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Room for One More

Room for One More(1952)

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    • Eddie
    • 9/8/18

    I found this blog after watching William Boyd's "the frontiersmen" , thinking that words were removed from the pledge of allegiance, namely "under god" , but also the words "of the United States of America" were missing , simply saying " I pledge allegiance to the flag and to the republic for wich it stands , and with the children doing the "heil" style" salute that was later taken out. Thanks for this proper history !

  • Room For One More

    • trszng
    • 1/24/17

    loved it

  • Love this movie, do not love ignorance

    • Laurie Gold
    • 1/23/17

    I have loved this movie since I first saw it as a "late late show" while in college. Just watched it again on TCM and thought I'd check out the reviews. I'm shocked at the ignorance and anger of those who believe the film was edited to remove God from the Pledge of Allegiance. "Under God" was not removed from this movie, which was released in 1952, four years BEFORE "under God" was added to the Pledge. Save your anger for something deserving of it, and please be informed before you begin attacking godless heathens for their evil deeds.Now, back to the movie. Cary Grant is absolutely adorable as Poppy Rose, and George Winslow as Teenie, with his incongruously deep voice, is simply terrific. Yes, it's corny, but I still love the scene in which Poppy calls out the parents of the boy taking Jane to the New Year's Eve prom, and the Eagle Scout scenes never fail to get me--maybe because my husband and his brothers were all Eagle Scouts. What's really fun about the movie is that the viewer is in on how happily married and still-in-love Poppy and Anna are, even as long-married parents. The overt and occasionally sly humor cancels out most of the corn. What's left is genuinely moving.

  • Honoring God

    • Kelly
    • 1/20/17

    If anyone does not like the idea that our country acknowledges God, he or she can always leave this country.

  • Ignorance is bliss & irritating

    • History Teacher
    • 1/18/17

    Such a great movie with a message how people with patience and love can take in toughened troubled kids and eventually soften them and turn them around. (my what a socially liberal concept, how dare they).YET, all that some narrow minded people can take from the whole movie is the last 5 minutes when the part "under God" is not said during the Pledge of Allegiance. Folks this movie was made in 1952, the phrase "under God" was not added until 1954 thru an effort by the Knights of Columbus and to combat god-less atheological U.S.S.R. I guess that must've ruined an hour and a half of watching for many indignant people, huh?The author of the modern pledge, Francis Bellamy, who came from Mt. Morris, NY , just a few miles south of me, originally also had the people salute the flag with right arm raised at a 45 degree angle with palm forward. But that was banned in 1942 due to it resembling the Nazi "Heil Hitler" salute. Things you probably didnt learn in history class, yet I add into my Civics portions of Social Studies to make it interesting and enlightening. btw, I love any movie with Cary Grant in it, although, English by birth, he is the every man American.


    • 1/18/17


  • room for one more

    • crystal
    • 1/18/17

    It is always a classic film to watch, and I just want to thank the folk who took out the word "God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. You people are jerks.

  • Endearing and joyful....

    • Jim
    • 11/22/15

    Clifford Tatum as the foster child later adopted by Cary Grant and Betsy Drake is wonderful. This is a warm and gentle film. The relationship between Cary Grant and Betsy Drake works because, at least for a time, they really were husband and wife. She portrays a housewife and mother who is, in many ways, way ahead of her time. Her passion for rescuing orphans and abused children is inspirational. Cary Grant is perfect as the sometimes overwhelmed and always understanding husband and father. The actors who play the children are easy to love. I am always moved by the courage and sincerity of the character played by Clifford Tatum. I've always loved the scene when Cary grant first finds Clifford Tatum in that classroom with the ice cold teacher. When she tells Grant that the boy once bit her on the leg when she had him on the floor as a punishment and Grant sees that poor kid limping to the front of the room on his leg braces and responds: "I would have bitten you on both legs," always touches me.Oh, in response to the comment about the scene when Jimmy-John recites the Pledge: The "under god" part is not in that scene because it was not added to the Pledge until ten or more years later.

  • Room for one more

    • Kari
    • 12/11/14

    I loved this movie but was surprised during the Pledge o Allegiance at the Eagle Scout ceremony...that they left out "under God". Especially during the 50s when God had a heavy presence. Anybody have any thoughts on this?

