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The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone

The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone(1961)

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  • Romancing Mrs Stone

    • Nina
    • 9/20/18

    Sorry, I thought this movie was awful despite the talented cast. Without Vivien Leigh, this movie would have been a big flop. Warren Beatty looked good, but sounded awful. That fake accent! But the problem is really the story. Typical Tennessee Williams depressing garbage about dysfunctional unlikeable people. Like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with its excellent cast and Streetcar Named Desire with its excellent cast, this movie was not a pleasant viewing experience because the story is so unpleasant despite the talented cast. Anyway, perhaps this movie would have been less unpleasant viewed silently with subtitles to avoid the fake Italian accents. funny, though, to hear Warren Beatty refusing sex because he has a headache.

  • Sizzling movie

    • emily schwellenbach
    • 9/20/18

    If you think this kind of thing does not happen in this day and age then you are fooling yourself. I actually know people like this. This topic is very controversial, it does happen and is beautifully portrayed by these actors. If I had not seen this happen in real life,, yes I might not find this believable. Its all about the human condition. Leave it to these great actors, Leigh, and Beatty to keep us glued to the screen. Yes older women do look at younger men and the other way around. Everything was portrayed beautifully and sensitively in order to keep our attention. Didnt even know this movie existed.

  • Excellent film

    • Joseph
    • 3/27/17

    A wonderful film about a gigolo and a fading actress based on a Tennessee Williams play,I enjoyed the movie thoroughly- Vivien Leigh and Warren Beatty are excellent.

  • The Sad Spring of Sister Stone

    • Mack Dennard
    • 11/10/16

    Lets all face it. We could watch Vivien Leigh in anything. And we do in this adaption to the screen of aterrific novel by Tennessee Williams. Poor rich widow Stone adrift in sexy, depraved and dark Rome in 1960.I can just imagine what Fellini would have envisioned in this overly polished clean and proper film regarding a young egotistical hustler stud played by Warren Beatty (whose atrocious Itailian accent should have been dubbed in post production ) and the legend herself Vivien Leigh as the older tremendously wealthy benefactor to him. By benefactor I mean she tries to politely support him so she can seek the physical and mental love that escaped her in early life because she concentrated on her ruthless career in the theater rather than life itself. And this is the thing that does her in. That all being said, I could watch this movie til doomsday because of the unique never-to-be-seen-again actresses that played the parts of Mrs. Stone, the deliciously evil pimp contessa, and the tough rather masculine female friend of Mrs. Stone. Oh I didn't mean to leave young hustler gigolo out bad accent and all. These parts all played by Vivien, Lotte Lenya, Coral Browne and of course Warren Beatty . And oh, I forgot, Jill St. John is really good in a small part as a seductive starlet whose dialogue exchange with Miss Leigh is not to be missed. One thing the director Jose Qunitero did do, was bring out Tennessee Williams quirkey off center characters that he created for the book. Mr. Williams plot lines are very difficult to transfer to the film medium for many reasons but forget that in this instance and just enjoy the wonderful juicy way the actors all sink their teeth into their parts, making this film really funl.

  • An underrated timeless classic

    • Donna
    • 8/18/15

    This movie should have five stars. It is a classic for the ages.

  • An Leigh/Beatty underrated timeless classic

    • Donna
    • 8/18/15

    An early Beatty film, he has the difficult challenge of playing a gigilo in Italy who falls in love with a lovely, older famous American would-be client. Both Leigh and Beatty play their roles exquisitely in this Spring Autumn romance. They play their roles with subtle tenderness. Leigh's later movies like this and Ship of Fools see her at her most beautiful and powerful. And you can see how talented Beatty was from the very start as an actor. I have no idea why this movie is being given two stars. It is a a wonderful script and the the actors and superb: the scenery is lovely. I could watch this movie with the sound turned down for Vivienne Leigh's fashions alone.

  • The Roman Springs of Mrs. Stone*

    • CMaria
    • 8/17/15

    This movie is a classic. I enjoy watching very much- I love old school movies! I loved the way they dressed, the scenery and the reality that people have concerns whether they have money or not. What goes on in the dark will shed in the light eventually! I applaud Vivian Leigh in her role as reality back in the 40's-60's were not discussed and expressed as they are today. It takes a very strong person to pull those types of roles off. I love THIS MOVIE!

