Reynolds who plays the grandmother. Whipsmart and spry - as only years of struggle could make her - she becomes the catalyst for Johnny's eventual acceptance of Bill, a pleasing dnouement to a small gem of a film.

  • Simply Adorable

    • Jess
    • 3/29/06

    While it may not be an award winning cinimatic venture, it is a rather nice light hearted film. I mean you really can't go wrong with Jimmy Stewart.

  • What a sweet film!

    • Hillary
    • 3/29/06

    Thought I didn't see this movie in its entirety, lovable Jimmy Stewart and beautiful Hedy Lamar are just darling onscreen. The last half-hour of the film is enchanting - highly-recommended, sweet love story!

  • Great

    • Keith
    • 3/29/06

    This movie was great. I'm anxious to see it from the beginning since I missed the first 30 minutes. Come Live with Me showcases 'down to earth' acting as these actors are truely capable of.

  • Excellent!

    • William Rocovich
    • 3/28/06

    My wife and I just watched "Come live with Me" for the first time. We watch TCM ALL THE TIME and had not seen this movie before tonight. We will watch for it to appear again!

  • Come Live with Me - Jimmy Stewart

    • Sandy
    • 3/28/06

    One of the sweetest movies I've ever seen. This really needs to be available on DVD and re-aired on TCM. It's a shame they don't make them like this anymore. Sweet story and perfect acting. A true classic!

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