  • NIce Movie

    • NSKOA
    • 12/9/14

    Lisa: Under God was not added to the Pledge of Allegiance until 1954. This movie was made in 1952. It's a lovely, if formulaic, movie with Cary Grant at his comedic best.

  • From another time in America

    • Just plain Joe
    • 10/6/14

    My wife and I watched this last night on TCM. The point of the film was clear and sweet. But watching it now, in 2014, we couldn't help but laugh at certain parts. When Jimmy John grabs the girl in a head-lock and turns into Happy Gilmore, giving her upper-cuts to the nose... Jimmy John taking a dive face-first down the stairs, and then volunteering to do it again from the very top!... Betsy Drake's character having had enough of Jimmy John, turning him over her knee and walloping him... In 2014, Cary and Betsy would be sent to prison for abuse and neglect. Mind you, I write this tongue in cheek...It was a sweet film about how average people CAN make a difference with perseverance and love. So it gets a thumbs up from me!

  • Room for One More

    • Francine
    • 9/14/14

    I agree with the previous poster that IMO this is my favorite Cary Grant movie. He is so charming and just adorable in this movie. Love, Love, Love this movie.

  • why?

    • lisa
    • 9/11/14

    super cute movie, but I was really infuriated at the part where they were saying the Pledge of Allegiance and " one nation under God " was cut out why did that have to be we are in America it has always been in our Pledge of Allegiance, abd it offends me that you took it out

  • response to interesting note

    • jaysea
    • 8/6/14

    Hi Katydid,Just as an FYI, the movie is from 1952 and the words "Under God" was not added until 1954. So it was not in the pledge at that time. So, no editing happened.But as reviewing goes, this is one of my Cary Grant films. All of heart went into this story and it alwaysalways show to me that a lot of love builds a family. It may not be perfect, but who said families have to be.

  • Interesting Note

    • Katydid
    • 6/2/14

    I had never seen this movie before and it was a great Cary Grant movie - a little bit different from many of his others. Near the end when Jimmy John was getting his Eagle Scout badge I noticed that the Scouts stood for the Pledge of Allegiance. Interesting enough - "one nation, indivisible" with "under God" not included. Now I don't think in 1952 this was left out. Plus Scouts still include the complete Pledge. So why edit it out?

  • The Easy Way ((Life Imitates Art))

    • Doc
    • 2/28/14

    I watched this movie many, many years ago, as a young teenager. Talk about making an impression! Decided to adopt children who needed a home, versus bringing more into the world. Personal decision, and have three grown adopted children as a result. Best part of the movie was when Cary Grant said he would bite the teacher after how she treated his foster child.

  • Loved This Carey Grant Movie

    • Lori Yanos
    • 7/30/12

    This is one movie that i have never seen with Carey Grant. And I can tell you that this movie moves to the top of my list over That Touch of Mink and An Affair to Remember. I laughed the entire time. I am 40 years old and I have been watching old movies since I was in Middle School at about 12 or so. He is my favorite actor along with the best of Frank Sinatra. I loved it so much I had to get my Carey Grant Bio out and look through it.Thank you for playing this one. Will definately will be adding it to my existing Classic Movie Library.Lori Yanos

  • Flashback

    • PJ
    • 7/29/12

    I remember seeing this movie 40 yrs ago and have been hoping to see it again. Every once in awhile I look for it but never came across it. Happen to look for it a few days ago and saw it was coming on. All my box tops were set with reminders. Some of the scenes I have vivid memories of and my memory was true to movie. Wish it was on more often. I realized alot of who I am as an adult I owe to this particular movie. It stayed with me and becanme a part of me. More people need to see it, as a family. Show it again and again.

  • A Special Film

    • Cathy Delaney
    • 7/29/12

    I found this a very warm and special movie. It was quite touching how 2 people, with a family of their own, opened their home and hearts to others who needed them. It was special because it showed how love can make room for more, (nice title) and add to the strength of a loving unit. If more people could take this sentiment to heart, WOW! I also love Cary Grant and the acting of all the folks in teh film was great. Done with the right sentiment for the scene, humor, somedy, fun, warmth, anger... I will add it to my collection.

