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Song of the South

Song of the South(1946)

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  • To not release this film is a travesty

    • Jon Rohlf
    • 6/15/16

    This film employed a large number of industry professionals and artists. Actors, camera men, voice actors, annimators, painters, costume designers, photographers, musicians, editors, sound designers, child actors, and advertising executives gave their time, effort, and vision to make this film a possibility. by self inflicting a censorship of this kind, Disney has essentially said that they have little conviction for their own work, and the work of the talented and hard working individuals they employed. Regardless of the reaction of the public, this film is a form of artistic expression. Walt Disney is an artist who has been examined in many ways and is ultimately a controversial figure in American History. But in the case of "Song of the South", his was not the only vision or contribution towards the making of this film. Art has always been controversial. However misguided this artistic endeavor was, there is no reason to "forget" that it exists. Starting a dialog concerning this film could ultimately serve as a good thing. Walt Disney is not a man without fault or misguidance. His commercial conglomerate should stop acting as if he is, and make his previously available work available again.

  • It is what it is

    • CoCo
    • 3/23/16

    White people are just plain clueless when it comes to the matter of race ! You like the movie, fine !!! You want it released, FINE !!!!!!! BUT don't try to defend it, don't try to justify it !!!!!!!!!!! The movie is Walt Disney's vision of the america HE(and most of white america) saw and wanted to preserve ! It's no coincidence that a movie with black characters like that would come out in 1946 when things were really starting(race/social changes) to heat up, AND this was an effort to re enforce images of "the good old days" So watch it, enjoy it, BUT it is what it is !!! DON'T deny what it is nor try to spin it into something it's not...............

  • soung of the south

    • colin horrigan
    • 12/21/15

    Soung of the south is what walt disney thought would be his masterpeice it is widely seen as old-fashioned and racist it however is not racist as it is culturally intersting for having two oscars one of them being best actor for the man who portrayed uncle remus ,a black man him being the first african man to win an oscar and the second oscar won by hattie mcdanniel the first african women to win an oscar . The movie is about a young boy named jhonny whose parents are getting divorced this being when he meets uncle remus the storytelling ,singing , black man and why the movie is controversial. The movie was also highly acclaimed for its wonderful songs . A relase of this rare title may help us to understand race relations more deeply and not drastically but a little bit improve as a society.

  • No reason why this should not be released

    • simon
    • 10/27/15

    This is a classic Disney film with memorable songs, beautiful animation and classic acting.This is not a racist film but a portrayal of a period of history, much the same way as westerns, or other historic movies where different societies are portrayed.At least this shows happiness during this way of life.A definite must for a classic Disney remastered release!

  • Release

    • Andrea Olsen
    • 10/3/15

    This movie has tought me alot of life lessons. and I see no wrong. if this is racist then Disney's Aladdin must be as well. There are those who think this is that and this is that. everyone has different views. George Washington is a great example. He had slave but paid them and to great care of them. there were slaves who were treated bad and then there were those that were like family. In this film the Grandmother treats uncle remus with the same respect as we treat anyone. in one scene he ask are you mad at me. she said of course not ( watch the movie again) I was Told this movie was racist. So I watched it to see Nope nothing. Hmmmm.... I leave you with a Question : Why did they not continue it??

  • A classic Disney film that deserves a release...

    • Brandon Marquez
    • 1/16/15

    From a guy who has grown up with the Disney films from age 3, I first heard of this film from my Grammy and I instantly became hooked on this film, and I've seen clips of the film and there's nothing in the depictions of Song of The South that are racist, it won oscars, it has the catchy song that is still used today with out knowlage of the film that the song came from, and even inspired Splash Mountain. Maybe if Leonard Maltin did a intro for Song of The South for the Diamond Edition or the Treasures collection, we would accept the film.

  • Disney should release "Song of the South"

    • Fielding Dillard
    • 6/6/14

    My granddaugher recently visited Disney World with her parents. She called me excitedly and said she had a Brer Rabbit stuffed animal. It turned out to be Thumper Rabbit. She couldn't get stuffed animals of any of the "Song of the South" characters. She has seen the movie, been told the stories and sung the songs. This is because one of my son's friends got me a bootleg copy in Europe. The lesson of this movie is clear: it shows how trivial the differences between us all really are. In the climactic moment, a little white boy's hand reaches out to the hand of Uncle Remus, and it is seen what is really important in our lives. Our differences were rendered meaninglesss in the eyes of a Creator who is a spirit with whom there is no respect of persons. Who would you rather be at the moment of your death, Uncle Remus, or one of the rich white people? Think about it! Wake up, Disney!

