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The Saint in New York

The Saint in New York(1938)


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Faced with a seemingly unstoppable wave of violent gang crime, the police commissioner of New York takes the advice of the respected William Valcross and agrees to hire Englishman Simon Templar, a latter-day Robin Hood whose victims are always criminals and despots, to aid in his crusade. Valcross tracks Simon, also known as The Saint, to South America and, by assuring him that his methods will not be questioned, convinces him to return to New York with him. First on Simon's list of wanted gang leaders is Jake Erboll, whose intimidation of witnesses resulted in his dismissal on a murder charge. While disguised as a nun, Simon kills Jake as the crook is about to shoot his most fervent opponent, Inspector Fernack. Simon's next assignment is Morrie Yule. Armed with $20,000 in cash, which he has stolen from the gang's defense lawyer, who also exposes the existence of "The Big Fellow," the crooks's mastermind, Simon is directed by Fernack to Yule's poker club. There Simon meets beautiful moll Fay Edwards and Yule's henchmen, Hymie Fanro, Red Jenks and Boots Papinoff. After Simon reveals himself to Papinoff, he is taken to a remote house where Yule is holding a little girl for ransom. Simon tricks Yule into attacking him and then pulls a knife on him. During the ensuing fight, the lights go out, and Simon eludes his captors long enough to rescue the girl and, with a gun that Fay has slipped him, kill a guard and escape. Now a local hero, Simon pursues Hutch Rellin, who accuses Papinoff of "giving up" Yule to The Saint. Sure that he will be killed by Rellin, Papinoff tries to confess to Simon, who has jumped into his car, but is killed by Hymie and Red before he can reveal the identity of The Big Fellow's contact. The henchmen then are ordered by Rellin to execute Simon in New Jersey. Again Simon tricks his captors and, aided by Fay, who has fallen in love with him, avoids a sure death. Fay takes a wounded Simon to her apartment, where she explains that, out of gratitude for help that The Big Fellow extended her when she was penniless, she became his spokesperson. Fay offers to point out The Big Fellow to Simon during her next scheduled meeting with him. After alerting Fernack, Simon rendezvous with Fay, who points out Valcross as he passes by a bank. In panic, Valcross shoots Fay, then is shot down by Simon. As they drive Valcross to Fernack's house, Fay dies in Simon's arms. His assignment accomplished, Simon leaves a grateful Fernack one of his infamous cartoon signature cards and heads for his next adventure.