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Slightly Scandalous

Slightly Scandalous(1946)

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At the end of World War II, radio producer Jerry Roberts tries to convince Mr. Wright, a Boston fountain pen magnate, to sponsor a television show starring ex-USO entertainer Trudy Price. Though initially agreeable to the sponsorship, Wright is overruled by his spinster sister Minerva, so Jerry invites the businessman to New York City to see Trudy perform. In order to put on Trudy's radio show, Jerry forces his identical brother John, a conservative insurance agent, to lend him the necessary funds. In the midst of auditions for the show, Jerry is abducted by a group of Mexican musicians, so John is forced to take his brother's place in business discussions with Wright and his beautiful daughter Christine. When Wright insists on seeing the New York night life, John takes the Wrights to the Club Aztec, unaware that Jerry is being held there by Mexican singer Lola Montez, a former client to whom he owes money. Jerry convinces Lola and her friends to release him by promising to have Lola star on his planned television show. After the brothers switch places, John runs into a jealous Trudy, who, having seen him with Christine, threatens to quit the radio show. Still pretending to be his brother, John then becomes engaged to Trudy. Jerry insists that John persist with the ruse, so while John goes with Trudy to pick out an engagement ring, Jerry continues to romance Christine. Just as the Wrights are about to sign the television contract, Minerva arrives in New York and tells the newly engaged Christine that Jerry is already engaged to Trudy. Christine then goes to Jerry's apartment, where she runs into Trudy. They are soon joined by Lola, who tells them about Jerry and John's ruse. Trudy and Christine then decide to get even with the two brothers by having Christine pretend that she married Jerry the night before during a drunken spree. Their plan backfires, however, as Jerry attempts to exercise his marital rights with Christine, while the once-meek John actively pursues Trudy, having fallen in love with her. After the first television show airs, John goes to see Christine to straighten things out, only to be forced into a wedding ceremony before the Wright family. Jerry and Trudy arrive just in time to stop the wedding, and the two couples are correctly united. As they kiss, James, a third Roberts brother, arrives in search of Jerry and John.