  • One of the Best!

    • EJ
    • 3/28/14

    This is a wonderful movie that has great lessons in morality. Uncle Remus is the epitome of a gentleman. What lesson is being taught by not releasing Song of the South? By not releasing this movie, Disney is participating in censoring. How is Song of the South any worse than Gone with the Wind? No slavery in SOFS. This movie took place during the reconstruction period. No questionable morals, the whole movie and Uncle Remus stories are a lesson in morality. I would love to share a restored copy with my family. Until then, everyone will continue to purchase bootleg copies of this classic.

  • Song of the South-Special Memories

    • Vicky
    • 8/30/13

    The first drive-in movie my baby daughter ever experienced was "Song of the South". She's grown up now and seen lots of movies, but this one tops her list of all time favorites! My son's daughter who is 3 years old loves the music (of course Zip-a-do-dah sp.?) I really wish Disney would release the movie on DVD so she can carry on the family tradition of "going to her laughin place"!

  • a Timeless disney classic

    • sarah jane
    • 7/6/13

    I really like to watching song of the south With animation.

  • soung of the south

    • robert varrick
    • 6/1/12

    Great movie.This film has been released in the UK on vhs .Go to EBAY to obtain a copy.

  • How I miss...

    • kadeshia
    • 4/19/12

    My grandmother took me to see this film. It's a shame Disney and other people that think being politically correct is more important than good artistry.They will push fictitious trashy stuff at film festivals and call it "art" or that it is "an important piece to document the inner struggles"...blah,blah,blah. It's time for people to get over themselves and enjoy a movie for what it is- a wonderful piece of entertainment. It was cute, funny, and had some good "life lessons" in it.

  • A True Classic

    • TXPrincess
    • 4/15/12

    Song of the South is a true Disney Classic. The combination of live action and beautiful Disney animation make a memorable contrast. The casting is superb. Uncle Remus comes across as wise and gentle. A true gentleman! It is a shame that the Walt Disney Company has chosen to pretend that Song of the South was never made. This movie is part of American history and should not be swept under the rug as if slavery, the Civil War, and Reconstruction never occurred. If we continue to ignore these things because they make people uncomfortable,mfuture generations will never understand the events that caused this fracture of America and the period in which the people rebuilt ur great country.

  • South of The South

    • Deanne Willis
    • 2/6/11

    This was the first movie that my parents took us too when I was FIVE YEARS OLD , I love this movie. I took my children to see it, when they were small, and they loved it too, now I would love too show this movie too my great grand kids, I don't know what happened to it but it is terrible that it isn't around anymore ,it is a shame, because it is a wonderful movie for everyone too see, please bring it back

  • Song of the South

    • suellen douglas
    • 1/31/11

    What a shame that my children, grand children and now great grand children have never had the opportunity to see this wonderfully delightful movie. I was just a child when I saw it in a little town in southerrn Illinois and it left an everlasting impression. We sang the songs from this movie and loved Uncle Remus as a good friend!!

  • Song of the South

    • Achmed Assaff
    • 10/22/10

    Haven't seen this film since I was a teenager. Would love to see it again.

  • Song of the South

    • James
    • 9/17/10

    I have a bootleg copy of the film. I'm not ashamed to say it. I loved the film. Great story, music, and characterization. What I did not enjoy was the diminished animation of my poor copy. Unfortunately, Disney doesn't have the spine to release this on DVD. So, until they grow one, I'll have to enjoy my poor copy.

  • Song of the South

    • sherry
    • 9/12/10

    I LOVED this movie when I was a child (50's) and sang all the songs. I would cherish a DVD of this movie to be able to share with my grandchildren. I feel it's as much a Walt Disney classic as Cinderella and Snow White!!! Please release on home video.

