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  • the butler did it..well.

    • a.morris
    • 4/16/18

    safe to say any story that could run for more than 4 hours is one long ass movie. the idea of the story is a downer. the acting is outstanding. the people who worked behind the scenes could not have done anything more. the director became a textbook for artistic expression. the things he did are still used today. his contribution to world cinema will have no time limit.

  • Blu-Ray release

    • Zach Pogemiller
    • 3/30/16

    Will we ever get a Blu-Ray release of the reconstructed Greed? This masterpiece is all but forgotten outside of academic circles due to its continued unavailability. Whatever complicated rights issues have prevented a home media release, we can't let the forces of greed ironically suppress ready access to von Stroheim's vision (again).

  • Greed

    • Goetan
    • 9/21/13

    A bleak and engaging study of human nature. A simple dentist's life is ruined by an frenemy and his wife's lust for gold. Shot on location, those are actual sets used and even on screen from the 20's, viewers can sense how hot the finale in Death Valley was. Fearing no one would see this cynical film, Studio boss' forced director vo Stroheim to re-edit the film from 9 hours. An important and essential silent film. I give it a 5/5.

  • if not a DVD, please broadcast again

    • Leela
    • 6/17/13

    I love Erich Von Stroheim. I have the VHS version of this, but would like to see a more complete version on DVD (preferably) or broadcast on TCM (missed it the last time). Please please please. Please. Surely there are enough movie obsessives out there who would buy this and make it worth TCM's while. At the very least, sell it as an on-demand DVD?


    • Orlando Merino
    • 10/26/12

    I've been waiting so long for a DVD version of this film. It was just released by "El Corte Ingls" in Spain. It is the 140 minute version. I was hoping to get the 4 hours restored version, but at least we are able to see the theatrical version. It has the intertitles in English with Spanish translation at the bottom, which can not be taken off. I hope someday the 4 hours version will be released or, as someone says here, maybe Mr. Thalberg is still alive, holding greedily the copy of Greed.

  • good classic movies

    • Margarita
    • 9/3/12

    Thank you very much for the good silents movies.Can we see silent more classic movies ? --Lick the movies Monte Cristo -- 1911 - USAThank youBestMargarita


    • william lee
    • 9/3/12

    Is the Mister Thalberg still alive somewhere holding back the DVD release of Greed? That can be the only reason this film is not available as a DVD or BLU RAY RELEASE! A travesty!!!

  • No GREED on DVD Makes Me Sad

    • BunnyWhit
    • 12/8/11

    I voted in the "put Greed on DVD" portion of this site a couple years ago. It's rank at that time was 26; I see it is now at 23, so at least we're making progress. If any of you fans who have written reviews have not voted thus, please do so. VHS is long gone, and TCM can't run GREED every month, so let's all vote so we can be as greedy over GREED as we want to be. To classics fans who have not seen GREED: you should vote as well. This is a film for everyone. If you are deeply passionate about silents, or if you've never seen one, GREED is for you. Interested in history, whether it be US history, history of film, history of American literature, and on and on, GREED is for you. If you are the type of fan who must see a certain handful of films once or twice a year - without fail - just in order to feel right, GREED is most definitely for you!

  • Greed

    • Mark Sutch
    • 4/5/11



    • Sydney
    • 10/8/10

    I can't believe it, but the movie kept me spellbound for the whole 4 plus hours. I loved Gibson Gowland. First time I ever saw or heard of him.


    • Rick Schmidlin
    • 9/29/10

    Thank you all for all the kind words.Rick SchmidlinProducer of the re-edit

  • Greed(1925) Restored Version Only

    • nshepard
    • 9/25/10

    Greed is the story of a fall from grace as McTeague(Gibson Gowland) is prohibited from practicing dentistry without a license, and Trina(Zasu Pitts) his wife are left to struggle, even though she has won $5000 in a lottery. Zasu is a hybrid name from the names of EliZAbeth, and SUsan, so there. Wonder why it isn't more common the secret is out. McTeague never one to not dwell on misfortune, makes life miserable for himself and his wife. The film is moody and brooding, as Director Von Stroheim, drags us through the bottom feeders of life, in anguishing detail. Beautifully sculpted film, set allot of film industry standards used today. Wonderfully framed and photographed, the restored version adds a few dimensions to the film, that more tham make up for the lost footage. Ths film is highly recommended viewing for film historians, enthusiasts , and film lovers. It is a Classic !5 stars for movie magic, even if is does take you down, part of the filmgoers expeience...

  • Greed

    • PlacervilleJohn
    • 9/23/10

    Greed is one of my most favorite movies of all time. I remember purchasing a book of still photographs of this movie back in the 70s when we could only see the two hour plus version. That book provided a tantalizing look into a truncated classic. Thank you to the producers of the four hour version. You really created an amazing version of this lost film. If you liked Greed, make sure you find and watch Von Stroheim's other great movies. I also regard Frank Norris, the author of McTeague, one of the greatest American novelists. His other books, especially, The Octopus and The Pit are wonderful reads. (I just found Frank Norris' grave site at the Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, Ca. a few weeks ago. Is that cool or what?) Cheers.