  • Room for one more

    • Cindy
    • 7/29/12

    Cary Grant is awesome in this movie, so are the children and his wife. 5 stars for sure.

  • "Under God" omission not an edit.

    • Rob West
    • 11/4/11

    I was all set to ream TCM a good one for trying to change history by editing out the phrase "under God" during the Scout ceremony, but a little research shows that it wasn't officially added until 1954. The movie was made in 1952.I had never heard of this movie until it was aired the other morning. What a delight! I think it is Grant's best family themed movie, typical of those he seemed to make in his latter career, but his generosity to the child actors by playing his role a bit more subdued and not so over the top, as in "Father Goose" really comes off as a class act. Will watch again! PS- Why not show it at a time when more folks are apt to be up to watch it?

  • Grat Movie, Eagle Scout Oath and The Pledge

    • steve
    • 11/3/11

    Excellent examples of people thinking about others before themself's, even when it would be much easier not to. Goes to show why things worked out back then, and a little paddle on the rear could sometimes turn a kid around. I'm curious why the word God was included in the eagle scout oath but seemed to be taken out of the pledge of allegence right before? could I be mistaken or did they actually have them say one nation indivisable without the under God part back then?

  • best movie

    • Linda
    • 8/21/11

    this is the best cary grant movie i have ever seen Please show it more often. LINDA

  • Room for one more

    • Sue
    • 7/4/11

    My favorite movie.

  • Great Movie!

    • Rena
    • 6/7/11

    I absolutely loved this movie! The first time I saw it, the title was, "The Easy Way", so when I was flipping channels yesterday, the only thing that caught my eye was the fact that Cary Grant and Betsy Drake were both in it. I know they were only married a short time, but they looked like a lovely couple. I wish TCM would show this more frequently than they do. It's so touching. A well made movie with a plot and a showing a whole family, where values were instilled in children and parents were in the home. Yes, please show it again, soon!

  • Great Family Movie

    • Tina
    • 5/5/11

    Great Movie! An example of Family Love and Values! Play it Again Sam! :0)

  • See it with family!

    • BlueBear
    • 5/5/11

    Count me as one of those who had never seen this film before but caught it this morning on TCM! I'm one of those people who don't know what I'd do without this terrific station, as TCM fills so many of my hours with such quality film. This one, a true family film, is one I'd love to see broadcast more often, particularly during the holidays. In a way, it is a tutorial for married people on how to parent a group of extremely diverse children. I know it is just fiction but there really was a time when parents really did support their children on matters of importance and helped them become good citizens. If you can keep a dry eye when the handicapped young boy becomes an Eagle Scout, then you really need to search your soul! I loved this film and I hope you will too! Thank you, TCM!

  • Another Antidote To Today's Trash!

    • xanticrime
    • 5/5/11

    Why whine and protest about the declining state of society as manifested through today's so-called "films"? Just make the showing of this film mandatory to all students from perhaps 4th grade up as part of their curriculum! It would surely teach all what tolerance and understanding is really about. Or would it be banned, since it mentions the word God?

  • Room for One More

    • Candiss
    • 1/2/11

    I absolutely loved this film. It was heartwarming, tearjerking, and superbly funny. It's an awesome family film about adoption and the importance of family, no matter the size nor history.

  • An old favorite at last!!!

    • Jen
    • 12/13/10

    This used to air regularly on our local TV station when I was a kid and I LOVED it. It was the first Cary Grant film that I ever saw. The local station aired it under one of its alternate titles, "The Easy Way", so imagine my surprise when it was on yesterday featuring a different title! For years it appeared as though this lovely film had been forgotten and I often dispaired that TCM never seemed to show it - until yesterday when there it was!!! I have been telling my friends about this film for years and finally was able to share it with my best friend yesterday as we watched it together. She liked it. I love this film, its message, the children, everything! What a great movie to show around the holidays and I hope TCM shows it with more regularity from now on!!!!

  • Great movie

    • Deb
    • 12/13/10

    I'm a big Cary Grant fan and had never seen this movie before. What I saw was fantastic; unfortunately, due to the weather I lost satellite service for a chunk of the middle of the movie and the end. Hopefully it will air again on TCM soon so I can watch the whole thing!

