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The Sea Wolf

The Sea Wolf(1941)

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  • nature of a beast

    • a.morris
    • 4/10/18

    a story that has ties to other film projects like moby dick and jaws. it stresses how human beings are bitter and hateful creatures and is right to do so. humans are terrible entities with no limit to their cruelty. the story also stresses intellect and compassion with even the idea of love for people one does not even know. the story is right in doing that too. humans also have the best possible mentality any creature might ever have in the history of this planet. the story might feel long..but if you can stay with may find it of some interest.

  • Glad Gable and Raft were no go

    • nogable
    • 3/13/18

    This is so much better than either Mutiny on the Bounty with Gable or Brando,Garfield so much better than either actor.Ridges,Robinson,Lupino,Lockhart,Knox and the supporting cast are unequaled.

  • Oscar Deserving

    • arealcontender
    • 3/13/18

    Great film,terrific starring and supporting cast.The standouts are Robinson,Lupino,Garfield,and best of all Knox and Ridges.

  • Finally On Video!

    • floorwalker
    • 11/12/17

    I think this is one of Robinson's best. It's hard to believe he never won a competitive Oscar! Available on blu-ray as of 10/10/2017!

  • The Sea Wolf

    • Michael
    • 6/20/16

    Still not available, anywhere? I just picked up a load of minor releases from Warner's as I'm an American living broad. Haha, I have a nice recorded print of Sea Wolf that's about 5 years old now on one of my pc's! I can't believe I return home and still---The Sea Wolf----not available!?!? Some pending red tape with this release?!?! Tiptop film with tiptop cast-----what does it take to get this done?

  • sea wolf

    • kevin sellers
    • 2/27/16

    Like all of Jack London it can get too literary/allegorical/pretentious at times, especially when Alexander Knox's oh so sensitive novelist is around. (Do screenwriters EVER make novelists anything other than sensitive?) But there is no denying the interest of this oddball film. Some great acting from a fine, ensemble cast; Edward G, Ida L, Garfield, Gene Lockhart and Barry Fitzgerald (first time I've seen this guy, who specialized in kindly priests, perfectly play a total scumbag.) And director Michael Curtiz creates a whole new genre; the shipboard noir. So, let's give it a B. P.S. Sure looks like Cagney ripped off Robinson's headaches for "White Heat," huh?

  • Ensemble Cast of Superstars - actually works !

    • 2/5/16

    One would believe this would not work with all of the greats cast in this film but it does. All aboard one "Ghost Ship". A wonderful success. A Classic tale with all of the giants accepting their individual parts and performing them, admirably. Edward G. Robinson's ruthless, maniacal leadership is countered by Alexander Knox's stoic morality I also loved the simplicity of the character created by John Garfield and Ida Lupino is perfect also, as the only female in the company of a crusty, calloused band of Seamen. .

  • The Sea Wolf

    • Meredith
    • 9/14/13

    A really good movie with a great cast. I always enjoy an Edward G. Robinson, Ida Lupino, and (sometimes) James Garfield film. Nods too to Gene Lockhart and Barry Fitzgerald. All woven together they create a somewhat eerily different somewhat eerily similar ocean voyage tale.

    • 9/14/13

  • a lost classic

    • DevlinCarnate
    • 9/13/13

    aside from the occasional random showing on TCM,this film with with EG Robinson's feral performance as Wolf Larsen seems lost in the netherworld ,considering the the cast (John Garfield,Ida Lupino,Barry Fitzgerald,Alexander Knox,Howard DaSilva) it's mind boggling that this has never been released on DVD,i know it has been on VHS...could the reason be the Jack London estate?

  • Underrated movie

    • Fred C. Dobbs
    • 11/17/12

    Great movie with an outstanding cast. I love everything Ida Lupino does. Good perfomances by Edward G. Robinson and Gene Lockhart. Needs to be on DVD.

  • The Sea Wolf-Still No DVD!

    • Bruce Reber
    • 9/20/12

    When I posted my review for "The Sea Wolf" on 1/12/11 I remarked that I would like to have it on DVD. Well, nearly 2 years later there's still no DVD! C'mon Warner Bros. Archives, please release this on DVD so that I and other classic film fans can enjoy it. Maybe it can be part of a long-overdue John Garfield DVD box set in honor of his 100th birthday on March 4, 2013. Very few of his films are on DVD (I have 2 of them, "The Postman Always Rings Twice" and "Force of Evil"). Most of them were made at WB (Garfield did a couple at MGM), so Warner Archives should have no trouble putting a box set together. Maybe they could call it "The John Garfield 100th Anniversary Collection". I'll be one of the first to buy it!

