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  • Loved then, love it now.

    • Deana
    • 7/1/17

    I truly love this movie. I, like so many others, look for this movie every year. The music is fabulous, I enjoy the harmony and discourse throughout. The words/lyrics mean so much more as I get older. And like some many others, I getting wispy at the finale when scratching pens are serenaded by tolling bells. One of the most moving pieces is the scene without the the movers and shakers of the Continental Congress, "Mama Look Sharp" is a sad, moving piece, reminding us all of the sacrifice and the sorrow of all who pledge to fight for an unbirthed country, fight for just a words and dreams. I truly cry every time. There are great, historically accurate movies for many important events, this is most certainly more entertainment than accurate but it does give you pause to think.

  • An Annual July 4th Tradition at our house!

    • Michael
    • 6/29/17

    For lovers of musicals and musical theatre, this movie (production) is important based on its connections to current works, like Hamilton. I would watch it for the interplay between John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin alone. However, understanding the importance of songs like "Cool Conservative Men" and "Molasses to Rum to Slaves" and their role in the show's history will increase your enjoyment. Look it up! It is also wonderful that Hollywood immortalized the performances of many of the original Broadway cast.Note, several historical inaccuracies exists. It's a musical, for goodness sake. I would recommend reviewing the actual historic context to keep yourself honest. I dare you to watch the final scene without getting a bit teary."Saltpeter. John""Pins! Abigail."

  • Love this musical

    • Hannah
    • 4/17/17

    This is one of my favorite musicals. I have watched this movie every 4th of July for over 20 years. I still cry when the salt peter is delivered. Strong cast with good, moving performances. Thank you, TCM!

  • 1776

    • Michael Whitty
    • 2/9/17

    A colorful rendition of history leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4,1776 mostly focusing on William Daniels as John Adams, Howard DaSilva as Benjamin Franklin, and Ken Howard as Thomas Jefferson who was the main writer of the Declaration. A big, splashy musical that may have figured better on stage "1776" still presents the problems of what it took to get to July 4. As this movie is a musical-comedy of serious events prior to the Declaration of Independence it presents its story with a number of good song numbers stressing the patriotic way. Our founding fathers had some struggles to break from Britain and this musical was red-white-and blue all the way.

  • Very disappointed indeed

    • Alice
    • 7/5/16

    After watching this "production", I was so saddened at the number of positive reviews that were posted. I do understand that there were disagreements among the colonies. However, the use of curse words and the horrendous number of times the Lord's name was misused and taken in vain was not representative of the time. Even the members who were not Christian still reverenced the name of God. In addition, back then, there was not a tongue in cheek attitude regarding the subject of independence from England. I truly take offense at this whole effort to,portray the founding of our great nation in this trite and incorrect way.What we need now more than ever, is the true story of the founding of our nation. Please, please replace this film with more of the accurate stories which were produced earlier, before we as a people stopped studying United States History. Our true history is one of passionate love of God, country, and government "of the people, by the people, and for the people". In addition, that Declaration of Indepence stressed our rights as a people as unalienable rights. The dictionary states these are rights given by God. Those men did not make light of the One who gives the rights to the people. Please be responsible and show some more of the great historical films that were made earlier, based more accurately on truth. Thank you. Love you guys.

  • 1776-1984

    • Hauntess A. Clichae
    • 7/4/16

    A worthy effort to resuscitate the primal American spirit which was knocked unconscious by post-war wielders of the Neronic cross & has been comatose ever since except for a few delirious moments of national awareness that were quickly medicated with the usual propaganda or some government agency.

  • 1776

    • kevin sellers
    • 5/24/16

    When in the course of Hollywood history a film intended to entertain and inform instead bores and trivializes it is the responsibility of film goers to trash and obliterate it.

  • 1776

    • kevin sellers
    • 7/13/15

    A movie about life, liberty, and the pursuit of boredom.

  • My Dearest Friend

    • Condie
    • 7/5/15

    This one certainly ranks as one of my favorite movies. I especially enjoy and appreciate the dialog between John and Abigale Adams based on actual letters that were written between them.Thank you, thank you for adding Closed Caption to this wonderful production.