  • Another Grant Gem

    • Craig
    • 12/12/10

    I'd never watched this one before, but I'm glad I did today. It's another fine performance by the great Cary Grant. I couldn't recall any of Betsy Drake's movies, but I enjoyed her in this one. Movies like this make me happy that the word "corny" was invented. Long live corny movies!

  • "Room for one more"

    • rose guidero
    • 11/23/10

    Perfect movie for families to watch; classic in everyway that our country used to be! The characters, especially Cary Grant, seemed actually to LIKE his role! Thanks for airing it twice in 2 months. My grandchildren call these the "black and whites"; I hope to introduce them to "Room for one more" in December.

  • My son stayed to watch it with me

    • Ann
    • 11/23/10

    There's something to be said for a black and white movie made when my parents were children that still has the appeal to capture the attention of a 12 year old boy of today. Room for One More was playing when my son came in the room. Usually he leaves me to my old movies, but he appreciate Cary Grant movies somewhat and sat down with me. I learned that if I ask, he'll definitely tell me no. So, he just never left and was fascinated by the similarities that the children had to his life as well as their unselfishness that was displayed numerous times. It even sparked a dialogue between us. I love it when he secretly likes one of my old black and whites! I thought the rapport between Cary Grant and his real life wife Betsy Drake was believable, charming, and refreshing. It was obvious that he adored her, and he was able to act in such a relaxed way where, in contrast, he often remains aloof with other actresses. He also looked likemhe was having fun versus working. The bigger their star gets, you can also see their fun fade. This was a delightful film with teachable moments, tearjerking drama, but mostly the light comedy that naturally happens in loving families. I highly recommend it and am so grateful to TCM for finally airing it.

  • Room For One More

    • Dennis C Yoder
    • 11/21/10

    A top movie, they don't make them like this any more! This has all the human interest you could ask for. How love and understanding can overcome most all obstacles. Great acting by all really puts you into the story.

  • Room For One More

    • Winnie Wilson
    • 9/1/10

    A very funny and a tear jerker movie but one of Cary Grants better movies. Been years since I have seen this movie . Can't wait for November or December so that I can finally see it. Last time I look it was not scheduled to play. Thanks for showing this movie. Thanks Winnie Wilson

  • Room For One More

    • Bobbi
    • 12/3/09

    This is a real tear jerker. Loved this movie. It is a Christmas Movie and a real treat for anyone who watches it.

  • Another great Cary Grant film.

    • Pam LaMonte- Graver
    • 2/26/09

    I love the movie Room for One More. I have been waiting for over twenty years for this film to come out on video. It is very heart warming and Betsy Drake and Cary Grant are both terrific in it. The story line is beautiful!

  • Room For One More/The Easy Way

    • Nancy Kidder
    • 1/13/09

    I've always thought that this movie should be a must see for all families. Not only is it a delightful, entertaining movie, but it has such a good message. A lot of our children today have a "me" attitude. If they don't have the right clothes or the latest toy, they feel deprived. I think it shows how the love of brother and sisters come through, even when on the suface there seems to be rivalry. While it's not possible for every family to live up to the story on the screen, i think it is a goal to strive for.

  • Room For One More

    • Brenda
    • 1/13/09

    This is one of my favorite Cary Grant movies. I can't believe it isn't on DVD. How much longer do I have to wait? I want my kids to be able to enjoy it too.

  • room for one more

    • Nancy
    • 12/28/08

    I love this movie and I want it so very much. I've been hoping I'd see it on TVBut not in year.Does anyone have it

  • Great Movie

    • Cheryl
    • 8/22/08

    This is a wonderful film, like Father Goose, Cary Grant was fantastic in his part,a family with three children opening their hearts and home to children with needs. Excellant example of what love can do and so in with The Pitt-Jolie style of giving. I truly hope they bring it to DVD soon.