  • Song of the South

    • Barry R.Altamos
    • 6/26/10

    Has to be one of the most endearing movies of all time.My children never saw it.But they sure did like me singing zip a dee do daevery night just before they went too sleep.Even today they ask me to sing it.Bring it back.

  • Song of the South

    • Judy
    • 5/31/10

    The movie isn't available in the U.S. according to the folks at Disney World in Orlando It is, however, available outside the U.S. and may still be available through the internet. It is such a good movie - one of the first combined cartoon and live people movies made - if I remember correctly.

  • Song Of The South

    • Robert Auen
    • 4/22/10

    I enjoyed this movie very much as a child I looked forward to seeing it in Dec. on Santa Clause Day we would receive a bag of candy and peanuts I have been trying to get a copy of it on dvd or vcr. So I hope that you can get enough votes to put it out on dvd.

  • Song of the South

    • Judy
    • 3/12/10

    I SAW THIS AS A LITTLE CHILD AND HAVEN'T SEEN IT SINCE; was always "my favorite" and I was told I looked a lot like the little girl in it - Lauren Patten.

  • Song Of The South

    • Mary
    • 3/10/10

    This is got to be one of the best moves I've ever seen.. I have not seen it since I was a little girl in the 1940's..I would to see it again.

  • Song fo the South

    • Ruth
    • 3/7/10

    This is a film that should be revered as THE BEST FILM of ALL times there is no other film ever made since this film that compares to it...What a terrible shame that this is not shown to this new generation to show that most people never were against the black people of this country they were admired and respected,as I was taught as a child to do.I was very lucky to have seen this movie as a child and will never forget this film as long as I live.....Thank you Walt Disney

  • Song of the South

    • M. L. Werdman
    • 2/20/10

    Of all the movies I have seen both as a child and an adult, I believe this is one of the best. The humor in it is really great. I don't believe it to be racial in any way. In fact the person playing Uncle Remus was outstanding. I sure hope it is brought back so I can show my grandchildren.

  • Great film

    • Powderhorn
    • 1/1/10

    Song of the South is absolutely a great movie. Irregardless if your white or black it is thoroughly intertaining. I saw this as a young child and have never forgotten it. To some it would represent the bad times, but is not the history of this country made up of the bad and good times. In each there is a lesson to be learned. It is good to go back into time to review the good and the bad so we do not repeat the bad over again. I am white and as far as the character of Uncle Remus is concerned I fell in love with the old guy. I wished I had a grandfather like him. His type is priceless in this age of coldness and greed. It should be showed again so all can enjoy Uncle Remus.

  • Great Movie!!

    • April
    • 12/14/09

    My children and I loved this movie. We are black and are not offended by the setting or the characters. That was a certain time period that is a part of history, good or bad, but there are lessons that can be learned from Uncle Remus' stories. Uncle Remus' stories remind me of Aesop's Fables.

  • No Words!!

    • Karen Payne
    • 9/24/09

    There are no words that can do this film justic!.

  • This Movie Will "Knock Your Head Clean Off"

    • Sandra
    • 6/24/09

    My entire first grade class went to see this movie in 1946 (back then "field trips" were unheard of for elementary school kids). Uncle Remus and his stories of Brer Bear, Brer Rabbit,etc. were teaching stories to build character. What a shame that AMC has never included it in video form for home viewing.

  • Miss this movie so much

    • Monica
    • 6/22/09

    I watched this film in the late 1970's as a young girl in a theater in Germany where our family was stationed with the military. I still remember the fence scene with the elderly black gentleman and his song and how weary he appeared physically but how joyful he sang his song. I learned to question inequality at a young age; the value of hard work; respect for all human beings. I fell in love with the soundtrack and wish and hope this film will be made available again, for my own children.

  • A Classic Movie

    • Frances Rogers
    • 6/21/09

    Uncle Remus' stories are classics. Disney made a great movie. I really don't see the difference between "Gone With the Wind" and " Song of the South". Please make this movie available.

  • Please Release!