  • 1776 Is A Delightful Romp

    • Rik Deskin
    • 7/4/15

    I first saw 1776 as a sophomore in high school back in 1982. Little did I know how significant this film would eventually be for me since marrying. This film has become our annual July 4th ritual to watch. We plan our day around it! Yes it has historical inaccuracies, but beyond that, I absolutely suspend my disbelief and really love this film!This film is also significant to me as an actor. Ken Howard (who plays Thomas Jefferson) is currently President of SAG-AFTRA, a union that I am also a member of, and of course William Daniels (who plays John Adams) was a former SAG President.I have had the privilege of having conversations with Ken Howard on occasion since 2011 and in 2015, I had the opportunity to introduce my wife to him, which absolutely delighted her.If you have not seen this film, you must! Especially on July 4th!

  • Fabulous!

    • John L
    • 7/3/15

    Winner 1969 Tony for Best Musical.Lots of great songs and a good story.Stands up to repeated viewings - really enjoyable!

  • 1776

    • John
    • 7/5/14

    Stunning designs! Colonial Philadelphia -- an entire street, including hawkers, ladies of the evening, brigands, pigs, geese, hens, and yes, Congress delegates -- is created in the backlot at Warner Brothers! Heartfelt performances by all the cast, especially William Daniels as John Adams, and a, to me, unknown actor as the infirm Caesar Rodney. A previous reviewer wrote that he thought this the worst film musical ever made. Clearly he did not watch it carefully, and also clearly he has not seen Lucille Ball in Mame!

  • A 4th of July Classic....

    • Ethel barrymore
    • 7/5/14

    I am not saying this is the greatest film of all time or that it is second to best like the eternal classic of gone with the wind. This film Is nice to watch for the Fourth of July, it's a classic to watch every year, a little laugh here and there and maybe singing along with a few tunes but, it isn't that bad like most '70 films you see, we shouldn't trash a film like this, we shouldn't take so seriously to the historical facts or that maybe some of the characters sort of ridicule the plot and the point of tale of how our nation gained independence. We should just laugh and enjoy the film and I say this film is a must see if you love to laugh and like history!

  • Absolutely horrible!!

    • Jack
    • 7/4/14

    Nothing more to be said about this disgrace of a movie.

  • An American classic of an American classic!

    • Loren Harding
    • 7/4/14

    Hurrah, again, for TCM! This afternoon they are screening 1776, which is a musical about the creation of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia in 1776, 248 years ago today. It is a great musical, very witty and patriotic. I saw it onstage in an outdoor theatre in Kansas City in, guess, July 1976. Richard Henry Lee, the delegate from Virginia, rides in like some superhero. Benjamin Franklin, an old man at this point, serenely has his portrait painted. John Adams, everyone's gadfly, pokes and prods and cajoles to get the paper signed by everyone. Thomas Jefferson, exhausted by writing the document, would far rather be at home in his hilltop mansion in Virginia, Monticello (I have seen it!) and playing violin, than being in hot Philadelphia. Most poignant of all is Caesar Rodney, the delegate from tiny Delaware, who is dying from an incurable skin cancer, but who rides all the way from Dover to Philadelphia -- no mean thing in those days -- to sign the paper. Needless to say, I shall enjoy it all over again!

  • "It's hot as Hell in Philadel-phia"

    • D. Knoop
    • 7/3/14

    "It's hot as hell in Philadel-phia." The great 1972 film adaptation of the Broadway musical (by Peter Stone and Sherman Edwards) about the events leading up to July 4, 1776. Yes, it's a musical, but it's a ton of fun and features a stirring lead performance by William Daniels as John Adams.

  • 1776

    • Michael Juran
    • 7/2/14

    I have watched this movie every years since about 1980 (when a British headmaster at an American boarding school I was at showed it once a year). I was pleasantly surprised to see the "full" version on TMC last year. Every time I watch it, and listen to John Adams lament about the goings on in the Congress, I find my self realizing that it seems nothing much has changed about Congress since 1776!