  • Appreciate the Artists

    • Beckette
    • 4/12/15

    A fine and moody movie. Beautifully art directed and anything with Vivien is more than worth the watch . This is an exquisite time Capsule

  • roman spring of mrs stone

    • kevin sellers
    • 1/13/15

    I agree with the previous reviewers that Warren Beatty's accent is caricatured and Vivien Leigh is too mannered and the whole young gigolo/older woman story is kinda silly. But why then do I enjoy this movie so much? Same reason I enjoy Streetcar, Sweet Bird, and Iguana, despite their over the top, unrealistic plots and exaggerated characters. Tennessee Williams is simply one of those few writers who know how to create magic out of depravity and decadence. You want to look away, but you just can't. This entire movie is Karen Stone sinking deeper and deeper into the moral swamp of Rome and it's fascinating. Give it a B.

  • The Roman Spring of Mrs. Jones?

    • Quantarium Smith
    • 10/24/14

    I saw this film in 1961 when I was 17 years old. I saw portions of it again a few years ago and recently (in 2014) and my opinion about the film is still the same. Absolute garbage! Vivian Leigh, a solid actress was both too young and too pretty to steep so low in her role as a sad, pitiful and lonely woman in search of a stud. Warren Beatty, not exactly an American version of Lawrence Olivier, was simply hysterical with his laugh-out-loud Italian accent attempt, which was embarrassingly bad! I don't know what was worse, Warren's attempt to act with his face, raised eyebrow and pouty lips or his monumentally atrocious accent! I wanted to beat him up with a large and fully loaded Neapolitan pizza! The scenery, the buildings, the little Fiat 500s, OK, the rest...unforgivable!

  • Accent: Grave

    • Slatka Mala Marijana
    • 7/13/14

    I keep trying to love this movie and I adore much of it. Meine kleine leibling Lotte! The wonderful tragic Vivien! But, ohhhhhhhh...Beatty's attempted accent. Ai ai ai.

  • A hidden gem

    • Terry
    • 4/9/13

    Growing up catholic in the 1950's-60's this movie was probably given a triple xxx. Never having seen it for years I dismissed it as a dumb romantic tragedy, boy was I wrong. For its time this movie makes bold statements about life, loss, and the desire for human connection at any cost. I absolutely love this movie

  • Read the Novel

    • Suzanne Wheat
    • 2/5/13

    One of the great things about this film is seeing Lotte Lenya in action. I read the T. Wms novel years ago & it struck a deep chord. An older, but not aged, single woman finding herself alone in an impossible & unplanned situation emotionally. I was so saddened to learn that Tennessee Williams died in a Manhattan hotel by choking on a bottlecap of aspirin, alcohol . . . not sure what. His Mrs. Stone represents the dilemma of woman growing older alone.

  • Had it been Hitchcock

    • David Duggan
    • 1/17/13

    You knew this film was going to end tragically from the beginning but to have the murder telegraphed in a few scenes prior to it was a bit disappointing. Though I suppose this was film was meant to be more of a drama than a thriller. Had it been a Hitchcock film I suspect more characters would have met their demise near the end such as the Countess Magda Terribili-Gonzales and of course the intrusive friend Meg leaving Paolo DiLeo as the chief suspect. Mm... rewrite anyone.

  • Starring Vivien Leigh

    • Adventure
    • 12/16/12

    Vivien Leigh so memorable in Gone With The Wind and A Streetcar Named Desire made far too few films in her career. The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone is one of the last films Ms. Leigh made and I recommend this film solely for the artistry of a truly great actress.

  • The Roman Spring of Mrs.Stone

    • Dawn
    • 11/6/12

    I love this movie. I watched this movie so many times, each time it drive the same and new emotions in me.That's what a great movie does.

  • what's the point?

    • Gibbs
    • 11/6/12

    I give this show one star, only because other shows are worse and deserve no stars. Worthless plot. What is with the stranger? Lovely scenery was one good thing. Don't watch. You will regret it if you do.

  • Meh..

    • RedRain
    • 4/26/12

    The performances by the great Vivian Leigh and Warren Beatty are excellent but the story is pathetic. I believe you have to consider the time that Tennessee Williams was writing in to fully comprehend how a woman of a certain age could take up with such a despicable gigolo. (Yes, women today are known to do this but they would drop a whining guy like this one in a second! The woman of today is strong!) I rated this film two stars because of the acting. I would have given it zero for the story.

  • Terrific!

    • f1hp
    • 12/10/10

    If your tastes run to the 'Bang-Bang you're dead - let's breed' type of semi-literate er, "entertainment", then avoid this. If you enjoy actors, directors, screen writers, etc, exploring & plying their trade, then this is for you. A fine movie, well written, directed, acted and filmed. ps- Who knew that Warren Beatty could actually act?!

  • Oh Brother . . .

