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Road Agent

Road Agent(1941)

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After a stagecoach robbery, cowboys Duke Masters, Pancho and Andy steal the strongbox from the bandits. In Calliope, the local ranchers complain to banker president Sam Leavitt about the recent rash of hold-ups and threaten to take their money to another town. The robbed stagecoach then arrives, with the town's murdered sheriff and deputies aboard. Later, Duke and his men return the strongbox, less their "ten percent commission," to the bank, and the townspeople accuse them of the murder. After saloon singer Lola stands up for Duke, he visits her and learns that she is now married to Steve, whom Duke recognizes as one of the real bandits. Under the alias "Douglas," Duke pretends to be an out-of-town rancher and opens a large account in Leavitt's bank, where he meets the banker's lovely daughter Patricia. At Leavitt's party, Duke's true identity is discovered, and despite Patricia's warning, Duke, Pancho and Andy are captured. The townspeople plan to hang the accused murderers the next morning, but Lola's testimony, backed by her husband, convinces all of their innocence. After a speech by Tom Martin, Duke is made sheriff, and Pancho and Andy, his deputies. Duke's first official action is to ban firearms in town, and when saloon owner Shayne refuses to abide, Duke and his men are forced into a fight. Using a cannon, they force Steve and the other outlaws to leave town. Later, Patricia learns that outlaw leader Big John Morgan is coming to town, so she tries to convince Duke to leave. Instead, Duke meets with Morgan, who agrees to follow all of the town's new laws. Morgan then meets with his secret partner, Leavitt, who tries unsuccessfully to convince the outlaw to go straight. An election is held for mayor, with Tom the leading candidate. At the same time, Lola is tricked into telling Duke that Morgan plans to kidnap Patricia and ransom her for the bank's holdings. Duke and his men then rob the bank, much to the chagrin of Morgan, who had the same idea. Duke takes the money to the Leavitt ranch, where he shoots it out with Morgan and his gang. The townspeople, rallied by Tom, then arrive at the ranch and capture Morgan and his men. Despite Tom's efforts, Duke, Pancho and Andy make their escape, leaving behind the bank's money and a note to Leavitt, telling him that Duke is actually a special agent for Wells Fargo Express and that he can now run his bank honestly.