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The Steel Trap

The Steel Trap(1952)

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  • Don't Let Title Dissuade You

    • jr
    • 5/16/18

    Don't want to give away plot but I was so jittery watching this. However, once I realized Joseph Cotten was playing a person of dubious character while Teresa Wright (the wife) didn't even know the meaning of the word (or want to) - & that they really worked at keeping trust alive in the marriage (now who would have ever thought) - there was hope. Just wish more movies today would give us more of this plot line thread vs. the same old drivel they keep shoveling out today.

  • make the wright choice..invest in cotten.

    • a.morris
    • 5/15/18

    no one has ought right said..kind of ..something.. the two leads years ago played uncle and niece. now..playing husband and wife. which means..they pretend to ..majestic the Charles Bronson. I do not know what that means either. the story reminde me of that o henry story of the man who wanted to be arrested and by the end is..when he no longer wants to be. of course this story was different. kind of was like beat the clock at the end. there have been a number of comedy stories that have mirrored this. many of them ..not good. a bit of a real life kick in the pants..story about a guy who almost robbed a bank..years later real banking institutions rob their customers. no major revelation.. just thought about the strange humor. makes me want to write an ode.. hey joe.. there you go with that suitcase in your hand. going to take it back to the bank..but are going to do something un planned. going downtown and slap nic cage in the back of his head. joe looks and says.. his career sucks so bad.. almost glad I am dead. going to slap him down..slap him down. old joe is the real ghost rider.. going to cruise the spirit land. if you eve saw cage in trapped in know it was bland. hey joe..slap him down..slap him down..with that suitcase in your hand. I want to blame chris pratt. it is my fault..but I really want to blame him.

  • What a ride

    • George‚Äôs Girl
    • 5/15/18

    In spite of the preposterous story line I couldn't walk away. On location production is fabulous. Just loved seeing New Orleans of the fifties and the beautiful bank architecture of by-gone days. But Theresa Wright as a blonde?? I kept hearing her call Joseph Cotton "Uncle Charlie" as a brunette. Anyway it's a keeper.I highly recommend it!!

  • The steel trap

    • Cooter Jenkins
    • 8/4/15

    good movie. Suspenseful

  • 115 Lbs?

    • Roger Steinbrink
    • 7/24/15

    Great suspense movie. Being from New Orleans,I particularly liked all the location scenes, from the art deco Lakefront Airport, Antoine's restaurant, to the antique shops on Royal St. in the French Quarter. A nice glimpse into the past.The only part that was off, was the weight of his suitcase. When he checked his bag the man said 115 Lbs.115 Lbs? The way it was being handled made it look like it was 10 Lbs. It made me chuckle every time it was picked up.Other than that unintentionally humorous gaffe, a wonderful, suspenseful thriller.


    • william gauslow
    • 10/12/14

    When watching this movie. When do you realize your rooting for him to be successful ? When do you realize, Joseph Cotton should give up ? He's breaking the law and were all so tense because were rooting for him. Then the storm comes up. Still rooting for him or wishing he'd give up. Wishing he'd planned the trip/robbery/escape more before setting the plan into attack. This movie sure has some stomach acid associated. Then Teresa Wright figures it out. The woman always makes the most sense. Joseph should have worked this out beforehand. Yikes. Now the cherries scene. The noose tightens. A 7 foot by 10 foot prison cell doesn't have a lot of amenities. Now he's headed back to L.A. Probably would have been considered a very good film noir movie but the happiness, killed that. Bummer.

  • Panic Stricken Indeed

    • GypsyPi3000
    • 5/15/13

    If you want to get "suspensed" this is the movie to watch. It's not a whodunit type of suspense; it's more of a PSA saying if you're just a normal guy you may not want to try and rob your employer. I'm a rather nervous, sense of urgency type of person anyway, so this film had me going out of my mind. With all the things going wrong that did, I was about to crack under the pressure, and so was my jaw from having it clenched the entire time. Really, I don't think I've ever experienced a suspense like this. It appears mild mannered on the surface, but don't be fooled, it really packs a punch.

  • Suspense as taut as "Rope"

    • Roger Steinbrink
    • 11/26/12

    This little known gem reminded me of Hitchcock's "Rope". Very suspenseful, "edge of your seat" movie, with great performances by Joseph Cotten and Theresa Wright. The location shots of New Orleans with the old Shushan art deco, lakefront airport, Antoine's restaurant, The Court of Two Sisters, and the French Quarter are priceless.The movie's fast pace, and mounting paranoia make it one great film.The only part that was a little ridiculous was the way everyone so easily slung around the 115 lb. suitcase with the million bucks. Go to any home improvement store & try picking up an 80lb. bag of concrete & you'll see what I mean.Other than than that little gaffe, a fine movie that I will always highly recommend.

