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The 7th Dawn

The 7th Dawn(1964)


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At the end of World War II in Malaya Ferris, Ng, and Dhana, three leaders of the guerrillas who fought the Japanese, part company. Ng, a Malayan-Chinese, goes to Moscow to complete his education, and Dhana and Ferris remain in Malaya. Eight years later Ferris is a successful plantation owner very much in love with Dhana, his mistress, who is now a prominent schoolteacher. Communist terrorists have launched a campaign of murder and destruction to drive the British from Malaya, but Ferris' interests are not touched. It is discovered that Ng is back in Malaya leading the terrorists, and Ferris reluctantly promises the British Resident to talk to Ng. Ng, though pleased to see Ferris, will not agree to a compromise. Returning from the meeting, Ferris meets Candace, the Resident's daughter, and agrees to attend a ball at the Residency that evening. A grenade is tossed among the dancers at the ball, and Ferris saves Candace's life by throwing her to the floor. In retaliation the British burn the village where Dhana teaches (which is thought to house many terrorists), despite Ferris and Dhana's protests. Dhana, whose sympathies are divided between the terrorists and the colonists, is arrested when police, acting on a tip, find grenades in her bicycle basket. She is sentenced to die but is offered her life if she or Ferris will reveal Ng's hideout. They refuse. Candace pleads with Dhana, who only asks Candace to look after Ferris after her death. Candace then goes to Ng and offers herself as a hostage, hoping her father will release Dhana. Ng holds her captive and distributes posters announcing that Candace will be killed unless Dhana is released by a certain time. Realizing old loyalties are dead, Ferris promises to flush Ng from his hideout. He needs 10 days to do this and Dhana has only 7 days to live. The Communists are routed and Ferris captures Ng and rescues Candace, who shoots Ng as he is about to kill Ferris. The dying Ng confesses he planted the grenades on Dhana's bicycle, hoping to start a revolt. Dhana is executed and several days later Ferris leaves Malaya, probably never to return, though Candace declares her love.