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Seven Days' Leave

Seven Days' Leave(1942)

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Army privates Johnny Grey, Speak Jackson and Buddy "Clarky" Clark, who were members of the Les Brown band before their country called them to service, have not totally foresaken swing for soldiering. When Johnny's company is granted seven days' leave before shipping out, Johnny, Jackson and Clark attend a Les Brown concert, where Johnny renews his relationship with his old girl friend, band performer Mapy Cortes. While Johnny and Mapy dance, Bitsy, another private in their company, listens to The Court of Missing Heirs radio show and hears Johnny's name mentioned as heir to his great-grandfather's $100,000 fortune. Bitsy runs to the concert hall to notify Johnny who, overwhelmed by his good fortune, promises to buy Mapy a diamond engagement ring. Accompanied by Clark, Bitsy and Jackson, Johnny goes to New York to claim his inheritance. There, he meets Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve, the representative of the estate, who informs Johnny that a codicil to the will states that Johnny must marry a descendant of the Havelock-Allen family in order to collect his inheritance. Gildersleeve advises Johnny to arrange a business marriage, but Johnny is reluctant to comply until he meets Terry Havelock-Allen, the wealthy and glamorous elder daughter of the family. When Terry introduces Johnny to her fiancé, financial advisor Ralph Bell, Johnny is about to abandon Gildersleeve's scheme until Mapy presents him with her new trousseau and the bills to pay for it. To spend time alone with Terry, Johnny has Jackson, an amateur impressionist, lure Ralph out of town by impersonating Ronald Colman on the telephone requesting his financial advice. With Ralph out of the way, Johnny takes Terry on a date to a radio broadcast of Truth or Consequences , and Mapy, who is listening, hears Johnny and Terry introduced on the show. The next day, after Jackson tricks Ralph into traveling to Brookline, Massachusetts to meet with "Charles Laughton," Johnny takes Terry on a picnic. Johnny and Terry's day at the lake is capped by a passionate kiss, but after returning home that evening, Terry orders her butler to throw Johnny out of the house. Terry's younger sister Mickey then comments that Terry should marry Johnny and not Ralph. Meanwhile, Johnny visits Mapy, who accuses him of being in love with Terry. The next morning, Johnny is about to call off the deal when Mickey visits and announces that Terry is in love with him. Johnny rushes to Terry's side, and the couple decide to wed that night at the war relief party to be held at the Havelock-Allen house. At the party, before Johnny has the chance to tell Terry about the terms of his great-grandfather's will, Gildersleeve blurts out the details of their business arrangement, causing Terry to doubt Johnny's love and break their engagement. When Ralph arrives at the party, he sees Jackson perform his impressions and realizes that he is the voice of Ronald Colman and Charles Laughton. After Ralph slugs Jackson and Johnny, a fight ensues and the military police arrive and arrest Jackson, Bitsy, Clark and Johnny. The next day, the four remorsefully watch from their jail cell as their company ships out to Japan. All ends happily, however, when Mapy explains the situation to Terry, who then forgives Johnny. After Johnny and Terry are wed, the four privates rejoin their company aboard ship and sing farewell to their women beckoning from shore.