  • Joseph Cotten vs. Murphy's Law

    • Bruce Reber
    • 7/10/12

    "The Steel Trap" is a tightly paced, hard-as-nails suspense film (some might call it Noir, but I don't) about a guy working in a bank (superbly played by Joseph Cotten) who begins to think how easy it would be to get in the bank vault and rip off a cool million bucks. At first it's just daydreaming, but soon he becomes totally obsessed with the idea, and formulates a plan for actually doing it. He finds out Brazil has no extradition agreement with the U.S., and after he gets away with the cash he'll take his wife (Teresa Wright) and daughter there on the pretense of going on a business trip for the bank. But almost from the get go Murphy's Law (everything that can go wrong will go wrong) rears its ugly head (getting the passports, not being able to get plane tickets, traffic delays, suspicion from his wife of why he's in such a hurry, and customs officials of why he's got a 115 lb. suitcase). After his wife finds out the truth, he tells her that with the money they can finally live the kind of life they once only dreamed of, but she tells him they could never live a normal life on stolen money. She goes back home, and after some soul searching he decides to try and get back to the bank before the theft is discovered on Monday morning. He puts the money back in the vault with only seconds to spare, and he returns home knowing that life is good enough for him and his family after all. Cotten and Wright co-starred nine years earlier in the Hitchcock classic "Shadow Of A Doubt", and they were just as good in that too.

  • Solid suspense movie!

    • Michael Alden
    • 7/8/12

    Just a heads-up to some of the other reviewers, Steel Trap was released on DVD in March of 2012. Joseph Cotten plays a man who wants it all and is willing to risk everything and Theresa Wright (who is a blonde in this film) is his unwitting wife who begins to realize that something is amiss. Well-paced and well-shot suspense movie, glad I caught it on TCM earlier this evening. (And as an aside I enjoyed seeing those elegant Super Constellation airliners.)

  • Steel Trap...

    • Don F
    • 1/4/12

    I first saw this noirish film a few years ago on the big screen via the Noir Foundation at the Egyptian Theate in Hollywood and was blown away by how well this relatively low-budget film can entertain. We need more screenwriters like the one who wrote this, because my heart was pounding through most of the film. The only recent film I've seen come close was the barely seen The Next Three Days with Russell Crowe, which follows a similar edge-of-your-seat plot to make a desperate escape, but was surprisingly panned. I also love the the fact that Andrew L. Stone ALWAYS uses great on-location shots and interesting cinematography ----- if you want to see another of the late noir capers by he and his wife, DEFINITELY check out Cry Terror!

  • Hitchcock would have been proud to direct this

    • Sarah
    • 1/3/12

    One of the best suspense movies I have seen in a long time. Joseph Cotton and Teresa Wright surely do the film justice. I am an avid fan of suspense films and I think this is right inline with Hitchcock's finest although he did not produce this one. I have told many people about this little known movie and searched for it online to purchase but cannot locate an available copy at this time. I would love to add it to my collection. I give it TEN stars (out of a 5 star rating).

  • great suspense

    • pat bonner
    • 1/26/10

    i must have seen this pic a dozen times...never get tired of it. joe c. is perfect as the harried embezzler who has everything go wrong on his get-away from L.A to Brazil and theresa w. is perfect as thewife who gets more and more suspicious at her husband's excuses for what he's up to. the flic is not available on dvd or vcr; however, i did obtain a good copy from e-bay

  • Very suspenseful movie.

    • Judy Appleton
    • 9/14/09

    This was on TV back in the 60's when local stations had movies on friday and saturdays nights.This movie reunites Joseph Cotton and Teresa Wright. The suspense can leave you breathless. This needs to be available to people who have never seen it. Let them see how great movies from the 50's are.

  • Great Movie

    • Judy Saucerman
    • 6/6/08

    The first movie that impressed me enough to want to know who the actor was and want to see Joseph Cotten in every movie he made. I was a pre-teenager and to this point knew no one except Roy Rogers.Joseph Cotten became my favorite actor because of The Steel Trap. My husband of Thirty years has not seen this movie and I can't begin to describe to him how the movie effected me. Would love to share it with him and some of my young movie going friends. If it should become available on DVD or any media, I will purchase it immediately. Thank you.

  • The Steel Trap a real gripper.

    • Thomas N. Heath
    • 10/25/06

    I saw this movie in New Orleans when it was first released. i was so riveted by the suspense that I was, literally, off my seat during the entire movie.Even though it's been 54 years since I saw it, I'd surely like to have it in my movie collection so that I can show it to the many friends to whom I've recommended it.

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