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Salt Lake Raiders

Salt Lake Raiders(1950)

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After masked gunmen led by Brit Condor attack a wagon carrying four convicts, the wagon overturns and the prisoners escape. Three prisoners are quickly recaptured, and later, Deputy Marshal Allan "Rocky" Lane is assigned to catch the fourth, convicted killer Fred Mason. Rocky and a local sheriff spot Fred at a remote cabin, but before they can arrest him, the gunmen once again help him to escape. Later, Fred shows up at Nugget Clark's stage relay station and asks his old friend for a horse, swearing that he did not kill John Thornton, the crime for which he was serving time. Fred takes off for the nearby ghost town of Silver City only moments before Rocky rides up to the station and questions Nugget. Although Nugget insists he knows nothing, his ward, Helen Thornton, informs Rocky that John was her father, Silver City's former banker. Helen explains that after arguing with her father about how to prevent Brit and his gang, who had been raiding and terrorizing Silver City, from stealing the bank's last $100,000, Fred shot John in cold blood and hid the money. Speculating that Fred plans to recover the money, Rocky rides to Silver City. After Rocky catches Fred rifling through a desk, Nugget, who has come to rescue his friend, tries unsuccessfully to take Rocky by surprise. As Rocky is about to leave town with Fred, Brit, his brother Luke and their gang, who have been hiding, start firing on them. The outlaws kill Nugget's young stablehand, Hank Pierson, and capture Fred, Nugget and Rocky. Although Fred, who identifies Rocky as a fellow escapee, insists that he does not know the money's location, Brit demands that he find it. Soon after beginning their search, Rocky gives a scribbled note to Nugget and then points out to Brit that Helen will become suspicious if Nugget fails to show up for his next scheduled stage stop. Reluctantly, Brit orders Luke to accompany Nugget to his relay station, and Nugget manages to smuggle the note, a summons for Sheriff Ridley, to the stage driver. As soon as Luke returns with Nugget to Silver City, Brit announces that Rocky, Nugget and Fred have until dawn to unearth the money. During their nighttime search, Rocky catches John Sutton, a former Silver City lawyer, sneaking around. Although Sutton maintains that he has come to the ghost town only to persuade Fred to return the money, Rocky is suspicious and eavesdrops on a conversation he has with Brit, in which he implicates himself as a conspirator. Later, Rocky, Nugget and Fred are surprised by a gun-wielding Helen, who has snuck into town in order to kill Fred and avenge her father. Rocky disarms Helen and questions her about her father's last minutes. Convinced by Helen's answers that Sutton murdered her father, Rocky goes to confront the lawyer at the hotel. By threatening to expose Sutton as a traitor to Brit, Rocky forces him to confess to killing John, who had become aware of his involvement with Brit, and framing Fred. Sutton also reveals that John had changed his mind about hiding the money and was about to leave town with it when he was shot. While Nugget guards Helen and Sutton at the hotel, Rocky and Fred scour the livery stable for the money, and eventually find it in a saddlebag. At dawn, when Brit, Luke and his gang demand the money, Rocky declares that it is hidden under the bank floor. Before the gang starts digging there, however, Luke spies Helen in the hotel, captures her and frees Sutton. Sutton, who overheard Rocky tell Nugget about the stable, exposes Rocky's subterfuge, but also inadvertently admits to killing John. Brit shoots the double-crossing Sutton as he tries to escape, but after Luke and the other outlaws take Fred to the stable, Rocky jumps Brit and locks him in a closet. With help from Rocky's horse Black Jack, Rocky, Nugget and Helen surprise Luke and his men and grab the saddlebag. Fred flees town with his friends, but they are closely pursued by Luke and his gang. Just then, Sheriff Ridley and his posse ride up, and a gunfight ensues. During the mêlée, Rocky chases Luke back to town, and although Luke manages to free Brit, Rocky takes Luke hostage. Brit, however, shoots his brother to avoid capture, then he and Rocky engage in a bruising fight, which Rocky finally wins. Later, after Fred and Helen announce their engagement and the reopening of the Silver City bank, Rocky bids his grateful friends goodbye.