    • Dale Dunn
    • 5/8/09

    My sister and I saw this movie in the 40s when first released. We were very young children then, with no political or historical savvy to cloud our enjoyment, only two kids being highly entertained and laughing for days whenever we would say, "I'm goin' to knock yo head clean off!" For me, Uncle Tom was a sheltering figure for children, most kind and centered, and the color of his skin didn't matter. I always wanted my children to see this movie and now I would like for my grandchildren to see it. But, alas, political correctness has taken away a truly wonderful film

  • why cant we see the song of the south

    • John Lewis
    • 5/2/09

    Why is this great old flim not being showen?Its a great old movle that MANY WOULD LOVE TO SEE AGAIN! PLEASE TELL ME WHY THEY WILL NOT LET US SEE THIS THIS MOVIE ITS 2009 FOR GOD SAKE!!!JOHN LEWIS CARMEL NY

  • Rumor

    • Karl Berquist
    • 4/25/09

    Rumor has it that this delightful movie will be released on Blu-Ray and standard DVD by the end of 2009. I have the Japanese laser disc and my family enjoys watching it over and over again.


    • sally
    • 4/19/09

    I saw this great movie as a child and would love to see it released on DVD so I could buy it for my great nephews and great nieces to enjoy.

  • seen the movie

    • debbie
    • 3/25/09

    I got to see the movie when I was younger, it was a great. I wish they would release, its no different than we have today , plus Uncle Remus is from Indiana

  • song of the south

    • victor toscano
    • 3/17/09


  • What a shame our children can't see Br'er Rabbit

    • Joanna
    • 3/14/09

    I think its a crying shame that our children, red, yellow, black or white can't see this wonderful animated movie with all of the beautiful songs and animals in it. I saw it when I was just a little girl and it has stuck with me all of my life. To me it was one of Walts best animated movies. I loved it.

  • The most wonderful movie made

    • Kris
    • 2/6/09

    I hope you will bring back this treasure it is one of the very fisrt movies as a little girl that i went to see wiht my Dad and him and I chersih it for live we will now again get to share this movement again this was my one wish to share this wiht him before our time is upThank You for making a little girls dream come true


    • Peter
    • 1/29/09

    Academy Award winning gem that sadly has been banished to the Disney vault indefinitely. Produced by Walt himself and his first live action film, Song of the South is unfortunately not known to most children due to Disney's paranoia that people could construe the film to be "racially insensitive." The film was filmed in the 1940's during a time when there was insensitivity to many races and religions; to ban a film because it may remind people is to say that history should forget that such a time ever existed. Which would be more insensitive?

  • would like to see released

    • jeff
    • 12/31/08

    the songs and stories will live in my heart alot of history in this movie would like it past on to my grandkids

  • movie request

    • david benites
    • 11/29/08

    this movie is excelent, i need a copy of this movie for my family. please.thank you. you rock!

  • the song of the south movie

    • Serena
    • 11/13/08

    Every year for about 4 years when i was just a girl my mom used to take us to the cinema to see the song of the south and i still remembered the movie now that i'm grown but could never find it on vhs or dvd and always wondered if it was something i dreamed up

  • Saw it as a kid

    • Betty Ford
    • 8/10/08

    I was raised in an orphange and every Christmas the Lions club would take us to see the song of the south. That was the happiest Christmas we ever had. I want to relive those happy moments now that I'm 73 yrs old I want to share them with my children one is 40 yrs old and the other one is 41. Please release the movie in my life time Thanking you in the hopes my dream will come true Betty Ford

  • Song of the South

    • Doug Ryan
    • 7/19/08

    I saw this movie with my father when I was quite young and was one of the memories I value when I think of my Dad. It would be great to be able to see this movie again. "Zippedy do da Zippedy day, my oh my what a wonderful day" I would like to hear the rest of that song again.Thanks D. Ryan

  • Song Of The South

    • Penny Patterson
    • 5/10/08

    I saw Song of the South when I was in the 5th grade. I love this movie and would love to share it with my grandchildren and my great-granddaughters. This movie teaches a good lesson for children of broken homes. I have The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus, but getting this movie released of DVD would be wonderful for all of our children.

  • Song of the South

    • Kay Freas
    • 5/7/08

    Please let this be released on DVD. I saw this movie when I was a very young girl. I would love for my grandchildren to see it. We need more wonderful movies like this to be shown on TV. Not all those graphic, gory and murder movies. I loved the music in this as well as the story.

  • We need more good movies like this!