    • lump516
    • 9/30/10

    Hysterical nonsense about aging actress (Vivien Leigh) sort-of hiring a gigolo (Warren Beatty) to Fill Her Empty Days. This is one of those 50's/early 60's films that treated sex as some sort of mental aberration that must not be spoken of except in the most hushed and shocked of tones. The script, adapted by Gavin Lambert from a novella by Tennessee Williams, is full of purple prose about cold, aging women and the seamier side of Rome, but Leigh never comes across as less than smart and likable, and Rome, beautifully photographed, is pretty spiffy, too. Warren Beatty, fresh off of SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS, manages to look at the camera and speak clearly this time out, and he has that indefinable air of sleaze that makes him letter-perfect casting. Lotte Lenya and Jill St. John, playing respectively, a lady pimp and a dingbat film actress, seem to be having the time of their life. Did they wander in from another, better movie, one where people were having fun?

  • The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone

    • Barbara
    • 9/29/10

    Warren Beatty played the role of the gigolo very well. He was beautiful to look at as well as Vivien Leigh. Jill St. John was stunning and so young. This must have been one of her very first roles. This is a must see movie.

  • The Romman Spring of Mrs. Stone(1961)

    • nshepard
    • 9/28/10

    Karen Stone(Viven Leigh) a fading Broadway star travels to Rome with her husband, and he suffers a fatal heart attack, lucky him, he doesn't have to sit through the rest of this drivel, when along comes studly Paola di Leo (Warren Beatty) fresh from his triumphant role as Milton Armitage from the Dobie Gillis TV Show. Well, never one to turn down another conquest,see (You're So Vain) woos and beds down the lucky female. wow, great typecasting. So cocksure of himself, he also has another relationship with Barbara Bingham(Jill St. John), wow, another void to fill. How did the female race get so lucky... See it from your own perspective, romantic tragedy or third rate soap opera scum. The choice is yours.2 stars for 2 stars, you pick em.

  • Vivien

    • Jarrod McDonald
    • 2/7/10

    This was a perfect project for her. The sets are gorgeous, the clothes are wonderful, make-up and's a sumptuously produced picture. It's fun to see the trademark Vivien Leigh mannerisms crop up in her portrayal, which says that back in 'Gone with the Wind,' Scarlet may've been written on paper, but Vivien Leigh was always the real character up on screen. Some have criticised Warren Beatty's performance in this film, but accent aside, I think he's more than adequate. In fact, I think he really gets the character, on its most basic, sexual level. A lot of men don't layer the character sexually like he does, and that makes it unique. If the film were made today, I think we would definitely see more than a kiss and a fade out. We would also see what happens to her when the man from the streets enters her home. But it's an excellent piece of cinema, and there are strong moments, especially when she banishes everyone at the end of the movie screening. And I also liked the comic bit on the street where she told an acquaintance she was dying.

  • Gorgeous, Mesmerizing & Haunting Film

    • dwb
    • 5/28/09

    There are many reasons to see this exquisite film but foremost among them is that it stars the late, great Vivien Leigh in her next-to-last screen performance. Considering that she was going through the most difficult period in her personal life at the time she filmed it (her 20-year marriage to Laurence Olivier had just broken up) and that the storyline was too close for comfort, this has to be one of the most courageous performances ever attempted by any actress. And she is devastating in it. The only hint of a criticism she ever received for this performance was that she was still too beautiful at this point in her life to be believable as a woman in this position (despite the ravages of illness and middle-age she was still amazingly beautiful in this film). But her performance is so poignant that her beauty doesn't detract from it (which says a lot about her talent!). Warren Beatty as her Italian gigolo is also excellent despite receiving scattered criticism for his Italian accent (unjust in my opinion). He and Vivien Leigh have wonderful chemistry and she was said to have been very fond of him and quite impressed by his talent. Lotte Lenya as the malevolent contessa is wonderful and gives a performance that is not to be missed. Same can be said of Coral Browne as Mrs. Stone's suspicious & pragmatic friend Meg. The production design of the film is gorgeous (I want Karen Stone's Roman apartment!) as is Miss Leigh's wardrobe by Balmain. The music and cinematography are also quite beautiful. Gavin Lambert did an excellent job in adapting Tennessee William's only novel into a screenplay, and Tennesse Williams was supposedly quite pleased with the entire film (in his memoirs he compared it to a poem and praised the tragic grace of Vivien Leigh). This is a rare jewel among films and I recommend it highly!

  • Roman Spring

    • bf
    • 8/17/08

    Please add this movie to your schedule. It is fun to watch and you can't fail with the everlasting irony of T.Williams. Plus it is fun to see such a young and lovely Warren in this role, dressed in Italian fashion.Lotte Lenya is hysterical, and Vivien will tug at you in this post post post! Gone With The Wind performance.

  • Camp Champagne

    • michael
    • 1/23/08

    Fabulous erly 60's tale of fading actress and hot italian hustler. Moody and glamorous with a campy Lotte Lenya.High William's gothic!

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