  • The Sea Wolf (1947)

    • Rocco Cortez
    • 8/11/12

    I see that Shop claims the VHS/DVD is unavailable for the 1947 Edward G. Robinson movie "THE SEAWOLF". The obvious question is: WHY???TCM has a list of garbage movies for sale, but they cannot obtain either VHS or DVD copies of this great movie.How sad is that???And I do not mean PIRATED COPIES!!!I apologize for using this format to bring something important into view, but how else could I have proposed thisrequest???I have scanned every possible movie sales firm for this film, to no avail.SOMEONE KINDLY ANSWER WHY THIS GREAT MOVIE IS UNAVAILABLE IN VHS OR DVD???Thank you, largely!

  • Great Movie, Great Ensemble

    • muriel
    • 7/8/12

    I seem to be in a small minority, but I think John Garfield plays John Garfield in every film. He's good, but pretty much the same in every part. Except for too much tacked on romance, this is a great Hollywood adaptation of a fascinating novel. Eeerie and fascinating. EGR as Wolf Larsen = one of the great screen villains ever.

  • Sea Wolf

    • Michael
    • 3/4/11

    Entertaining movie based on a great Jack London novel. All leads are excellent, especially Robinson and Garfield. Lupino is beautiful as always. Why are there so many 'schlock and garbage' films put out on DVD's every year, and classic movies like this are not? Who makes the decisions about what is made available and what may never be? This movie is way overdue to be provided for those of us who appreciate when good acting and a good story was what made a great movie. No computers, car crashes or gratuitous violence was necessary.

  • London's Classic On Film

    • Bruce Reber
    • 1/12/11

    "The Sea Wolf" (1941) is an excellent Warner Bros. film based on the classic story by writer Jack London. Edward G. Robinson gives a powerful performance as Wolf Larsen, cunning and merciless captain of his ship the Ghost, endlessly sailing to avoid his brother who is out to kill him. John Garfield and Ida Lupino are the two escaped convicts who try to escape from Larsen's cruelty and treachery and succeed at the end. Barry Fitzgerald as the ship's cook, Alexander Knox as a novelist who's writing a book about Larsen, and Gene Lockhart as the drunken ship's doctor are also good in their roles, and Michael Curtiz does a great job of directing. I'm very surprised that this great film isn't on DVD. Hopefully when the next Warner Archives Collection films are released "The Sea Wolf" will be among them. I would very much like to have this one in my DVD collection.

  • I remember this one.

    • El Roland
    • 6/23/10

    How you ever remembered a movie from early childhood that you could recall only parts of it. A movie that that really bugged you to know the movie's name. This movie did that to me. I'm seventy one and rememered only parts until lately. After research and the help of TMC, I found my movie that scared me and left an inpression on my childhood. Now if only they would release a DVD I would be happy. A great movie.

  • The Sea Wolf (1941)

    • James Higgins
    • 4/1/10

    Michael Curtiz has done a remarkable job creating the atmosphere for this film. The cast is superb. Edward G. Robinson is excellent, John Garfield, Ida Lupino, Alexander Knox Gene Lockhart and Barry Fitzgerald all give powerful performances. The cinematography is very moody and the score is top notch. The story is excellent and the characters are well established. Good art direction and the special effects were nominated for an Academy Award.

  • Great Movie!

    • Connie DiGiovanni
    • 2/16/10

    I can't believe that this movie hasn't been released on DVD. It's way overdue. Besides Robinson's outstanding performance and yes, he should have at least been nominated by the Academy, it's an early example of John Garfield's film work and image. He was simply gorgeous!

  • An Underrated Master

    • Henry Hoffman
    • 2/15/10

    Edward G. Robinson was a consummate stage actor, a generous byproduct of the great tradition of the Hebrew theatre, a real-life intellectual & a devout art collector. It still amazes me that he was never nominated for an Oscar: consider his Keyes in DOUBLE INDEMNITY, or his Joe Keller in ALL MY SONS or (most especially) his Johnny Rocco ("Rocco wants more!") in KEY LARGO, whom John Huston aptly described as looking like a turtle w/out its shell.

  • The Sea Wolf

    • Kay
    • 2/15/10

    Had never heard of this movie. Quite a pleasant surprise. Robinson is marvelous; I notice he wasn't nominated for an Academy Award. Too bad....The only weak link is Ida Lupino. She acted too much like a silly girl instead of a criminal. John Garfield was wonderful, but then, he always was. I would enjoy seeing this movie again.

  • One of the best movies ever made

    • Donald J Gremillion
    • 3/26/09

    Robinson as Wolf Larson has to be the best BAD GUY in movie history. The story,the suporting cast are all outstanding. The special efects, using minatures, is really great, even with todays computer effects this movie stands out.

  • Re: Dan's "A Minor Classic"

    • Thos
    • 6/5/07

    Curious how they missed March in compiling the cast list, isn't it?

  • Edward G. Robinson at his best

    • john adell
    • 10/9/06

    A great movie, with a wonderful cast.

  • A Minor Classic

    • dan
    • 4/6/06

    Lots of plot leaps,but I enjoyed this film a lot. great cast, and interesting characters andpyschological development. They areall just sooo bizarre! Fredrick March is too violent. He may have the biggest problem. Got to be headedfor a lot more trouble!

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