  • greed

    • pagopagopete
    • 9/22/10

    I really enjoyed this movie. A lot of still frames so well put together I dont know why another movie isnt made this way. Its 5 stars. A must experience.

  • Greed

    • prosperoskids
    • 9/22/10

    In my opinion "Greed" is one of the top 10 movies ever made, defnitely in the top 5 of silent films which is rarely shown. Erich Von Strohheim's film may be his best. I wish it was available on DVD.

  • Greed

    • K. Rothkopf
    • 9/22/10

    "What a wonderful movie. I was spellbound by it. "

  • von Stroheim's

    • D Talada
    • 6/15/10

    "McTeague" by Frank Norris being my favorite novel, I was thrilled that TCM presented a restored 4-hour version of this movie. It's a tragedy that the existing production stills only allowed this cut, and not the full 40-reel Erich von Stroheim masterpiece (the real tragedy is that MGM couldn't have possibly foreseen the TV miniseries). I desperately await the DVD release of this movie, while being shocked and appalled that anybody would still be waiting.

  • Greed

    • Nancy Moore
    • 5/24/10

    This is the best movie I have ever seen. When I first saw the 2 hour truncated version with music by a London Orchestra on TNT in early 90's I was captivated and immediately purchased the video which is no longer available. The characters are larger than life. Everything with Von Strohein is largely exaggerated but pulls you in. Watching this movie over and over again I saw more symbols placed brillantly by Stroheim. The dirge, a funneral, passing by the wedding with a boy on crutches, what genious. Greed is true to Frank Norris's epic novel "McTigue" . I was thrilled to find the restored longer version on VCR. Hopefully it will come out on DVD.

  • They Might Be Giants is MIA.

    • misterfathersir
    • 1/31/10

    Please release They Might Be Giants on DVD. George C. Scott is terrific and.....It's better than Greed because it's a talkie and in color.I last saw Greed at the MoMA in NYC a billion years ago. I bought a book of the "Complete" Greed and figured I'd read it just before I saw it the next time. Now the pages are all falling out.If there's yet another restoration underway then I could understand but other than that show it or release it on DVD. misterfathersir

  • Must Read, Must See

    • The Gibson
    • 8/27/09

    From the book McTeague by Frank Norris, 'Greed' was an attempt to film the entire novel. The majority of the movie has been lost (except for some stills of lost scenes) but what remians is true to the book - a frightening descent from the mundane into the depraved. Both the novel and the movie are masterpieces. I will buy and watch the DVD the day it appears. I've already read the book four times...

  • PLEASE release restoration of GREED on DVD!!

    • Kenn Rabin
    • 6/25/09

    TCM sponsored a terrific restoration of Erich von Stroheim's GREED (1925). It was the longest, most complete reconstruction of the film to date, and tints and tones were reproduced. It was released under TCM's label on VHS only briefly. PLEEEEASE bring it out on DVD!!

  • Masterpiece

    • Renoir
    • 1/24/09

    We can't see this masterpiece... What a shame !


    • Marius
    • 12/4/08

    Please release this film.As my interest in silent films is growing,I'm getting the feeling that Von Stroheim is still on a blacklist.I believe if Ted Turner knew that this was not being released he would make it happen.I know this would happen if Ted knew the importance of this film and its director.If you know Ted,talk to him.Thank You.


    • Bronte
    • 5/15/08

    It is a silent crime that I'm unable to view or buy this film.If there is a way to view or purchase this film please inform me and accept my humble apologies.Thank you.

  • Thank You

    • Rick Schmidlin
    • 10/5/07

    Thank you all for the kind comments on the reconstuction I produced.Rick Schmidlin

  • Am American Classic

    • Susan
    • 7/30/07

    I believe this movie documents the everyday living and entertainment of many families of this time. The close family ties, the dressing up to go to the amusement park, the friendships that sacrificed for a buddy, and money troubles ring true for many whose families struggled in that time. "Greed" is an American classic that needs to be issued on DVD for our own posterity.

  • WOW!

    • Anita M.
    • 7/17/07

    I could not imagine being so entranced by such a long silent film, but WOW. I was doing late night cleaning, so I did not see it from the very beginning. By the time Marcus and McTeague realized the water was gone, my washer malfunctioned, so I missed the very end. The shock of seeing the dead Trina was something I did not expect. I did wonder to myself, "When are those DARN birds going to die!" I wanted to kill them myself.

  • The All Time Greatest Movie

    • Laurie
    • 7/16/07

    "Greed" is absolutely my all time favorite movie. My father gave me a copy of it many years ago. I've watched it so many times my copy is worn out.