    • Marie Larson
    • 4/5/08

    Isn't it amazing that we can all kinds of shady, sleezy, filthy movies that we can't get rid of based on the Free Speech Amendment to the Constitution, but when there is a perfectly harmless movie like "Song of the South", it can't be made available to our children.So sad.

  • Let It Be

    • warren larkin
    • 3/20/08

    Let it be a DVD, its a wounderful movie and the music is beautifuly sung by a black man. I saw it when it first came out 1949 or 1950.Thanks


    • JAN
    • 3/3/08


  • Release this film on dvd now!

    • muggs
    • 2/28/08

    Who cares if it's an unrealistic depiction of post Civil War. It's pure entertainment and it's Disney what more do you need. P.S. T.J. Brickey has this movie confused with "Show Boat" which featured William Warfield singing "Ole Man River".

  • Best version ever of the song 'Ole Man River'.

    • t j brickey
    • 2/23/08

    A memorable experience when Uncle Remus beautifully sings 'Ole Man River'.

  • Most Remembered Childhood Movie

    • Sok Cordell
    • 2/12/08

    I can't believe this movie isn't available. Of all the movies I saw as a child, I remember this one best. Uncle Remus' stories have stayed with me over the years, and I still cherish them greatly. I would still love to see the movie again, better yet to own a DVD of it so that I could share it with my grand kids.

  • I just love this movie

    • John A Sheehan
    • 2/12/08

    I got a copy from the UK they have a different format but you can have it it from Ebay.

  • Have Never Got To See the Movie

    • Norma Bowles
    • 1/26/08

    I have never got to see the movie, Song Of The South.My husband saw it. He wish we could buy it on a DVD so our grandkids would be able to see it.

  • Favorite Film as a child

    • Lynn Maxwell
    • 1/26/08

    I loved Uncle Remus and Zippity-Do-Dah as I child, would love to be able to show this great film to my grandchildren!

  • Much missed "Song of the South"

    • Lee Anders
    • 1/18/08

    Like Helen Cordell, I agree that this is probably the first film to incorporate real people and animated cartoon long before "Roger Rabbit". Esther Williams and Gene Kelly also made films incorporating animation within the film. "Song of the South" should be available to the present generation. They will be richer for it. TCM could make a difference.

  • The Importance of "Song of The South"

    • Helen Cordell
    • 12/30/07

    This movie was one of the first, if not the first, movie to incorporate real people and animated cartoon characters in the same scenes. Not only that, but the stories that James Baskett (Uncle Remus) tells are classics and unfortunately will be lost forever if this movie isn't soon restored on DVD and played again.

  • song of the south

    • patricia reddell
    • 12/26/07

    I saw this movie when i was a child and againe when my children wher very youg and i would like my grandchildren and great grandchidren. It is a very good and should be releasen so that the younger generation could enjoy it

  • Why is this movie not released on DVD

    • Butch
    • 12/19/07

    I saw this movie when I was about 8 years old and still remember how wonderful a movie it was. I would love for it to be released on DVD so that my Grandchildren can enjoy watching it as much as I did.

  • Song of the South

    • sally
    • 12/9/07

    I saw this movie years ago when I was a child and it was good and should be released on DVD for todays younger generation to enjoy. It's a classic.

  • What happened to this movie Why cant I buy it !

    • Kenneth W. Viar, Jr.
    • 12/6/07

    I watched song of the South When In was A kid ! & loved it I want to share it with my children & Family ! Please Sell the movie again ! Thanks Kenny Viar

  • bring it back

    • mischell herrig
    • 12/2/07

    I had the opportunity to see Song of the South many years ago. I would like for my granddaughter to have the same opportunity. I have read her "Uncle Ramus Stories", from a disney book that I have. She loves it. Please tell me how and where I can buy "Song of the South."Thank you.


    • Karen
    • 11/17/07

    This is one of the greatest movie memories that I have. My sisters and I have all loved watching it. Our kids will never have the pleasure. WHY DISNEY, WHY?

  • My kids lose!

    • Jane
    • 10/23/07

    This movie is an awesome piece of Americana that has never beenm duplicated. I am soooo sorry that my kids have not had the opportunity to live the childhood with little Johnny and Uncle Remus.

