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St. Louis Blues

St. Louis Blues(1958)

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  • st louis blues - nat king cole

    • vincent washington
    • 7/17/17

    It's a great picture. Movies depicting the life and times of great composers of all races should be honored, encourage, watched and have greater access for viewing. Too many times the American heritages and cultures are one sided and miss the point of the trials and tribulations of great AMERICANS who contribute to this great nation the real culture and values of what America stands for to the world; as a nation of multi cultures and historical backgrounds long forgotten or ignored because of race. America has snubbed many others and there are many who contributed to the nature of our being.

  • St. Louis. Blues

    • Vivian
    • 11/26/16

    History A Great movie great songs A classic..

  • Magical Journey To the Past

    • Edward K. Maney
    • 9/13/11

    I LOVE THIS MOVIE. This movie is the best representation of the black genre of actors who were underrated in their capacity to entertain a wide audience. The story of W.C. Handy is just a backdrop. The real education for the uninformed is to see how Nat King Cole transcends all of the best in acting and singing to an audience of all people and not just for a select crowd. This movie needs to be in the annals of black education and is a tribute to the best of what black entertainment offers. It communicates the subtlety of segregation but also shows the exceptionalism that exists within the overcoming black community. This is more than just a movie about faith and overcoming... it is a magical journey to a time long forgotten by this country that shows the unique magic of the artistry of America's greatest bluesman.

  • Must see film

    • Maggie Reed
    • 9/12/11

    Whether you are a music fan, Nat King Cole fan, or just love movies based in history, this film is a must see. Eartha Kitt shows the fire and tenacity that made people like mccarthy afraid of her. My favorite line is when she is talking to W.C. Handy's preacher father, as his son is ready to perform with the symphony and he is still stubbornly refusing to acknowledge his son's talent and genius because it wasn't "sacred" (religious) music. She more or less says "prejudice is terribly efficient, isn't it? It wastes no time with the FACTSSSSS!" Fabulous, plus you get to hear Nat sing, talk and relate to family, friends and fans, he embodies the role.

  • Great Movie

    • Debbie
    • 7/4/11

    I have loved this movie from the first time I saw it and that was in the 80's. My favorite part is when Nat King Cole sits at the piano that he had bought and had delivered to his fathers home. His father approaches the home and hears Nat singing about his mother, that song is so beautiful, wish I had a recording of that song, but would be happy with it on DVD.

  • Amazing Movie

    • Renee
    • 3/3/10

    I love this classic movie and the music is amazing. I wish TCM would air it more. I wish even more that it was available for purchase. I found clips on YouTube and I watch them occassionally just to hear the music. I love Nat King Cole, Eartha Kitt, and Pearl Bailey.

  • Amazing Movie

    • Von
    • 7/10/09

    Everyone I know raves over this movie. I am surprised that it's not available on home video. Every year I check on the internet to see if it has become available, and it's amazing how many post come up with other people looking for the movie.

  • Can't get enough of it

    • ike allen
    • 4/1/08

    I watch it over and over again,Eartha Kitt was amazing in this movieher eyes ... her eyes ... wow!The voice of Nat King cole was so effortless and so smoooooth !I would love to buy this if ever released as a DVD - it is a true collectible


    • debi gardner
    • 1/12/08

    I'm not big watching movies over and over, in fact there are only 3 other movies I've ordered to rewatch. St. Louis Blues is one of those I watch on tv any time I get a chance which is not often. It's such a classic and Nat King Cole is phenomenal, that it would be a shame to have it shelved and forgotten.

  • St Louis Blues

    • monique
    • 1/10/08

    I love this movie, the very first time I watched this movie I was about 12 or 13 I am now 41. I thought it was excellent, the song Nat King cole sings about "Morning Star" its beautiful. I have been trying to find it for years, and I always miss it on cable, please make this available for home viewing.Thank you

  • One of the Greats!

    • Sheri
    • 12/30/07

    This is an excellant movie. I wish it was available for home viewing. Nat King Cole and Eartha Kitt give stellar performances.

  • Great movie

    • kyle
    • 12/21/07

    I love blues music and came across this on cable a few years ago. I've been hoping for a dvd to come out so I can watch, and even better, hear this wonderful movie. Hopefully soon this will be released for purchase.