  • cannot find this movie

    • carol corso
    • 8/11/08

    this is one of my favorite cary grantmovies i am collecting all of his movies that are available would very much like to seeit on tcm in the near future also would like to purchase this film ty

  • Room For One More

    • Amy
    • 8/4/08

    Vicki,You would also enjoy Every Girl Should Be Married--another movie Cary Grant and Betsy Drake made together. It's one of my favorites.Amy


    • VICKI
    • 7/20/08



    • gloria
    • 4/8/08

    cary grant is so smooth in sophisticated settings in the movies, it was so great to see him in a domestic setting in this movie. i'd love to see a cary grant day on tcm with cary grant movies including kids: father goose, houseboat, ROOM FOR ONE MORE, etc. i haven't seen this movie in years, TCM is my hope for seeing it again.


    • susan
    • 3/19/08

    this is one of my favorite cary grant movies. this is a heart warming movie that is good for anyone to see. too bad it isn't shown any more. i used to see it often but wonder if it isn't being shown because of some copyright thing.

  • Love this movie

    • Peggy
    • 2/23/08

    Would love to see this movie again. I love the old movies, because it reminds me of when life seemed so much easier. It is also a heart warming picture that shows you can open your heart to "one more" in the family.


    • Georgi E.
    • 1/27/08

    This was the first Cary Grant movie I ever watched (I was probably 11 or 12 at the time) and Cary became my favorite movie star, then and there. I saw it a couple times after that, but probably not in 20 years or more, which is really sad because I think it's one of his best. He and Betsy Drake make a wonderful couple and it's truly a heartwarming story. I would love to own this movie and I can't believe it's never been released. Right now I would settle for seeing it once again on TV. Then I could record it and save it on my DVR forever!

  • The Best Cary Grant Movie Ever!!!

    • gina
    • 1/13/08

    I would love to be able to purchase this movie, I have been looking everywhere for it. It is such a family oriented movie and I just love watching Cary Grant as the father.......please share with the younger generation what a true family classic is all about! Would also love to see it on your TMC schedule.Thank you!Gina

  • Want to purchase this movie

    • Joy
    • 1/10/08

    This is a great movie and I would love to purchase a copy. I can't believe it has not been released to DVD (or even VHS). The story is heart-warming, and Cary is just wonderful in it.

  • This film must not be lost!

    • Jayme
    • 12/31/07

    This is a wonderful, funny and heartwarming film starring the most charming and handsome actor ever! Please make it available.

  • Family is most important!

    • Judith Fairweather
    • 12/31/07

    This film provides a message that is so needed in today's world: family is the most important part of life and family is not blood lines, it is the presence of love. This movie has endured through the years in my memory and I still find myself recalling certain segments as I watch my children and their children experience life and family relationships. I am amazed that Sheryl Crow has not shown this movie in concert with her program on the rewards of adoption. I have an old copy I recorded many years ago from TV and I still love watching it! I hope to renew it to DVD.

  • Wonderful/Room for One More

    • Renee
    • 12/25/07

    There are so few movies that touch your heart and this is a film that did it for me. Not sure why it is so hard to find I have gotten so many Cary Grant Box Sets this is a movie that should be added to a set. And be added to your list of movies on TCM. There are so many people that would be happy that you did. PleasePlease add it.

  • Bring back "Room For One More".

    • Carol Turick
    • 12/22/07

    My siblings and I are waiting to see a long lost movie called "Room For One More", aka "The Easy Way", starring Cary Grant and Betsy Drake. What a terrific movie this is. It totally gives you the warm and fuzzy that is so needed in today's world. Please air this movie on TCM. I'd love to have it on DVD to keep alongside all of my other Cary Grant movies. Thanks TCM for giving the public something good to watch on TV.

  • A very sweet movie with Cary Grant and Betsy Drake

    • Lozier
    • 12/17/07

    I also forgot the title, and had to search for it. Its been years since I've seen this and my daughter (a Cary Grant fan since she was a child) would love to see it. One of the few movies Grant made with Drake.

  • Room For One More

    • Alberta Charles
    • 11/10/07

    This is a movie I have searched for . I seen this movie many years ago. On a local channel. It was a movie with such a message about family. I HOPE TCM CAN SHOW THIS MOVIE . I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT ONE MORE TIME. AS MANY OTHERS WHO HAVE VOTED. I WOULD BUY DVD IF I COULD.