  • Greater than "Citizen Kane"?

    • Charlie M
    • 6/24/07

    "Greed" is perhaps the greatest movie - ever. It certainly is in the top five.It is the ultimate "amateur" movie, even though in its day it was as big a production as present day "Titanic".It came from a best selling book, and from the first frame to the last it is pure drama.The final scene is not matched in any film - endless desert, a dead foe, and handcuffs.Why is this not available to the public?

  • Razor sharp on an open wound!

    • joseph
    • 5/17/07

    I saw Greed over twenty years ago on a public channel, comercials included and I sat through the whole film like an addict waiting for the next fix. No film I have seen will equal the impression Greed left me with. Stroheim created the ultimate masterpiece in the history of cinema. Without a doubt Greed IS the greatest film ever made! This is one movie I can watch over and over. Now let's wait what the DVD release will be like...if it sees the light of day. All Greed fans are waiting for the moment.

  • Window to the Past

    • Susan Stiles
    • 5/7/07

    This movie gives us a glimpse into the 1925 world. Without films we cannot imagine what life was really like back then. The lost footage is a tragic loss of documented history.

  • Where?

    • Ben Peeples
    • 1/7/07

    I loved this film, though I must say I don't think I'd be able to sit through an eight-hour version of it... that said, I think TCM should show it again in both their reconstructed version and the 140-minute 'butchered' version. And why the hell isn't this on DVD?!

  • The Greatest Loss to Cinema

    • Keith Mencke
    • 2/20/06

    The lost footage of the sensational film, "Greed", by the idiosyncratic director Erich von Stroheim, is one of, if not the, greatest losses to the world of cinema. His vision was far beyond his time, as well as our own. The only thing Hollywood could do to makeup for this tragic loss is to issue the film on DVD, introducing what's left of this masterpiece to film buffs and the viewing public alike.

  • "Greed" needs to be re-run ...

    • Steve Covey
    • 2/2/06

    Given the late time-slot for this over-length, rarely-shown film classic, I tried to record it for easier viewing the next day. I was unaware of that this was actually a virtual reconstruction of the original -- and, indeed, TCM posted the actual running time to be only 129 mins in their on-line schedule, NOT this 239 minute version(!) -- so I set the timer to run for 2.5 hours to 'get it all'. How irritating to be totally engrossed in finally getting the opportunity to watch this rare silent film classic, only to be cut-off halfway through ...!

  • Great BW flick

    • Mike
    • 1/26/06

    Awesome movie, but came on too late. I had to force myself away from it after 2hrs. I couldn't stay up till 2AM to finish, but did come here to find out more about it. I told friends @ work about how much I did see, and left them wondering about it as much as myself. Great great movie! Can't imagine watching for 9hrs, but I'll bet it went by fast. Do it again!

  • GREED -- Amazing-- Please show it again

    • Ruth Sims
    • 1/25/06

    What an amazing film. But I didn't see the very beginning and I didn't see the end of it because I taped it and didn't realize it was almost 4 hours long! I'm sure Mac met a tragic end, but how and at whose hands???Thank you TCM for showing it -- and PLEASE show it again. Maybe next time I'll know it's on and I'll get to see all of it.People don't know what they're missing by not watching the occasional silent gem.

  • great film

    • doug
    • 1/25/06

    Seeing silent film on tues. night instead of Sunday caught me off guard and almost didn't watch, but am i glad i did! I couldn't pry myself away from this great film! I sure hope enough posotive reviews come in so that Turner Classic will show it again soon, so I can tell others to see it.I have told friends about the film and they are sorry they didn't see it.Please show the film again soon. thank you.

  • What a Treasure!

    • Philip Pacheco
    • 1/25/06

    I had not seen this particular restoration until last night. What a treasure! I've tried to imagine the original version and this restoration brings us closer to the original vision Stroheim had.What a tragic loss but what a wonderful film experience. Also the Israel score is the best I've heard for this film. His silent scores have delighted us here in L.A. for years.Again. . . thank you TCM!!!!Philip PachecoLos Angeles


    • Charles A.Kennedy
    • 1/23/06

    I will watch this again,of course....I am not so sure I would watch ANY film as long as this was intended by Stroheim. It captures greedand it's after effects so greatly. We think of Zazu Pitts as this flightly comedian but what an actress she was! I wonder why so many of these great silent films are not reissued with the titles removed and possibly a voice over added. So many people are really missing some extremely great stuff. The sets were great and the camera work often astounding..especially when you cosider what they had to work with. We cannot thank TCM enough for playing them. GREED shows what the title implies.....and how

  • Wow!

    • Tracy
    • 1/19/06

    This is THE most fantastic movie ever made. I'm speechless (appropriate for a silent movie) that it has never been released on DVD. I would love to see the "full" version again, but I fear they will only release the drastically cut version. It is a classic film and it's lessons will always ring true.

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