  • The Birth Of The Blues

    • Chris Bell Jr.
    • 12/3/07

    I have just voted for this movie (St. Louis Blues)to come out on DVD. This move has historical value not only to Blacks but to Whites as well. W. C. Handy's music was emotional due to the times that he grew up in. He had a God given talent along with a sentive emotional signature to go along with it. I cried at The Morning Star and I'm a man. What a beautiful song. Please put it on DVD.


    • Saniece Manuel
    • 11/15/07

    This movie came on cable a couple of years ago and I always caught the middle of it. This is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. All the actors in this movie were outstanding. I have been looking for this movie to buy and have not been able to do so. All African-American people need to have this movie in their collection. I wish that they would make this movie for the home. You would be shocked at how many would be sold. I would buy at least 10 just for family and friends. At the time I was a 29 year-old black female enjoying such a delight film.

  • A great movie

    • grandmother
    • 8/16/07

    A movie to be must see by adults and children. An inspiring movie for young musicians.

  • Nat King Cole is So Smooth!!!!

    • LadyA
    • 6/21/07

    This is one of the best black classic movie I have seen. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love Nat King Cole's voice. No one can sing like him. It is so smooth. The other characters are great as well. Eartha Kitt, Pearl Bailey and Ruby Dee are all so beautiful! When you think of gospel music...Mahalia Jackson is the best!!! A MUST SEE!!!! You will not be disappointed!

  • St Louis Blues

    • Annissa
    • 4/7/07

    I was channel surfing and stumbled across this movie. I am a huge fan of clasic black movies. I found that I was in for a treat. Tnank- you for showing a wonderful movie. Keep up the good work.A huge fan.

  • St. Louis Blues

    • Margaret Nelson
    • 3/29/07

    My husband and i watched the movie for the first time and thought is was superb!we were channel searching, and came across this movie. We find it extremely hard thesed days to find anything worth watching with a clean a practical application to it, based on the times we now live. We appreciated the movie for all the information we gleaned from it. My husband and i are christians and can very much appreciate a clean wholesome movie. thanks for showing it and we pray that we will find many more like it.


    • JASON
    • 3/28/07


  • St.Louis Blues Soundtrack

    • dee
    • 1/14/07

    St> louis Blues is a great movie with incredible music and acting. Is it possible to buy the soundtrack? Did they make movie soundtracks at that time?

  • best movie ever

    • margaret
    • 12/5/06

    i really need a copy of this movie

  • St Louis Blues- Outstanding

    • Bren
    • 12/5/06

    This movie is fantastic. The cast was great. I highly recommend it.

  • Great Movie!

    • GWork
    • 12/4/06

    I love this movie, where can I get a copy?

  • Saint Louis Blues - Excellent

    • Betti
    • 12/4/06

    A wonderful movie that everyone and anyone who loves music should have in their collection. Share this movie with your adult children and grandchildren if you are a Baby Boomer and older, because movies of this caliber are rarely available. It encompasses life, determination, and spiritual lessons that benefit everyone regardless of race, creed, religion, or color. Additionally, the music greats in addition to Nat King Cole are Mahalia Jackson, Cab Calloway, Eartha Kitt; and actress Ruby Dee just to name a few. Thank you TCM, for today's viewing pleasure.

  • A hidden gem!

    • Jose
    • 11/30/06

    An unbelievable cast in a very good film. The talent assembled for this picture was great. Anytime you can see Nat King Cole and Eartha Kitt perform is time well spent!

  • Eartha Kitt WOW!

    • WetCircuit
    • 11/19/06

    I only knew of this film because of a collection of Eartha Kitt songs on CD. The jazzy numbers spring from lively minor keys and complex bass lines, making complex thrilling melodies with clever lyrics that stick in your head for days. I'm extremely happy to have caught the film on TCM. Eartha smolders as an ambitious chantuese who refuses to be controlled by smalltown prejudicies or her jealous club-owner boyfriend (Cab Calloway). Discovering the talent of a young songwriter (Nat King Cole) as his band plays for change outside her club, she immediately sees a successful future for herself singing his songs. Although her character Gogo is hopelessly anachronistic (her costumes are so modern compared to everyone else) she anchors the film, sure of herself and her direction while everyone else is mired in emotional turmoil. She never smiles, never flirts, never shows a vulnerable side. She's amazingly cold, creating a character that is at once unattainably sexy (her gowns reveal the body of a goddess) and career-minded, with lines that shoot like straight arrows of truth through everyone's hearts. Meanwhile her singing voice is angelic and arresting. Kitt should be remembered for this amazingly confident performance in a pre-feminist age, rather than her campy turns as Catwoman and aging nymphos in lackluster comedies.