  • A must see for every generation!!!!!

    • Ruth
    • 9/9/07

    I also saw this movie as a child , what a wonderful movie !!!!! i remember as if it was yesterday . I keep asking Walt Disney Studios to release this movie again and to no avail ,it never will , how sad .

  • Politically correct equals selective censorship

    • Jack Phillippe
    • 7/31/07

    This picture was one of the finest Disney films made and might I remind every one that we live in a democracy where by free speech is one of our dearest gifts. When a professor from Berkley Ca. introduced "political correctness" to the American scene, it introduced a form of coercion and selective censorship. This may have been right for the now defunct Soviet Union but it certainly dose not belong in America. As long as political correctness remains a part of the American land scape we will never see, "Song Of The South"---period!!!

  • !

    • courtney
    • 6/21/07

    I cant say much about this movie, im 17, and have not seen it. I believe people make things into what they want them to be. If people really want to complain about this movie then go ahead, but in my opinion there are worse movies out there. I seriously doubt its that bad anyways. Its just a old disney movie that id love to see.

  • News Flash

    • J.L.
    • 5/10/07

    News flash! Uncle Remus and others were not slaves. The movie was set after the civil war(remember Uncle actually left to go to Atlanta).

  • Please bring this classic movie back.

    • Vance Cordell
    • 5/6/07

    I saw this movie as a child and remember it to this day as being one of the best of its time. I know several reviers talk about it being racist, but I disagree. It depicts a rosy picture of the south around the civil war period, but so do a great many other movies, such as "Gone with the Wind", "Tom Sawyer", and others, but the stories of Uncle Remus are so good that they need to be brought back. If I'm not mistaken it was one of the first films to mix animation and real characters.

  • Fun Movie

    • Debbie Crawford
    • 4/5/07

    I can see where Jack saw Song of The South as racist, but I didnt view it like that. The actors, the story line, cartoon scenes, were all really wonderful. I love it. I wished that it was on DVD for purchasing.

  • Bring this great production Back!!

    • Leona
    • 3/31/07

    I saw this movie as a child and remember it to this day. It was memorable and worth showing to a new generation. It was full of fun,love and happiness. I loved Uncle Remus.

  • Racist trash

    • Jack
    • 3/28/07

    Disney should have burnt this racist trash years ago! Slaves smiling, singing and dancing, slavery sure was wonderful!

  • Song of the South

    • Jeanette
    • 3/23/07

    What a truly sweet movie, when children were children and loved people for who they were! The songs and characters were so awesome. A truly heart warming movie that should be released so our grandchildren can see and feel what we felt then! There was NO VIOLENCE in the Song of the South, so what are you waiting for to release this classical movie?


    • Lillian Lee
    • 3/19/07

    Why on EARTH isn't it on DVD? I wish it were and I hope it is screened soon. Whimsical Disney Classic that deserves a DVD edition.

  • shameful

    • Dennis A Swanson
    • 3/18/07

    It's shameful that one of Disney's classic movies is not available on home video

  • It's rediculous

    • ralph
    • 3/10/07

    It' rediculous that such a great movie produced by Walt Disney in it's glory days is treated this way.

  • "born n' bred in de briarpatch!"

    • abe
    • 3/9/07

    It is hard to believe that in the year 2007, this classic movie remains unavailable for purchase. Gone With The Wind is no less fictious and "politically incorrect" in it's portrayal of slavery. Yet it is sold every where. What a treat it would be to again see 'bro-rabbit"smack the 'tar baby" upside his head!!

  • Release Song of the south on DVD!

    • Duke
    • 1/17/07

    I would love to see this movie released on DVD so that a new generation can enjoy these stories! My mother died when I was a child and I fondly remember this movie as the last one she took me to see! I can understand that some people may be offended by the racial content of this movie but they have a clear choice if they do not want to watch it then don't buy it! Give a new generation of children and adults alike a chance to enjoy a movie that is now a classic!

  • Let the bluebird sing again!

    • Jay
    • 1/15/07

    I have only seen this movie once, and it has left a wonderful memory from my childhood. I remember singing this song for years afterwards. Please Disney release this movie again!!!

