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Siren of Atlantis

Siren of Atlantis(1949)

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After wandering the Sahara Desert for three months, rescued French Legionnaire Lieutenant Andre St. Avit tells his superior officers the incredible tale of how he discovered the lost continent of Atlantis: While St. Avit and four of his fellow Legionnaires search the Sahara Desert for a lost archaeological expedition led by Fran├žois Masson, St. Avit and hean Morhange become separated from the rest of the search party. The two are abducted by Tuaregs, a tribe of desert nomads, who take them on an arduous journey to the city of Atlantis, in the heart of the Hoggar Mountains. In Atlantis, the fabled home of an ancient civilization that is believed to be extinct, St. Avit and Morhange are taken to see the ruling queen, Antinea. Before meeting the queen, the two Legionnaires meet Blades, a powerful figure in Atlantis, who introduces them to a group of European men, including Le Mesge, who serves as Antinea's court philosopher. The men all speak highly of Antinea but explain that when she tires of her lovers, she disposes of them by encasing them in metal. St. Avit then receives an amulet from Antinea, which is a symbolic indication that she desires to meet him. As predicted by Le Mesge, St. Avit finds himself unable to resist Antinea's beauty and charms, and falls instantly in love with her. At the same time, Morhange, not yet entranced by the queen, sees through her scheme, and together with a female court dancer, Tanit Zerga, plots an escape. Morhange and Tanit are caught while attempting their escape, and later, Tanit, fearing Antinea's harsh punishment, kills herself. Angered by Tanit's death, Morhange visits Antinea and shouts insults at her. Antinea responds by vowing to destroy Morhange, and has him confined to a room next to hers. Conspiring with Antinea, Blades lies to St. Avit, telling him that Antinea has chosen Morhange as her new lover. St. Avit becomes so enraged that he stabs and kills his friend. St. Avit immediately regrets killing Morhange, and after fleeing Atlantis, is found by a rescue team and taken to his garrison. St. Avit concludes his story of Atlantis by confessing to the murder of Morhange, but his officers do not believe any of his story. Instead, St. Avit's story is dimissed as the tale of a deluded soldier who spent too much time wandering lost in the desert. St. Avit himself soon begins to believe that the Atlantis experience was a dream, until one of Antinea's bodyguards, brought in as prisoner to the outpost, gives him the queen's amulet. Still in love with the queen, St. Avit mounts his camel and rides off in search of her. The lovestruck Legionnaire never makes it to Atlantis, however, and is found dead in the desert, still clutching the amulet in his hand.