  • 1776 in 2013

    • Sue
    • 7/4/13

    I am a liberal Democrat living in SC. I love this movie! I've seen the stage play, way back when a touring company came to El Paso--I lived in NM at the time. Loved it then, watch the movie every time I have a chance. It has not modified my liberal leanings or convinced me that it is a true depiction of everything that happened when our nation was born. However, it always makes me feel good, makes me feel patriotic (which I am anyhow) and I've watched it and given it to my children and grandchildren. I also like Yankee Doodle Dandy, Independence Day, Born on the 4th of July, Stars and Stripes Forever and many other old musicals and movies that smack of history, even if they are not "historicaly accurate" or "politically correct." Gotta throw The Patriot in there too. Get a grip, folks, the purpose of entertainment is to be, well, entertaining. Happy 4th and Happy Birthday, USA!

  • Good tunes, good points, and pretty good history

    • ojc
    • 4/5/13

    Despite, the aimless and slightly incoherent comments posted by some here, this is a good movie of a good play. Good not great. What seems to elude some reviewers is that this is a "Musical". This movie is often attacked by two sets of critics: the first are musical comedy fans who are use to lighter,brighter shows., the second are epic history film fans who want realism, violence, and conflict. This is one of those plays/movies that you have to put within the time it was constructed. In its day it was trying humanize our founding fathers and mothers and to show how difficult the debates for revolution were. Even now there seems to be many viewers of TV news who do not understand that politics is the art of the skillful compromise to achieve needed mutual goals. So the movie succeeds in that area very well. On those terms it has several good performances, William Daniels and Howard DaSilva are excellent. Several good tunes. I think the Adams angle is strong but the story of the Jeffersons comes up as kind of forced. Watch and enjoy. Not everyone's cup of tea or mug of rum, but give it a try.

  • B-Way lays an egg

    • Roger
    • 10/10/12

    After watching the restored version, I'm convinced that Richard Nixon should have been a film editor.

  • Horrible

    • Robert
    • 7/8/12

    I can't believe they forced my eighth grade class to watch this interminable crap movie during the bicentenial year of 1976. Mercifully, it was the shortened version. As far as this silly, cartoon-like movie is concerned, the shorter the better.

  • 1776

    • Roger
    • 7/5/12

    This movie may be the worse musical ever made. I saw it when it was playing in Radio City Music Hall. The audience laughed out loud at the awful songs. "He plays the violin, he puts it under his chin"? Terrible music, over the top acting and silly sub-plots. This movie should not have been made. It's an embarrassment.

  • Long Time No See

    • Rich
    • 7/5/11

    It's been a long time since I've seen 1776. I first saw a stage production put on by our local Light Opera Co. when I was in high school and then the movie when it came out. Seeing it again yesterday brought back fond memories. I woke up this morning humming tunes from the movie. Thanks TCM for showing this great movie.

  • Great movie!!

    • Stephanie
    • 7/4/11

    I remember watching this movie for the first time the year of the Bicentennial - 1976. It was wonderful then and I enjoy it just as much today! William Daniels is marvelous as John Adams and I love Ken Howard and Howard Da Silva. I have read some of the earlier reviews on this site from people who are obviously teachers and show it to their students. What a great idea! I wish that some of my history teachers had shown this in class; it should be required viewing in every US history class. Yes, it's had a little "Hollywood treatment", but it is still fun and fascinating to watch and was one of the things that piqued my interest in this part of our country's history. Thank you TCM for showing it!

  • Great movie--but *not* the full version!

    • AbigailAdams
    • 7/4/11

    I adore this movie, but TCM, please do your homework before scripting Robert Osborne to describe something as the "complete film"! You're showing the DVD release that omits a chunk of "Piddle, Twiddle, and Resolve," the reprise of "Lees of Old Virginia," etc. So disappointing!

  • 1776

    • Nan V.
    • 7/1/11

    A fine, fine, movie. After seeing it, I understood much more about our countries history and it led me to delve deeper. Look forward to seeing it again this4th.of July. Didn't know Daniels was so talented.

  • A look at the Congress thru songs and drama

    • Kevin4Butler
    • 6/26/10

    This movie recreates the events that leads to the signing ofThe Declaration Of Independence and the founding of America. The script is powerful,the musical score lush and entertainingand the performances by the leads and supporting players..great.BTW:This is the uncut and complete version of the movie.

  • I Love This Movie!

    • Carole P
    • 7/6/09

    I, like a previous poster, always look for this movie around the 4th of July and was delighted to find it on TCM. I have loved it for years and have lost count of how many times I have seen it.

