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Silver Queen

Silver Queen(1942)

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Silver Queen A girl is dismayed to discover... MORE > $6.95
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In New York in 1873, President Ulysses S. Grant announces that the national debt is at three billion dollars. Meanwhile, suave, professional gambler James Kincaid and his valet, Blackie, continue to earn their money at poker. James is invited to a charity ball hosted by investment broker Stephen Adams, and his daughter Coralie, in order to work the gaming tables and raise money for the charity. Although she is engaged to the affluent Gerald Forsythe, Coralie, who has inherited her father's interest in gambling is immediately attracted to James. Before the end of the evening, Stephen urges Gerald to marry Coralie soon, as he is counting on him to provide his daughter with security and respectability. After the ball, Stephen withdraws the deed to his "Gambler's Luck" silver mine in Nevada, and goes to play cards at James's casino. The next morning, the stock market crashes and panic grips Wall Street. Gerald, who works for Stephen, suggests that Stephen sell the silver mine stock, but Stephen has lost the deed in the poker game, and Coralie discovers that her father is broke. After Stephen dies of heart failure, Coralie assures his debtors that she will repay them. Knowing that Stephen lost the deed to James, Gerald asks the gambler to sell him the mine. James is suspicious of Gerald's high offer as Gerald claims the mine is worthless, but, now in love with Coralie, he offers the deed as a wedding gift with Gerald's assurance that only Coralie's name will be on it. James then leaves for a more affluent city. Coralie also leaves New York and asks Gerald not to try and find her until she sends for him. Coralie and her maid, Ruby, travel to San Francisco, where she uses her only talent, poker playing, to earn a living. By 1877, Coralie is a wealthy casino owner, and sends her final payment of $10,000 to Gerald, whom she believes has been repaying her debtors. Unknown to Coralie, Gerald has been putting all the money into running the Gambler's Luck, hoping a rich silver vein will be struck, and now needs another $30,000 to keep it going. When his mother refuses to bail him out, Gerald orders the mine foreman, Carson, to cut expenses. James arrives in San Francisco and is surprised to find that the renowned dealer known as the "Silver Queen," is none other than his beloved Coralie. James is delighted to learn that Coralie never married Gerald, whom she has not seen in years, and he and Coralie fall in love again. When Coralie's uncle Hector arrives at the hotel, clearly impoverished, James is puzzled that he was never repaid for his losses. When no one appears to know what became of the mine, James gives Hector some money and Coralie's address, with a note informing her that he has gone to Nevada City to investigate the Gambler's Luck. However, Hector is run over by a carriage in the fog, and by the time Coralie gets to see him, he can only say where James went before dying. Coralie becomes despondent, but when Gerald unexpectedly arrives to visit, he claims that Hector lost all his money gambling, and that he purchased the mine from James on her behalf. Gerald urges her to marry him right away, and Coralie, stunned by James's apparent duplicity, consents as long as they can marry in Nevada City, where she was born, and where her father discovered the mine. James, meanwhile, has discovered that Gerald owns the mine, which is rumored to have a rich vein, which prompted Gerald to go to San Francisco to buy up the stock. When Carson and his pal, the sheriff, threaten James, he knows that Gerald is crooked. James confronts Gerald when he and Coralie arrive in Nevada City, and accuses him of wanting to marry Coralie to avoid charges of fraud. Gerald and James get into a furious fistfight, during which Gerald pulls a gun and accidentally shoots Coralie. Gerald is taken away by Blackie, who takes the sheriff's badge, and the doctor finds nothing wrong with Coralie, although she is unconscious. In fact, Coralie collapsed only to prevent further shooting, and when she overhears the truth about Gerald, she revives and pledges her lifelong love to James.