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Sailor's Holiday

Sailor's Holiday(1944)

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At the corner of Hollywood and Vine streets, Merchant Marines "Marble Head" Tomkins and Jerome "Iron Man" Collins are interviewed by a roving radio reporter about their plans for their leave. After Iron Man replies that he intends to marry his sweetheart, Clementine Brown, and Marble Head voices his desire to kiss Rita Hayworth, the two proceed to a barber shop for a shave. There they meet sailor Bill Hayes and learn that he is to be their new shipmate. After leaving the barber shop, Bill passes a photo studio and decides to pose for a joke wedding portrait with model Clementine Brown. As Bill and his "blushing bride" smile for the camera, Iron Man arrives at the studio and sees Clementine and accuses Bill of stealing his girl. After explaining to Iron Man that she was only posing as a bride, Clementine invites the sailors home for dinner. Stunt man Fred Baxter is waiting for Clementine at her apartment, and becomes jealous when she introduces Iron Man as her fiancé. To impress Iron Man with his prowess, Fred invites him to the studio the next day to watch him perform a stunt. When Iron Man asks Clementine to find a date for Bill, she produces her neighbor, Gloria Flynn, who works as an extra at Apex Pictures. After dinner, Iron Man asks Clementine to invite some movie stars to attend their wedding ceremony the following night, and she decides to ask some of her actor friends to impersonate the stars. The next day, while taking a tour of the studio, Marble Head passes Rita Hayworth's dressing room. Unaware that as a joke, a studio employee has put Hayworth's name on the door to a chimpanzee's dressing room, Marble Head sneaks into the room to steal a lock of the star's hair and is shocked to find that his "idol' is a hairy ape. Meanwhile, Bill and Gloria find themselves alone on the studio lot, and Bill confesses that he has fallen in love with Clementine. In response, Gloria admits that she finds Iron Man attractive and suggests that they try to break up the couple. To accomplish their goal, Gloria takes Iron Man on a private tour of the studio and tells him how she feels, and Iron Man then confesses that he is also attracted to her. Drawn by the sounds of a crap game, Iron Man hurries off to join the players and is knocked unconscious when a fight ensues over the toss of the dice. Bill, meanwhile, tries to convince Clementine that he is the man for her, but out of loyalty to Iron Man, she insists on going through with the wedding. Fred then tries to impress Clementine with his stunt, but when he begins to show off, he loses his balance and injures his leg, and Bill steps in to complete the stunt. On the night of the ceremony, a parade of star impersonators arrives at the party, among them, a phony Rita Hayworth. When the minister calls with news that he will not be able to officiate because he was sent to the wrong address and has run out of gas, Clementine sends Bill to fetch the justice of the peace. After Bill leaves, Clementine realizes that Fred sent the minister on a wild goose chase, and Gloria retaliates by slamming the door on him and knocking him unconscious. When Gloria finally admits that she is in love with Iron Man, Clementine begins to sing Bill's praises. All ends happily when the justice of the peace arrives and conducts a double wedding. Bill marries Clementine and Gloria weds Iron Man, and Marble Head faints when the fake Rita Hayworth kisses him.