  • A happy ending

    • Deborah Driskill
    • 8/6/07

    This is the one movie that I have searched for since videos first came out. I didn't remember the title (since I saw the movie as a young child) but, scenes of this movie are imprinted on my mind. It made such an impression on me that I just had to find out what it was called. I have questioned family members, friends and total strangers whenever the topic of favorite movies came up "Please, do you by any chance remember...?" I remember the "dang bunny book", the bicycle, the prom dress and the scout hike through the snow scenes. My family searched for this movie for me as a Christmas present and could not even find the title. I was so afraid that it was one of the "disappeared" films. It is a heartwarming story that so touched my heart that I have spent over 30 years trying to find it again. Today I am a happy woman knowing that it still exists. PLEASE TCM ... show this movie ... it is a truly worthy film that touches the best in human nature. I pray I will get to see it again and joy of joys own my own copy before I die.

  • Room For One More

    • Sue
    • 7/16/07

    Beautiful movie. It used to be on TV around Father's Day about 15-20 years ago. I have seen it a couple of times. It is heart warming.

  • Room for one more... Cary Grant delightful

    • Rustina Caister
    • 5/29/07

    A wonderful story of hope and charity. The Rose family takes in orphan " problem " children and with firm loving kindness turns their lives around to be productive people. This is based on a true story. Gary Grant is absolutely halarious in this film.

  • relating to jane (iris mann)

    • janice dahl
    • 4/7/07

    i was probably 16 when i saw this movie. the one and only time, but unforgetable. when jane came in with all her miserable problems, i could so relate. the actress iris mann brought this young girl so to life for me. she was insecure, paranoid and self-lothing. therefore she could not like her self or others. so relatable to my teen years. then when she finally felt safe, secure, accepted and had a home and loving family she could love herself and others. now i will soon be 60 and always will remeber and thank iris mann for being that girl jane. wherever you are iris, thank you.

  • Room for One More (The Easy Way)

    • Vicki Litizeto
    • 3/12/07

    When I first saw this movie as a child, it was re-named The Easy Way. It was a wonderful movie and I have been waiting for it to come out on VHS, but now that I'm older, (55), I'm waiting for it on DVD, or to watch it on TCM. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? There are so many of us who think, and know, this is a wonderful, heart-warming movie. WE NEED MORE OF THESE MOVIES ON TCM AND ALSO AVAILABLE ON DVD! PLEASE HEAR US!! THANKS FOR LISTENING. Vicki Litizeto

  • Show "Room for one more" on TCM!!!

    • diane kwiatkowski
    • 3/5/07

    Please show "Room for one more" on TCM and I would love to see it come out in DVD. It has been one of my favorite movies and has been such a long, long time since I've seen it last.

  • DVD Please!

    • Tina
    • 3/4/07

    I would love this see this movie on TCM. It is one my favorite movies.

  • Bring "Room For One More" to DVD

    • mark p. hambleton
    • 2/23/07

    I first saw this film with my daughter when she was twelve years old. At that time my daughter would not watch a movie unless it was in living color.My daughter fell in love with the picture halfway through the movie. I personally feel it is the best movie Grant ever made.My daughter's birthday is in June and I know she would love it if this came out on DVD and I could give it to her for her birthday (and I would like to have a copy for myself also).

  • wonderful family memory

    • jane
    • 2/3/07

    I would love to own this movie. It is a classic in my family -- we quote lines from it. If only my own children could see it! Please show it on TCM and encourage the release on DVD!!

  • An Outstanding Movie

    • Rene
    • 10/17/06

    This movie is a classic, family oriented, funny and one I wish I could share with my daughter. I can only remember seeing this movie on television once in the past eighteen years. It would be absolutely wonderful if Turner Classic Movies would add this movie to their schedule so more could experience the warmth and love portrayed by this family.

  • Room For One More (1952) aka The Easy Way

    • Dulcinea57
    • 9/30/06

    Based on a true story, this is one of my favorites films. Cary Grant and Betsy Drake are at their best. A charming movie.

  • 1952 Room For One More

    • Waugaman
    • 3/16/06

    I love this movie for matter that the subjict matter was handled. The fact that it's a Cary Grant and Beaty Drake movie just add to the movie. I would love to see this movie on VHS or DVD. Thank You

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