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Spirits of the Dead

Spirits of the Dead(1969)

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METZENGERSTEIN: Dissolute Countess Frederica fancies a distant relative, Baron Wilhelm; but, spurned by the nobleman, she sets his stable afire. While attempting to save his favorite stallion, the baron dies. Thereafter, the countess is mesmerized by the steed, which has survived the blaze. She mounts the horse, which rushes into a blazing heath. WILLIAM WILSON: An Austrian officer confesses the murder of his "double" to a naive country priest. Wilson describes the shadow's persistent intrusion into his life and his own sadistic activities in school, including lowering a schoolmate into a tub of rats, performing surgery on an unwilling young girl, and flogging Giuseppina, his card partner. Unable to find solace in the sacrament, Wilson despairs and throws himself from the steeple of the church. TOBY DAMMIT: When a cynical, liquor-soaked English superstar is lured to Rome to make a film by the promise of a Maserati automobile, he is haunted by a lewdly smiling, small, blonde girl, who bounces a large white ball. Upon completion of the first Catholic western, Toby receives the car during a grotesque film award party. He gets drunk and leaves the party, roaring off in the Maserati; attempting to jump over a ruined bridge and muttering, "Let the Devil take my head off if I don't make the jump," Toby is decapitated by a wire strung across his path. The girl nonchalantly picks up his head.