  • This kind of history never gets old...!

    • 7/4/09

    As previous posters have said, I also use this movie to help teach about this period in American history. Is it completely accurate? Of course not -- and that is a good discussion, as well. But "1776", better than anything else I've encountered, is able to convey the human side of the great difficulties faced by the Second Continental Congress in making the terrifying decision to break from England. Moreover, the music is wonderful and used to excellent effect -- and the humor liberally scattered throughout keeps things from getting too "heavy". My students remember this movie long after they've left my classroom -- and many of them will be tuning in to TCM to watch it tonight! (P.S. -- the Director's Cut IS now available on DVD; I have it!)

  • 1776 is the best!

    • Marie
    • 7/4/09

    I have been a fan of 1776 since my college days 30 years ago! It should be required viewing for every student, as it is historically accurate enough to be used as a teaching tool, plus it is just so darn entertaining (great songs, and Molasses to Rum to Slaves is positively chilling). I look for it every year on July 4, and my family tires of hearing me say what I just said in my previous sentence! My son gave me the DVD for Christmas, so now I can watch to my heart's content. William Daniels and all of the cast members are great!(taking nothing away from Blythe Danner, I would have loved to see Betty Buckley, who played the part on Broadway, as Martha Jefferson) God bless America!

  • Great to see!

    • Brittany
    • 7/4/08

    I was first introduced to this film in Honors History in high school. We were actually wishing we had a copy earlier this week!

  • Great Food for Thought...

    • Margery
    • 10/10/07

    The film, 1776, is a great way to explain how truly difficult it was to reach a consensus on American independence. The students I teach watched the movie for study of the Declaration of Independence and most were impressed by the sheer humanity of the characters.These are the Founding Fathers and unfortunately we sometimes forget they were actually people! 1776 helps remind us. My students were amused at Franklin, angered with Adams, and impressed by Jefferson, these all being standard reactions, I realize. But as their instructor, I was gratified to introduce them to the endless world of worthwhile movies that do not include car chases, explosions, or burning buildings! I highly recommend 1776 as a teaching tool for any age group. May I say that even older students are not as sophisticated as they think or as sharp on their Revolutionary War history as they SHOULD be! 1776 helps.-Margery

  • what a surprise I saw last night

    • steve
    • 11/7/06

    I am a huge fan of 1776 and had no idea this version was even available. Sadly the full version--laserdisc--isn't available on dvd. Seeing it last night answered a lot of questions for me about the movie. Great job TCM and when will it be shown again.

  • The definitive version...

    • Howard
    • 11/6/06 the laserdisc since it is the only fully filmed version of the Pulitzer Prize winning play with a few added extras like the lamplighting scene and the fire brigade call. Had this version been released theatrically, 1776 would have been proclaimed one of the finest stage-to-screen musical adaptations in film history. Once you have seen it, you will never want to go back to the others.

  • Fantastic entertainment

    • Terry
    • 11/6/06

    This is one of my favorite musicals, because it not only provides an opportunity to see the magnificent original Broadway cast including Howard Da Silva, and Ken Howard, but the incandescent Blythe Danner, and the wonderful portrayal by William Daniels who demonstrates why he has had such a long and distinguished career from KITT to St. Elsewhere. To see this version which is so close to the original production was wonderful, since it has usually been cut disasterously. It's a treasure, and I can only suggest that TCM also show some other Braodway productions, some of which were taped during the theatrical run.

  • 1776 - Thank you

    • Purple2
    • 11/6/06

    Great movie! One of my favorites. Broadcasting it during election season is perfect - I hope TCM doesn't forget about the 4th of July, Flag Day and whenever they need to fill a hole in the schedule

  • Excellent!!!

    • Tami
    • 11/6/06

    Although the authors themselves admit to playing with the timeline of events in this movie to make for better drama, it is primarily based on the writings of the Founding Fathers and is a hugely entertaining and engrossing tale. Some of the characters are composites, so if you hear something come out of someone's mouth that you know belongs to another author, don't call it an error. William Daniels is, and always will be, the DEFINITIVE John Adams! I don't know if they are showing the original release or Director's restored version, but either one is worth the viewing!

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