  • Truly great!

    • johnnie
    • 9/14/06

    The cast was fantastic!! So many talented people all on ne screen. I can not stop talking about this movie. Please put it out on dvd soon!!

  • A true musical enjoyment!!

    • michelle
    • 9/14/06

    I absolutely loved this movie! My 12 year old son plays the piano and trumpet and we sat and watched this movie together and both truly enjoyed it. He enjoyed it so much that he wanted it on dvd to take to school to share with his jazz band class. I REALLY hope that it will be available on dvd is a MUST have for any aspiring musician or any lover of truly good music.

  • What a time capsule!

    • Debora
    • 9/5/06

    I was born in 1958 and I just saw this movie for the 1st time. WOW! To have so many talented people portraying the characters in Mr. Handy's life makes this movie a true jewel of American History!!! Please make this film available on DVD. Thanks,Debora OrgeronGolden Meadow, LABlues Lover!

  • Best of the Best

    • Tara
    • 9/5/06

    I saw this movie for the first time a few years ago and have talked about is ever since. I have even tried to locate it for sale, no such luck. This is truly a must have movie. My Whole family enjoyed it and we are all praying that it will be available soon for purchase

  • Nat the King Cole !

    • 9/4/06

    a must for an alternative musical. sweet sounds and a story line thats true and classic.

  • Amazing!

    • Carol
    • 4/7/06

    This is such an amazing movie for so many reasons. I, like Michael, enjoy it with my children and they are so impressed with the story, the history and the talent. It is a movie that speaks to and across generations, genders, and race.

  • St. Louis Blues an Educational Treasure

    • Michael
    • 4/6/06

    This movie was the impetus in my visiting TCM today. Also, I searched online today and found out many interesting facts of W.C. Handy and many wonderful photos of this talented man. I watched this movie on TCM on 4/5/06. I saw the movie previously but only the last 40 minutes or so. I watched this with two of my children (an adolecent and teen) and two of my nephews (two teens). I always try to introduce great movies to the children. I feel by their conversations following some movies that one day it will pay off well.

  • St. Louis Blues is a rare film treasure

    • Mama K
    • 4/6/06

    This touching film about the life of W.C. Handy includes stunning musical peformances by the true icons of jazz and blues. As for Mahalia Jackson - WOW! Yes - it needs to be avaiable on DVD and soon!

  • Re; 1958 Film version of "St. Louis Blues"

    • Joiner
    • 4/6/06

    I saw this feature for the first time on American Movie Classic and was completely blown away! I am now obsessed with locating a home video release of this title. If I could adequately rate this it would be with a 5 star Double Platinum! The music, the stars, the acting, the enourmous amount of TALENT in just this one movie is awe-inspiring. An absoulute MUST SEE!!

  • A Powerful Movie!!!!!

    • LaShune Wilkerson
    • 4/6/06

    The first time that I saw this movie I Cried and was in awe of the plot. "St. Louis Blues" is the the best movie of it's time. With the smooth vocals of Nat King Cole and the beauty and Grace of Ruby Dee and Eartha Kitt. What more could you ask for? Please release this on video or dvd and contact me please!!!!!

  • Please record St. Louis Blues movie on DVD/Video.

    • Devina Thomas
    • 4/5/06

    Tonight was the first time that I had seen St. Louis Blues. The black cast was wonderful! They are legends and an inspiration to the African-American citizens. The movie is a classic and should be available to those who wishes to purchase it. Please make it available on DVD/Video as soon as possible. I am sure you will not have a problem selling such a magnificant master piece. Thank you.

  • Great cast of Jazz greats!

    • Dave Lewis
    • 4/5/06

    This film may not have the greatest acting, but, it more than makes up for it in it's musical content.Any one who's a fan of early jazz will like this film featuring a cast of all star jazz greats, Nat "king" Cole, Cab Calloway, Pearl Bailey and more and even a very young Billy Preston.The acting is a little "dramatic" at times. The story is a little different from reality, but, it's still an enjoyable film to watch.

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