  • *sigh*

    • Matt El Taco
    • 1/12/07

    I have only seen the cartoon parts of this movie and i really want to see them again as well as the entire movie. All i have now are memories and pictures of what is one the greatest Disney movies of all time. Please Disney, release this on DVD!

  • Every body will love this movie

    • AG
    • 1/5/07

    Every one will keep singing "zipadedoda" for days, after watching this beautiful movie.Now days every bloody, scary, etc. movie goes to DVD for the public to buy. Why not a beautiful movie that all the family can see together. I would love to see this movie many, many times more.Please, vote for this movie to be released on DVD.

  • Waiting Not So Patiently

    • Louentha Carlsen
    • 12/9/06

    I have written Disney over and over in the last 25 years, since seeing this movie for the third time with my late mother and my dauthers. It was 1981 and my moms last movie. She had taken me twice when I was young, so I took her when I took my girls, it was her last movie. I come from a very divirse family, we have every race and nationality and I love the movie, and yes it is racal,a fact, like the history of this country. But I can't count how many times the "Birth of a Nation has played. Which was and is the most racal movie of all time. Releasing this movie would be a treat for children of all ages.

  • Very early Disney film

    • Carol Galdi
    • 10/18/06

    Should be released if for no other reason than to see and hear Uncle Remus sing the song "Zipadedoda". Also, early example of combining animated characters with a live actor. A film for all generations.

  • Important film missing from Disney's vast lineup

    • Ellen Coless
    • 10/8/06

    This is one of the gentlest telling of relationships of slaves and their owners and the importance of their existance in a southern family. It realtes how slave, Uncle Remus, eases the pain of a young boy, who, for safety sake, is sent - with his mother - to stay at his paternal grandmother's plantation far from his Atlanta home. While his father remains in Atlanta reporting for a newspaper, the turmoils of the Civil War, the boy and his mother pass the time at the father's boyhood home. Uncle Remus, an old and beloved famiy slave, who has been with the family since the boy's father was a child, helps the boy to cope with confrontations from family, neighborhood bullies and his own inner self. Gently guiding the child by telling stories of Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox and Brer Bear, Uncle Remus helps him to find ways to resolve his problems and to come to understand that is is better to face your problems than to run away from them. Of course, because this is a Disney film, it has a happy ending. It is full of delightful songs, and is one of the best live-action/animation films Walt Disney and his studio created.I was able to view this from a British release on VHS and would love to own it (an original - not a copy) on DVD. Walt Disney Company - listen - THIS FILM SHOULD BE RELEASED!!!! It needs to be - IT IS - a DISNEY TREASURE!! Just as Lenoard Maltin comments on many of the cartoon treasures - he could also make note that slavery was a terrible injustice but, it is a part of American History and it should not be forgotten. Gone With the Wind is lauded because of the depiction of the injusted that took place during the Civil War and the relationship of slaves and their owners - not always in a kind light - SONG OF THE SOUTH gives a kinder picture of this relationship.

  • love this movie

    • clifford gober
    • 10/3/06

    i have been looking for this movie for a very long time . please tell me how i can can get it on dvd thank you .

  • Soung of the South

    • Robert Jonson
    • 5/11/06

    How can I get a DVD version of this Movie. I saw it in the theatre as a kid and would like to show it to my grandchildren

  • Fond memories . .

    • Joyce
    • 3/31/06

    What fond memories I have of this lovely movie. I wish I could share it with my grandson. Disney is mistaken if they feel it is too racially sensitive. What could be more indearing than two people of different races walking down a road holding hands.

  • Sadly - ONLY remembered

    • claude
    • 3/22/06

    I,also, would really enjoy viewing this lovely film again, with my grandchildren.Disney tells me they haven't plans for release at this date.My local Video store indicates the film is held up for video release due to complaints of a racial nature. That's really sad.Afterall, it is part of our heritage.

  • Song of the South remembered

    • Bev
    • 3/5/06

    Am I the only one who remembers Brer Rabbit & Uncle Remus skipping down the road singing & whistling "Zip-id-dy Do Dah"? When I had children of my own in the '70's I couldn't find the movie. I wanted to introduce them to this great story. Of course they are grown up now. But there are always more children that might want to skip down that road and get to know Uncle Remus. And I would like to see it again before my time here is over.

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